Review: Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy

Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: ResponDesign
Genre: Exercise
Release Date: 11/23/2009

Once upon a time there was a game called Yourself Fitness for the Microsoft Xbox. This game featured a trainer named Maya who was programmed to show you how to do hundreds of exercises properly so that you could lose weight or tone your body in the comfort of your own home. This game was amazing and back in 2004, I was pimping this to everyone who would listen to me. Although the official website for the game is now down, you can still view the developer’s website and even pick up the game on Amazon for the 360, PS2 or PC. Sadly the game was underappreciated in its day and was lost to the sands of time. It’s too bad too, as it was easily one of the ten best games of 2004 in terms of innovation and creativity.

With the invention of the Wii, a funny thing happened. Because Wii Sports was a game that would force people to be active, people got the idea to make outright exercise games for the Wii. Unfortunately, 99% of those games have been complete crap. They have either given the ILLUSION of exercise or could even do more harm than good. Many of the exercises in snake oil flim-flam games like Wii Fit and EA Active will actually cause damage to your knees, ankles, joints and ligaments if you use them in the long run. You can read my reviews of both games by clicking on both names of the games and see just why you should avoid both of those big name titles that are little more than Nintendo and Electronic Arts grifting the average sedimentary gamer.

That’s not to say that there aren’t quality exercise options out there. Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout is the second best exercise game I’ve ever played after Yourself Fitness and it’s only $19.99. It’s seriously a must-buy for anyone who wants to get into shape or already is and wants a fun supplement. I use it regularly and it’s making my top ten games of 2009 list simply because it’s a budget title and does everything right. The second title is actually a Wii port of Yourself Fitness called My Fitness Coach and it’s just as great as ever. This game is also only $19.99 these days and Amazon has plenty in stock. Together My Fitness Coach and Gold’s Gym are the two exercise games people should have and you can buy both for 2/3rds of the price of EA Active or Wii Fit AND get actual proper instruction along with exercises that will actually do something in terms of caloric burn and muscle toning.

Now the latest exercise game has come out and it’s basically an upgrade of Yourself Fitness but with two big changes. The first is that the game doesn’t use any controllers for the exercises, but instead uses a USB camera. The second is Maya is gone and Jenny McCarthy of all people is your new instructor. Now, I have never thought of Jenny as anything but a third rate actress, bad MTV game show host and kind of unattractive playmate, so this inclusion of her as the spokesperson for the game gave me serious pause. On the other hand, it couldn’t be worse than say, the Jillian Michaels games and it uses the ResponDesign engine and exercise programs so it automatically had to be better than Wii Fit and EA Active, right? RIGHT?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Let’s Review

1. Modes

I’m still in shock over the amount of options this game has. First off, you have a normal workout. You can customize this workout to be just about anything. There are over 400 exercises in the game, but many of those are duplicates of each other. For example, Right lunges and left lunges are counted as separate exercises. Either way though, there are far more exercises in Your Shape than in Wii Fit and EA Active COMBINED.

When you choose your workout, you can set the length of time for your exercise and even what part of your body you want to focus on. Your options are: Shoulders, chest, arms, glutes, back, abs, and legs. After you choose your body part for the focus on that day’s exercise you will have a choice between one to three styles: Burn, Strength Training, and Toning. Next up, you will be given a list of ancillary exercise equipment that you may or may not own. If you click on one, the game will incorporate exercises using things like hand weights. If you don’t have any, it’s okay, as the game will design a routine without any. This means you can invest as much or as little of your income into exercise tools as you like.

Besides these daily routines, you can also unlock extra challenges, do a daily workout challenge, get credit for outdoor activities you might have done or even choose one of four special challenges. These special challenges are exercise routines with a given a focus. Now two of the four are female-centric as I don’t know too many guys that would choose “Get Bikini Ready!” or “Active Mom Routine.” However the “New Year’s Resolution” and “Free Your Mind” options are still ones for both genders and quite helpful. “Free Your Mind” gives you all Yoga workouts by the way.

Overall, this is exactly what an exercise game should offer. No silly crap masquerading as workout routines or exercises. No running in place that is guaranteed to do damage to your ligaments. No ways to cheat by putting added pressure on the balance board or flicking the Wiimote in certain ways. This is an actual workout that will reprimand you for not doing exercises correctly and complement you when you finally get with the program and bend those knees or arms correctly. This game really is like having a personal trainer in your home and we’ll see why in later sections. Overall, I can’t give all the options and bells and whistles in Your Shape anything lower than my highest compliments.

Modes Rating: Unparalleled

2. Graphics

Graphics are hard to talk about here. A small part of the game is video footage of Jenny McCarthy talking to you with the backgrounds changing based on the time of year. For example, since many of you will first play this game in the winter, you get Jenny talking about holiday stuff in a house with a winter holiday theme. The rest of the game features a static purple background with pink highlights. This will not change and hopefully you are fine with the colours.

