UFC Undisputed 2010 Screenshots, Renders of Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez

THQ will be releasing UFC Undisputed 2010 on May 25, 2010 for Sony PS3 and Xbox 360. Here’s a rundown of the game’s features, following by some screenshots. For our full coverage, including renders of Brock Lesnar and Cain check out our UFC Undisputed 2010 Page

  • UFC FIGHTERS AND PERSONALITIES – Navigate an unparalleled roster of more than 100 prolific UFC fighters, each fully rendered to convey a photorealistic appearance. Prominent UFC personalities, including the commentary team of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg, veteran voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer, Octagon Girls, referees, trainers and more return to showcase an authentic and memorable UFC videogame experience.
  • ENHANCED COMBAT – Step into the Octagon with improved combat. A new Sway System with full upper body and head movement allows for the dodging of attacks, while on the ground, a new Posture System delivers strong, fight-ending strikes from every position. Manage Octagon control with new strikes, submissions, transitions and cage positions, as well as experience added realism with the introduction of Southpaw stance.
  • FIGHTER CUSTOMIZATION – Enjoy customizable freedom with created fighters by combining move sets from numerous MMA disciplines. Choose from an array of moves from all available disciplines, including newly added Sambo, Karate and Greco-Roman Wrestling, to become a true mixed martial artist.
  • EXPANSIVE ONLINE PLAY – Encourage camaraderie by forming fight camps and leagues to participate in ranking and champion tracking systems. Join forces, train like real-life UFC fighters and go online to compete against other camps in the virtual UFC world.
  • CAREER MODE – An intuitive “Game Is Watching You” system tracks every action and uses this information to dictate in-game commentary, opponent intelligence and overall career progression. On the quest to reach the UFC Hall of Fame, enhance the Career Mode experience through online co-op sparring sessions with respective fight camps and form unique personalities for created fighters to increase their cred, popularity and sponsorships based on interactions during weigh-ins and interviews.
  • TITLE AND TITLE DEFENSE MODES – Fight through one of UFC’s five official weight classes to earn and defend a championship belt in Title Mode. In Title Defense Mode, a fighter’s condition remains persistent, with milestone challenges built in along the way.
  • TOURNAMENT MODE – Explore up to 16-player individual and team tournaments within one system. Utilize UFC fighters or created fighters and select from arcade-style play with repeated fighter appearances or experience simulation play with fighter representation limited to one appearance.

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    11 responses to “UFC Undisputed 2010 Screenshots, Renders of Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez”

    1. […] UFC Undisputed 2010 Screenshots, Renders of Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez […]

    2. de fuego Avatar
      de fuego

      more blood. if i hit my opponent with a good clean elbow to forhead or wherever, that gash should spill out with blood non stop

    3. de fuego Avatar
      de fuego

      need entrances !!!

    4. OMEGATANK6CO Avatar

      need the ability to refuse to submit. it should be a skill call submission tolerence and it should cost alot points to put up in career. and your fighter wouldnt tap and the other guy should be tired. but which ever arm or leg is in a submisdion should be weakend and inflicts less damage or it is useless also if your in a choke you should pass out. and if you have a very strong fighter you can slam your way out of a submission like rampage. another fault to submission tolerence would be if you refuse to tap your limb would break. not super gory but you can tell its broken. a broken limb would happen if submission defense is low but tolerence high

    5. OMEGATANK6CO Avatar

      also if you can become a interim champ that would great
      also fouls if ikeep doing inside leg kicks i should *accidentaly do a groin kick and if im in mount and the guy turns over a i dont stop punching i should punch to the back of the head.
      also broken hands if you punch and it lands akward your hand should be broken or injured.
      also you should should pick a walking around weight in career chosen by you and you have to actually cut weight. in 2009 after my fighter as good as i wanted him all i did os rest i should have been way over the weight limit. this made career mode stale and having to make weight would be like a good mini game to play. if your 230 and try to cut to 170 you should be exhausted so you would have to set walking around weight limits for weight classes 280- heavyweight 230 light heavy 220 – middleweight 205 welter weight 195 lightweight and the bigger you are the stronger and if you dont make weight you lose cred. also the ability to move up and down in weight class if you move down the cut is harder.

      I know this is a long shot but in career if you have a big fight or title fight coming up you could be asked to be a coach on the ultimate fighter. not saying all the training interveiws just saying you spar with some random fighters and pick your team and simulate, watch, or fight as one of your team members and you can gain lots of cred for this if your team does well or wins but if you lose alot of matchns ala rampage you may lose or gain very little to no cred. and career should be with created and real fighters.

      Also with a creat-a-fighter you should be able to create a celebration like if you ko someone or submit a fighter you should be able to customize your celebration like climbing on the cage flips etc

      in career style levels will be great. like insted of level 1 or level 3 say karate brown belt or bjj black belt etc and in fights joe rogan can say he recently recieved his black belt in so and so. also you can win or lose by doctor stopage if you have a nasty cut. and the ability to pull out of a fight like if you arnt going to make weight you can pull out of a fight. and the team you join in career should be the name on the banner like if join greg jacksons gym greg jackson should be my corner man and his logo on my banner

    6. wanderley Avatar

      all i want is to be able watch gsp vs matt hughes fight in computer vs computer!!!…lol

    7. ricardo Avatar

      i think they are making this game alot better i think its gonna get fight game of the year again its kool that there adding alot of new things they should add like better leg kicks and mess up the leg and get weaker but looks alot better than 2009

    8. Joker313 Avatar

      Buying this game first day it comes out. Buying EA MMA too only to use Nick Diaz, Aoki and Gilbert

    9. Kinjo Avatar

      I would like for the option to change weightclass during the game, this would make for a higher replay value with your favourite creations both online and offline and also trophies for holding two belts and so on

    10. tyler 44 Avatar
      tyler 44

      in career mode you should be able to like bench press and ride a exercise bike and run and stuff. the game should really get into detail with career mode it should last as long as u want and as you age u will start losing more so your not 55 and still kicking a 22 year olds ass up and down the ring!!!

    11. tyler 44 Avatar
      tyler 44

      you should be able to choose from different body types like if you want your created guy to be a complete body building looking guy you should and if u want a skin and bone scrawny ass guy u should be able to.

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