Get 100 Ohais For City of Eternals!

Facebook fans will be happy to know ohai is beta testing its latest MMO creation City of Eternals, a social adventure placing players in the role of modern vampires. In cooperation with Diehard GameFAN, ohai is giving away 100 free beta testing codes that will not only get you into the game, but will also outfit you with 100 ohais, the online specialty currency for the game you would normally have to pay real money for!

How do you receive one of these valuable codes? All you have to do is become a fan of the official Diehard GameFAN Facebook page and post a comment to our City of Eternals discussion thread and we’ll send you a special link that will put you straight in the game. Act fast, though, as we will distribute our codes on a first-come, first-served basis until we are out.

Also be sure to check City of Eternalsofficial Facebook page for more information about the game.

Here’s a PR blurb from ohai for those of you unfamilar with the game:

“In City of Eternals, instead of watching vampires, players can become them, fighting undead monsters, going on creepy quests, and exploring New Valencia, a modern city secretly ruled by four Vampire houses. Players can create their own coven of Vampires (called an “entourage”), turn themselves into an ultimate Vampire warrior, even develop craft skills that enhance their undead lives. (For example, players can make themselves a “fashionista,” and customize their Vampire outfit to make it the talk of the town.) City of Eternals gamers can own and furnish their own home, befriend fellow Vampire players – or even romance them, by designating them your Blood Mate.

ohai is the developer of the first true massively multiplayer online (MMO) games for social networks, and offers MMOs for everyone. City of Eternals uses patented Flash technology that is installed standard on 99% of Net-connected computers, making it easy for casual gamers and more experienced MMO fans to jump right into the game, with no barrier to entry.”



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4 responses to “Get 100 Ohais For City of Eternals!”

  1. Rox Avatar

    I really love the game! i was just wondering,is there any site from where i can download the music from the game..?.

  2. veronica Avatar

    how can i get more ohais?

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Veronica – this promotion is long since over. Sorry.

  3. veronica Avatar

    i really love your city of eternals im new at this so is it so you can give free 100 ahois? if so when?

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