A digital Jenny will then do exercises ala an instructor which you will be mimicking. Now Jenny looks more like a graphically enhanced Maya but it’s still a decent virtual instructor as the body moves, bends and flexes like a real human would. It is very easy to understand what motions you should do and how to do them, but if at any time you are confused, you can pick up a Wiimote and press the + button for a more detailed description.

While Jenny is exercising in the left hand side of the screen, video footage of yourself is playing in the right hand side so that you can see how closely you are mimicking her and where you are doing things wrong. The camera requires you to have a lot of light and for you to wear clothes that are a different colour that what is in the background but the quality is quite good. I can see the ridges separating each of my abs even from eight to ten feet away from the camera, so it has a nice amount of detailing to it. Some people might not want to see themselves exercising, especially if they are ashamed of their body type, but to be perfectly honest THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL IMPROVE WITH A VIDEO GAME. You don’t have a flesh and blood instructor to say, “You’re doing it wrong” and Wii Fit is so faulty that it’s super easy to cheat and get a strong score when you are actually doing nothing at all or even your body a disservice. That’s not going to happen with Your Shape. Here you’ve going to be confronted with your poor form and have to fix it instead of pretending you’re actually losing weight or getting in shape. It may be rough at first for some of you, but I have to say I love it. There are times when I caught myself doing something with a weak stance or form at the tail end of a thirty or sixty minute workout and both the game and I caught it. This forced me to improve in areas I didn’t realize I was being sloppy when tired and that alone makes this the best exercise game on the market.

The colour scheme might be annoying and virtual Jenny is nowhere near the graphical power of other games for the Wii, but the camera gives you a lot of detail and there is little to no delay with your movements on screen so you’ll get a perfect view of what you are doing and how it compares with what you SHOULD be doing. Awesome. Simply awesome.

Graphics Rating: Good

3. Sound

There are only two things to discuss when regarding the aural aspects of Your Shape: The music and Jenny’s voice. Now, I always found Jenny McCarthy annoying in Singled Out the few times I was forced you watch it, but that’s because she was either generally screaming or hocking a loogie. Here Jenny is very calm and has the correct voice and intonation for an exercise class. She enunciates clearly but fast enough to keep up with the tempo of the work out. She is quick to praise, but equally quick to scold and point out what you are doing wrong. It’s not angry commentary, but it is meant to snap you out of half-assing things. Overall, I still prefer Maya’s voice actress, but Jenny is a surprisingly fine substitute.

The music doesn’t have a lot of variety to it and you can’t pick a specific song to work out to. Rather you have to pause the game and choose “random song” which, well…gives you a random song. It’s hit or miss here. However, you won’t really be listening to the music as you’ll be paying too much attention to your workout, Jenny’s instructions and your visuals to care too much about the music.

I would have preferred song more depth to the musical selection, but overall this does a nice job in the areas a fitness game needs to have.

Sound Rating: Enjoyable

4. Control and Gameplay

This is really the most important section of the review because it’s what an exercise game will live or die by. Wii Fit sucks because the balance board is, quite simply, a piece of crap that doesn’t even come close to measuring the accuracy of one’s activity and it’s easy to trick with poor form and performance. EA Active is crap because a large portion of the exercises are actually bad for you and the resistance band that came with the game is cheap junk and nowhere near being a quality piece of exercise equipment. Gold’s Gym, on the other hand, is great because it uses two Wiimotes instead of a Wiimote-nunchuk combination that restricts full upper body movement.

With Your Shape you won’t have that problem. Here there are no controllers. It’s just you, a workout mat if you want to use one, some supplemental exercise materials if you have them and the USB camera. When you first boot up the game, the camera will scan you in to the game with a virtual representation of your form. It’s actually pretty accurate and this digital you will be shown at the start of every work out when you decide what to do. The game will also occasionally give you prodding as what to develop. For example, my shoulders, neck and glutes are way overdeveloped compared to the rest of me, so the game has yet to suggest me doing any of those. My abs are nicely developed, but I chose that as my core focus, so the game does suggest that regularly. It also suggest my arms and pecs frequently due to them being less developed than the shoulders and abs. These are the areas I should probably work on, so I occasionally take the game’s advice.

Once you are into your exercise routine for the day, you’ll notice the game gives you a series of exercises to do in rapid succession. At about the halfway point the game will start give you 15-30 second breaks between exercises, or even a one to two minute water break if you are doing a 30 minute or one hour session.

Of course the key here is on how well the camera picks up your movements and how well the game responds both in terms of advice and scoring you for accuracy. Well, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the game picks up everything perfectly and the second you are out of form or start to do something wrong, it tells you. Not only do you get a verbal warning from Jenny, but the screen will flash with a red message regarding what part of your body is out of step. Once you start doing it right, you’ll get a blue-white happy message.

