Mega Man 10 News: New DLC To Add Bass Coming April 5

Capcom sent along word that a new playable character – Bass – will be available for download on April 5 for Mega Man 10.


Capcom’s Release:
On April 5th, users can download Bass for 200 Wii points.

Dr. Wily designed Bass with Mega Man’s abilities in mind. Of course there’s a bitter rivalry between the two, although Bass will help Mega Man out if he sees a benefit for himself.

Bass uses a weapon called the Bass Buster, which is a lot like the Mega Buster except that it fires faster and can fire upwards and diagonally (7 directions in all). He can also use the Bass Buster to shoot-down enemy attacks! He uses dash to avoid enemy advances. He can also copy the weapons of the bosses in the game after defeating them, just like Mega Man can. When he combines with his robotic canine pal Treble, he can fly and shoot more powerful projectiles with his buster.



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  1. Nitroklop Avatar

    SWEET!! ONLY 200 WII POINTS!! nice!

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