Mega Man Zero Collection: Screenshots, Artwork for New Nintendo DS Compilation

Capcom released new assets and artwork for the upcoming Mega Man Zero Collection for Nintendo DS. The compilation will collect all of the Mega Man Zero Gameboy Advance Games onto a single DS cart. Full release from Capcom:

The Mega Man ZERO Collection compiles all four Mega Man ZERO games previously released on the GameBoy Advance. In the Mega Man ZERO games, players take on the role of Zero who was first introduced in Mega Man X. The Mega Man ZERO series introduces new characters and organizations including:

Zero – Our hero of the series, Zero is a legendary “Reploid” and Maverick hunter. After being in a coma for 100 years, our hero awakens and finds himself amidst a war, where “Reploids” are being hunted by the government of Neo Arcadia. Armed with an arsenal of weapons and superior fighting skills, Zero helps a resistance group fight against this evil government.

Ciel – A human researcher living amongst the “Reploids,” Ciel is the one who finds Zero after he awakens from his coma. Ciel hopes for the coexistence between humans and “Reploids.” One of the spearheads of the Resistance, Ciel fights to protect innocent “reploids” while researching for new energy sources.

The Resistence – This group of “Reploids” was attacked by the government of Neo Arcadia and saved by Ciel. Ciel leads the Resistance to protect innocent “Reploids” being hunted by Neo Arcadia. Zero ultimately joins the Resistance to help save the “Reploids.”





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