The game’s camera and motion detection is amazingly solid which is where the bad news comes in. Those of you living in the fantasy world where Wii Fit and EA Active actually help you lose weight or improve your body will be in for a world of shock with this game. Not only will you be sweating and tired after this, you will often be criticized for doing an exercise incorrectly, something that could be avoided due to manipulation of the Wiimote or Balance Board in either Nintendo or EA’s would-be exercise games. Here you do not get the luxury of fooling yourself and/or the game. Here you have to stare your mistakes right in the face and hear the game call you out for them. Many people will turn this around and blame the game instead of themselves. They’ll claim the detection is off. They’ll claim they were doing it right and the game wasn’t picking it up. They’ll whine that the game is an unforgiving taskmaster that consistently demands a high level of precision. The first two statements are excuses for one’s own suckitude. The last statement is actually fairly correct. The game is designed to act and react like a real professional trainer, which means it will call you out with the slightest degree of error, be it flailing your arms, not bending your legs at the right angle, or not keeping up with the tempo. Welcome to the real world of exercise, butterballs; it’s not going to let you press your girth into a white piece of plastic in such a way that the game misreads what you are doing. Here your every movement is digitized and evaluated. Instead of those eventual complaints that the game calls you out for being five to ten degrees off with your arm positions or that you are shaking when doing a plank instead of holding still I suggest you paraphrase one Mr. Ice-T: “Don’t hate the game; hate the playa.”

Seriously, there is not a better game on the market in terms of forcing you to do exercises right from the get go and making you do them correctly. I mean, that’s why you’re exercising, right? You want to do them correctly so you lose weight and/or have a better body, right? Then this is the game to get. You can’t sit in a chair and just swing your wiimote back and forth with the game giving you a “good” rating. No, here you have to work and the routines can get pretty intense. A 15 minute workout will generally lose you nearly 200 calories. That’s about comparable to a twenty to thirty minute workout with EA Active or Wii Fit. With a thirty minute workout, you’ll be losing nearly 400 calories. Again, Your Shape is the game for people that actually want to look and feel good. Those other two are for people who want to put in minimal effort and get likewise results. You’re probably better off using Your Shape if you already exercise regularly but can’t afford a personal trainer or gym membership, or maybe you just don’t have a gym close enough to your home. Those new to working out will find this a bit intimidating with the camera that forces you to watch yourself exercise and with the detection being pretty unforgiving, but it’s certainly going to be worth it in the long run if you’re serious about physical improvement.

Control and Gameplay Rating: Unparalleled

5. Replayability

As long as you are serious about working out, this is a game you can “play” until the end of time. Sick of working one part of your body? Switch to something else. Want to change it up even more? Go buy a step board or some hand weights and let the game factor those in. Too tired for something really strenuous? Well, there’s finally a game with yoga lessons that ENSURES YOU DO THE POSITIONS CORRECTLY. I can’t stress how important that is.

I also love that the game has specific month long plans for women looking for a certain body type or to get out of their current one. I wish the game had as much consideration for male gamers, but honestly, it’s nice to see a game treat the female demographic seriously and not as an afterthought. Giving women programs specifically for them will only help sell this game in a way other would be female oriented games are a tad bit insulting to the female gender.

The bottom line is that Your Shape ensures you are doing the exercises correctly and you will improve because of it. As long as you have the will and determination and you can live with the $70 price tag, this is one game you’ll have in your Wii on a constant basis.

Replayability Rating: Unparalleled

6. Balance

Look, you’re not going to find a more balanced exercise game on the market than ones using ResponDesign’s engine. However, as much as I love Yourself Fitness and My Fitness Coach, they both suffer from my biggest complaint about this burgeoning genre of games: You can’t tell that you’re doing things wrong to the point of bodily harm until after you’ve done it. I exercise regularly to the point where I probably do it more than gaming, but I realize for a good chunk of gamers playing these exercise games is your first real introduction to regular working out. That’s why I always have put the caveat on these games that there are no replacement for a real personal trainer or gym membership. They are merely SUPPLEMENTS. Your Shape not only gets rid of this problem by being totally USB camera based, but you know have the chance to correct your posture and performance and GET BETTER at exercising. This is something no other exercise game offers and I can’t begin to emphasize how important is to do exercises correctly. This option alone really makes Your Shape the leader of the pack and also the safest and healthiest option.

One of the other great things is that this game really forces you to exercise properly. There’s no more doing one set of reps, having loading times to get out of the exercise, choosing another exercise, loading that and then doing it. There’s also no more doing an exercise for a three minutes than walking away for an hour or three and doing one more and calling it a day. No, you’re doing full routines based on 15 minute intervals and the game will tell you when you can stop. There are assigned rest periods in each routine, so if you tire before one, then it just says you’re out of shape, son. Unlike previous exercise games save for Gold’s Gym, Your Shape really gives you the feel of what it’s like to be in a medium impact exercise class. I’ll admit some of the 60 minute routines put me through the ringer and this is the first game I can say that about. I woke up the next morning with that nice burn in my muscles that comes from having had a solid and CORRECTLY done work out, rather than the ,”Oh my god, I know this is one of the worst things I can do to my knees and yet I keep playing this game for the sake of a well-informed review rather than my own physical well-being” feeling one gets from EA Active.

