Latest Look at Samurai Shodown Sen For Xbox 360

The next installment in the famed Samurai Shodown fighting series comes to the US in Spring 2010 for Xbox 360

Box Art:


Game Info:
SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN reveals a society on the brink of collapse, as encroaching Western influences threaten to overrun the ancient, once-hidden culture of lords, serfs, and samurai. Impressive 3D visuals, huge roster of new and returning fighters, brutal finishing moves and online play and leaderboards via Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network complete the series’ much anticipated rebirth on a next-gen platform.

The upcoming release of SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN marks the 11th game in SNK’s classic Japanese weapons-based fighting series, and promises to continue the legacy of delivering innovation to the popular genre. The original SAMURAI SHODOWN is known to have been the best and most original fighting game in its day. Its successors have continued to carry the respect and enthusiasm by critics and gamers alike, for further adding new mechanics and enhancing existing ones.



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