This my friends is the best exercise simulation on the market today. Your upper body can have its full range of motion. You won’t whip yourself in the face with the cord between that connects the nunchuk to the Wiimote. You’ll be able to see what you are doing wrong. You be able to correct what you are doing wrong. You’ll get better and eventually this will lead to a healthier and toned body in additional to weight loss instead of joint and ligament damage hidden by the joy of slight weight loss .

If you’re even remotely serious about using the Wii to exercise with, this is a must have because of how well put together it is.

Balance Rating: Unparalleled

7. Originality

These days, exercise games are getting pretty common. I can think of a dozen alone for the Wii. Hell, I can even think of two for the Nintendo DS. It’s a market that exploded quicker than 2-D fighters after Street Fighter II. Of course, this particular genre is littered with more Pit Fighters and Time Killers than King of Fighters ’98. Nearly all of these games promise more than they deliver and generally the bigger the title is marketing, the worse the game actually is for your physical well-being.

Your Shape is the first exercise game where you can see what you are doing. I probably sound like a broken record but this is really important. Let’s take something simply like a sit-up. If you them wrong and then do them repeatedly with those same errors, you can eventually tear an abdominal muscle or injure your back or shoulders. Without anyone to show or tell you what you are doing wrong, you won’t have any idea and thus are crusin’ down that road to accident city. It happens even to the best of us. I once bruised several of my vertebrae because I did a single set of sit-ups incorrectly without even realizing it. I usually do between 500 and 1000 situps a day, but I had one off day and bam; I had to stop exercising for a month and a half until that healed. Now think about the vast majority of people who play these Wii exercise games and have no knowledge of human physiology or how to do these things correctly and they start from the very begin with poor habits and posture. It’s strain, tearing and injury waiting to happen.

The camera based readouts can’t make you stop doing exercises incorrectly; that’s up to you. bBut at least you have the ability to see both your errors and the correct way to do things. This is both innovative and revolutionary, and this needs to be the direction this genre goes. Yes there are a lot of these games these days, but there are only three on the market that do it RIGHT and only one that goes that extra mile and lets you see and then fix your mistakes.

Originality Rating: Above Average

8. Addictiveness

We generally define addictiveness here at Diehard GameFAN in regards to how hard it is to put down the controller once you pick it up or how often you return to a game. With an exercise game, things aren’t that cut and dry. You probably SHOULDN’T play one of these games for hours straight and the games themselves will tell you that. As such we can’t look at the first aspect of addictiveness. What we can look at is the second.

One of the nice things about this game is that you can use it to design your exercise plan for weeks and even months at a time. Although very few people will ever do this, it’s nice to have that option. You can also move dates around based on your schedule, so if something comes up you can move your workout to the follow day. Perhaps the only down side is that you can’t pick and choose specific individual exercises. You can only pick a body part for a focus and a style of exercise. Then the game designs your workout for you. This may disappoint some, but the truth is this is how exercise classes actually work. You sign up for one based on a topic and the instructor, with their background, experience and knowledge selects the exercise they feel are best suited for the class at large, rather than someone without any real understanding picking things at random because they think it might be fun or because they can get a higher score on one since they find it easier than others. That’s not how you get in shape.

If you can stick to a routine and can give up a large degree of control and customization that games like Wii Fit and Ea Active offer, then you’ll probably stick with this for a long time as it WILL become a great supplement and your exercise game of choice. This is definitely the hardcore exercise option and so it’s really only meant for those that want to take getting in shape seriously.

Addictiveness Rating: Above Average

9. Appeal Factor

Oddly enough, the people who should be using this game are the people who are least likely to pick it up. One of those groups are the ones who erroneously bought into EA Active or Wii Fit and are now used to their inaccurate exercises and practices. You can’t blame them, especially as they’ve probably purchased the $70 starter and then the expansion disc. Still, ignorance is no excuse and if you’re one of those who purchased either of those games, it’s time to start over and do things right from the ground up this time.

The group are people that are either ashamed of their body shape or would feel embarrassed to see themselves exercise. Maybe it’s low self-esteem. Maybe they don’t like the way they look. Maybe they just can’t watch both sides of the screen and do constant compare and contrasts. However, if you’re picking up exercise games because you don’t like how you look and want to lose weight and/or get in shape that’s all the more reason to pick this up. The truth is no one is constantly happy with their looks. Everyone is their own harshest critic with the ability to look in a mirror and say, “Well, I wish body part XYZ looked better.” If you are serious about getting in shape but don’t feel comfortable doing it in a gym for whatever reason, this is your best option. Much like workout videos, you can’t get proper feedback from other games that just base things on pressure or poor motion detection. Here the game not only gives you feedback but you yourself can see how you are do and more importantly, improving. It might sound on, but you will feel confidence and encouragement when you see yourself doing the exercises right, especially if it is one you’ve struggled with. You can ensure you are doing things right. You can pick a particular body part to focus on. All these things and more are going to help you become a healthier person and hopefully, a happier one as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are morbidly obese, scrawny as hell, or a body builder, Your Shape will have something to offer you. You might not like the way you look now, or you may be a complete narcissist, but being able to correct poor exercise habits is fundamental to getting in shape and now there’s a finally an exercise game that will let you do just that.

Exercise games aren’t for everyone, and this one is pretty hardcore compared to the third-rate products already. If you’re going to blame a game and motion detection for your poor skill level and follow through, this isn’t a title you should invest in. If you’re not willing to be told, “You’re doing it wrong” when you’re even slightly off compared to the, “You’re doing it right” attitude of say, Wii Fit, even when you’re doing it horribly wrong, then this isn’t the game for you. If you don’t think you can do thirty to sixty minutes of exercise straight with only small very quick breaks inserted here and there instead of crapping around between three minute exercise reps, this isn’t the game for you. If, however, you are serious about your physical well-being and getting in shape, this is the only exercise game you should invest in. If you can stick to a routine and are willing to admit you have room for improvement with your form and tempo, this is a game you need to put on your Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Cthulhu Rises From R’yleh Day IA! IA! List. Sadly most of the “exercise gamers” out there fall into the first category and would prefer to keep lying to themselves. For the rest of you, at least there’s finally an option you can get behind.

Appeal Factor: Decent

10. Miscellaneous

Okay, I’ve just hit the five-thousand word mark, so I’ll make this quick. Your Shape is the next generation Yourself Fitness and it shows. It’s very much an upgrade of the original and if you already have My Fitness Coach you may want to stick with that. For those that have neither, MFC is only $19.99 and until now, was vastly superior to any other exercise game on the market. Your Shape is fifty dollars more, but you’re getting more exercises, routines, special challenges and most of all, the ability to see yourself and correct your mistakes which ensures you will be getting the maximum possible benefit from this game and preventing any injuries, tears, or strains. If money is no object, than Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy is easily the best exercise game on the market. Otherwise you can just invest in My Fitness Coach for less than a third of the price and work your way up to this, Either way you’re investing in ResponDesign rather than crap and snow jobs like Wii Fit and EA Active, and that promises more high quality exercise titles like this in the future.

UPDATE ON 01/04/2010 – Happy New Year everyone. I’m really happy to see how popular this review was and I’m even happier to tell you that Ubisoft was blown away by everyone’s commentary and questions here. As a gift, they’ve graced Diehard GameFAN and you, our readers, with the exclusive code to unlock the extra challenges. This code nets you a two week set of 15 minute high intensity workouts. Please comment below and I’ll email you the password! -Alex

Miscellaneous Rating: Unparalleled

The Scores
Modes: Unparalleled
Graphics: Good
Sound: Enjoyable
Control and Gameplay: Unparalleled
Replayability: Unparalleled
Balance: Unparalleled
Originality: Above Average
Addictiveness: Above Average
Appeal Factor: Decent
Miscellaneous: Unparalleled

Short Attention Span Summary
Unlike nearly every other exercise game for the Wii right now, Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy actually teaches proper exercise techniques while giving you the chance to both see and learn from your mistakes. Of course you also can’t cheat and trick the game into thinking you’re doing an exercise correctly (or at all) like you can with Wii Fit or EA Active. Gamers tend to throw around terms like casual and hardcore rather freely when describing games these days, so if Nintendo and Electronic Art’s titles are for the casual gamer who wants to give themselves the illusion of exercise and weight loss all while doing things that can actually do more harm than good over the long term, Your Shape is the hardcore option. It’s more intense, more of a high impact workout, offers far more exercises than both those games combined, and most importantly it teaches correct techniques and offers a pretty innovative USB motion detection camera that tracks your movements with amazing accuracy. The only downside is that the game is a bit of a taskmaster compared to other exercise game options and it demands constant precision and accuracy from you. However, that’s exactly what a real professional trainer would ask of you, so this is only a real downside if you’re not ready to see how out of shape you really are. This is easily the crown jewel in the current exercise gaming fad, but because it lacks the budget of EA and Nintendo’s vastly inferior but far more marketed titles, only the truly health conscious will end up knowing about this game, much less picking it up. Bottom line, any other exercise game on the market pales horribly in comparison to this.



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398 responses to “Review: Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy”

  1. Tai Avatar

    Wow, I didn’t think there was any reason for me to look at this game, but after reading such an in-depth review, I must admit that I’m actually quite interested now. It’s not always nice to exercise outdoors in the winter where I live, so this might be a good way to stay active during those months.

    Great review!

  2. JJ Avatar

    Thanks for the honest review. I was one of those people who bought EA Active and WII Fit thinking it was going to be great active gaming – and then became sorely disappointed. I also have Gold’s Gym and agree with you – that it gives you a great workout (I also bought the boxing gloves too for a good simulation).

    I picked up Your Shape today @ Toys R US (last one left) and decided not to open it up until I read the reviews (didn’t want to blow another $70 on garbage).

    Guess I will open the box up now and I’ll post later to let you and others know what I thought. Thanks for the review!

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Great to hear from you JJ. I hope you like it as much as I did.

  3. Greg Avatar

    Hello Alex. It is nice to read someone who is passionate about exercise and its development in the video game format. I used both the EA active and Wii fit games as part of my conditioning routine in preparation for this years hockey and martial arts seasons. I found them both to be useful and was able to obtain my goal of increasing muscle content ( I needed a bit more weight for my sports ), while reducing my % body fat, and getting my cardio up were it needs to be. My main complaint with the EA active is the very inaccurate and sometimes completely infuriating controls and not enough exercise variety. I always use a wireless nanchuck to avoid the cord issue, and use my own blue power band instead of the red one provided. Wii Fit on the other hand had excellent controls with the balance board ( yes you can cheat, but i am not a cheater ), but while I enjoy the exercises and yoga provided, I do not find that I can get the total body high energy workout that I need in my exercise regime. Wii Fits exercise games are great for getting the kids up and moving but of no use to me. So basically, I agree with many of your complaints about EA Active and Wii Fit but feel you are a bit to harsh, and I know from experience that there is value in using these games in my exercise regime.
    That said, I am definitely looking for an improved exercise experience on the Wii for my family. I was very skeptical about the camera control scheme, and I am happy to hear you say that it is working so well.
    I am also excited to hear you say that the exercise routines are ramped up in difficulty. I have never read a review by you before, but I am going to purchase Your Shape based on your recommendation ( even though I can not stand Jenny McCarthy ). I hope you know what you are talking about. Have a Happy Holiday.

  4. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Greg – if you’re a martial artist, you’ll definitely love Gold’s Gym or Your Shape. You get to work on a specific part of the body and the style of exercise you want for it. It will take a bit of getting used to, with the watching and correcting yourself, but it’s definitely worth it and it will help you improve your form and maximize that body fat reduction.

    I’m also glad to hear you purchased a real resistance band for EA Active. I two here at the house when it arrived for review and as soon as I opened the package and saw that flimsy thing that came with it, that it would provide little to no help.

    I hope you have fun with it.

  5. Darbin Avatar

    Hi Alex,

    I wanted to thank you for a comprehensive, quality review of this game. This is the sort of title that falls through the cracks (the ‘game’ crowd laughs it off) and thus gets no reviews, which makes shelling out the money very risky. Thanks for covering it.

    I purchased Your Shape (for the PC) largely based on your review, and I am happy to say that the game is fun and worthwhile. The camera does work very well, as you said, and though one occasionally gets dinged for something that seems right, the fun factor and encouragement when you get things spot on is worth it.

    I have Yourself Fitness also and since they are so similar (in terms of exercises) I plan to keep using that in conjunction with this, as it offers a few features that differ and contains the nutritional supplements that Your Shape does not.

    Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for reviewing a title that deserves more press (or at least less skepticism) than it is getting.


    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Darbin –

      Thanks for the letter. I also miss the nutritional bits from Yourself Fitness. I’ve been using that game for roughly half a decade on my old Xbox.

      I also agree the larger sites are too concerned with only covering the “big” titles rather than treating all games fairly and giving them each their own review. I’d rather cover those smaller, lesser known or obscure games for just that reason you mentioned – to help consumers know if these games are worth money and praise.

  6. Barbara Avatar

    Just wondering before I buy it — I was thinking my daughter could use it when I’m not home and I could use it after work. Can two people use it at different times, or does this mean resetting everything (goals, visual scan)each time, and that is too much of a hassle? IF two people in a household wanted to use this program, would you just buy two?

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Barbara –

      Your Shape can store up to four different profiles. This mean four different people can be scanned in, with their own progress charts. This means both you and your daughter can have their own seperate games and stats within the game. So you’ll only need the one disc.

  7. Barbara Avatar

    Wow! Awesome. Thanks, Alex, for the detailed review and info.

  8. Shannon Avatar

    Just simply; thank you for this review. I really appreciate such a detailed review. Thank you for taking your job seriously.

  9. Briana Avatar

    I am wondering how much space do you have in the area that you play the game in because I heard this game requires a lot of it to work properly? I can only get about a 6 feet distance from the camera and about 6 to 7 feet across (side to side) so will the game not recognize my movements?

  10. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Barbara – any time. I hate that a lot of other gaming sites only cover the same few “big name” titles, so I really try to cover the smaller releases so people know if they’re missing a good game or not.

  11. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Shannon – Thanks for taking the time to read my long winded write up!

  12. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Briana – I have about 8-10 feet distance when I do the stand up exercises, but only about 6 when I do things like side crunches or other on the floor exercises. The game appears to read it just fine. The distance thing is more because you should always be about 8-10 feet away from your TV. It’s an eye thing rather than a video game thing.

    The real key to the game recognizing your movements is wearing different colour clothing from your background and making sure the room is well lit.

  13. Julie Avatar

    Thanks so much for all the good info! I wasn’t quite sure about it, but now my sister and I are going to buy it today. Can’t wait to try it!

  14. Carri Avatar

    Wow- what a comprehensive review.
    I do have the wii fit and blech. It is so boring.
    I am going to get this, wrap it up and stick it under the tree for myself.

    I go to the gym 4-5 days a week, but only do classes. I KNOW what I’m missing is the strength/core stuff. I KNOW the only way I’ll do that is if I have someone there to really PUSH me someone to make sure I have proper form.

    I cannot wait to try this on my ‘off’ days!!!!

    again – thanks for the review. I read every single word!

  15. bjk Avatar

    i am a tech/electronics dummy. this program sounds cool, but what machine do you use it with? what other contraptions are needed (camera, balance board, tv or computer screen?)

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      BJK – It’s your wii and the game. It comes with everything it needs. There is also a version for the PC.

  16. D Marcus Avatar
    D Marcus

    I just received this game, and although I like it, I have found that it doesn’t accomodate the use of an excercise ball very well. At least not from what I’v seen so far.

  17. Briana Avatar

    Thanks for your help, I got the game for Christmas and I mostly enjoy it but the camera does act a little spotty because the lighting is dim and that can be very annoying sometimes.

    Also, do you know the code for the locked extra challenge section?

  18. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Marcus – an exercise ball, like any of the extras, will cause a bit of a problem if

    a) the lighting in your is dim
    b) it’s the same colour as your walls or
    c) the same colour as your workout attire.

  19. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Briana – I’m afraid I’m still in the dark as to the bonuses as well and I’ve been using the game for like two months now.

    Add some extra lighting and you should be fine with the detection bits.

  20. Stef Avatar

    Hi Alex

    Brilliant review, thank you for bringing humour into your writing, there are too many pompous reviewers out there who as you say aren’t really equipped to assess products like this one. After reading the above I also read your reviews of WiiFit and EA Active, both of which I own. I am more willing to give Your Shape a go based on your feedback; I agree with many of your comments on the earlier ‘games’ and before reading them thought that ‘maybe it’s just me – user error?!’ but must admit if I could smoosh the positive aspects of all three packages together I would be very happy. One thing I’m curious about… I have a relatively small amount of space in my lounge , i.e. 6ft maximum sensible exercising distance from the TV, just wondering if the camera is likely to fully ‘scan’ me and pick up my movements? We have a 42in (or so) plasma and the Wii sensor is currently on top of the TV.

    Also noticed that the Australian market doesn’t feature Jenny McCarthy, wonder who the trainer is? And has anyone utilised resistance bands in Your Shape?

  21. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Stef – Don’t you worry! I too can be pompous at times. :-)

    Now for your questions. Six feet should be okay as long as you have good lighting, and aren’t wearing clothing that matches anything behind you. If you find it to be less responsive due to how close you are to the TV, there’s a trick. The USB camera that comes with the game has a cord that is several feet long. Just move the camera back if you can’t move back yourself and that’ll clear it right up.

    I haven’t seen the Aussie Your Shape, but the Australians get their own celebrity host in Michelle Bridges, who I have to admit is more pleasing to the eyes (and ears) then Jenny.

  22. Kristin Avatar

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the great review. I was wondering if there are any cardio options? I have the wii fit and am really disappointed with the cardio portion. Thanks again.

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Kristin – Kind of.

      The way Your Shape works is that you pick a specific body part you want to work on and then you have a choice of one to three types of workouts. Many of the faster paced workouts are great for your cardiovascular system, especially the abdominal region ones.

  23. Wanda Avatar

    Alex, thank you for the great information. I received a Wii for Christmas and wanted to purchase an exercise game but wasn’t sure which one with so many options out there. You have made my decision much easier. I am going to try Jenny McCarthy’s. Will let you know the results. Thanks for the valuable information.

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Anytime Wanda. I hope you like it as much as I do.

  24. Anita Avatar

    Purchased Your Shape after receiving Wii for Christmas. So far I enjoy it. Sore legs after firs workout. My questions are:

    1. Can you re-scan your body?
    2. Can you re-enter a body weight as you loose weight?
    3. How do you unlock the Extra Challenge section?

    Thanks for posting your review and thanks to all the replies. Very helpful.
    Happy New Year.

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Anita –

      1. You can re-scan your body, but only if you start over. If you’re doing the options like “Get bikini ready” or “Working mom,” you’ll need to do this anyway.

      2. You can re-enter your body weight if you start over as well. The body weight is only there to calculate calories burn.

      3. No one knows.

  25. Anita Avatar

    Thank you for a quick reply. I had to laugh at #3.

    Maybe by next year they will have some of the kinks worked out. As with everything new there are always flaws.

    My husband and I were discussing the locked section. We are thinking it may give you a code as you progress….maybe?? Or need to keep a certain average over a period of time. We shall see.

  26. Anita Avatar

    Sorry. Just a clarifying question. I think I already know the answer…..

    When you said “start over” you mean “create a new profile”?

  27. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Anita –

    Yes, you’ll need to start a new profile. In truth though, there is no need to rescan unless you gain or lose a large amount of weight. If you say, gain 75 pounds, you will obviously be thicker than you were when you first were scanned in and that will affect the detection. Not much, but a little. Same with losing. Otherwise, there is no real need to worry.

    As for the locked sections, my theory is that, as you said, it will give you a code as you achieve some sort of goal. Either that or it’ll be announced on the web site of the game. I’ve had it and used it semi-regularly since the middle of November and still haven’t gotten anything though and I’m generally doing 30 minute high impact (400 calories burned) each time. Still nothing unlocked.

  28. Lisa Avatar

    Love your review! I have been using it since November, & think it is wonderful. But I have a question… How accurate do you think the “calories burned” are? I am burning at such a high rate… I can’t believe it is true.

    Also the %’s…. if you’re scoring in the 80% range… is that considered “high impact” or what?


    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Lisa –

      The calorie burning is fairly accurate. If I do a half an hour ab workout with Your Shape, I tend to lose (according to the game) about 400 calories. That’s roughly the same if I use a treadmill at 6-7mph for half an hour. It seems accurate, but to be absolutely sure, I’d need to cross reference average calories lost with the exercises in question for an x length of time and then combine them all. That’s too much Algebra for me!

      Due to the fact Your Shape definitely gives you a better and harder workout than say, EA Active and that game gives you a caloric breakdown as well, I’d tend to say they’re all in-line with each other, but I’d also need to add the caveat that everyone’s metabolism is difference and a faster metabolism will probably burn more than the game says and a slower will burn less.

      An high impact workout is an activity or exercise in which both feet leave the ground simultaneously. Some examples of high impact exercises would include running, jumping jacks, jump rope. So there are times when Your Shape is indeed a high impact workout.

      Now, one of the big mistakes a lot of people make is assuming a high impact workout is better than a low impact. For example High-impact exercises include running, leaping, pliometrics, step aerobics where you bound off of the steps, and jumping rope. Low-impact exercises include walking, step aerobics with no flight, treadmill with no flight, and roller blading. There is also no-impact cardio, such as swimming, Stairmaster, cycling, elliptical machines and cross-country skiing.

      Now I was a wrestler and swimmer back in my schoolboy years and I can tell you that even though swimming is a “no-impact” cardio exercise, it’s still one of the best ones out there, because you’re exercising your whole body. Don’t let the terminology make you think that high impact is necessarily a better exercise. No, Low, and High impacts all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Here are a couple articles that might help explain things better:

  29. LJD Avatar

    Received a Wii system for Christmas. Just bought the Wii FitPlus because I had read reviews that it was such an improvement over Wii Fit. I also saw Your Shape at the store, so decided to read reviews before I opened the Wii Fit Plus. You compare Your Shape to the previous Wii Fit, but how does it stack up against the Wii FitPlus, in your opinion?

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      LJD – I’m really not a fan of Wii Fit in any way shape or form. The thing is that the balance board doesn’t really work in the way they are selling. it’s pressure sensitive only, which means you could be doing the exercises wrong and if the pressure (or lack thereof) is in the right spot, it willc redit you as doing something right, even if you are horribly off or even doing it in a way that can lead to strain or injury. Too many people that use Wii Fot don’t improve their stance but rather improve how they are placing pressure on the board. This means they are not actually doing things right or even exercising, but tricking both the game and themselves.

      Wii FitPlus is certainly an improvement over Wii Fit, but both are more the exercise equivalent of say, Spanish Fly. They can be fun, and it’s better than doing no exercise at all, but in the end, something like My Fitness Coach or the awesome Gold’s Gym Cardio Boxing are better options. Better yet you can buy both of those games and it’ll still be half the cost of Wii FitPlus.

  30. Anita Avatar

    Thanks. Keep us posted.

    So what’s your thought on the “how much you lifted” section. Is that your body weight times the type of exercise you are doing. Say 140 lbs * how many pushups and such you did during the workout? to equal over 1000lbs.

    Good question Lisa!

    Alex I think you are definately the “go-to” on this program. :-)

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Anita – I can’t really say I’m the “go-to” guy for these exercise games. I’m not a physical therapist or sports medicine doctor (although a close friend of mine is the latter). I just happen to be one of the few video game journalists out there that is very exercise conscious and a bit of a jock. I take my health and body pretty seriously (probably a little too serious in the vanity department…) and so I put all of these exercise games through the wringer and then write my reviews based on someone that does a lot of exercise already rather than most reviews of these type, which are simply written by someone that likes video games and isn’t really physically fit and thus the review is based on how much fun they had rather than the quality of the experience.

      As for the “how much you lifted,” I’m not sure how they are calculating. It could be some algorythm that uses your body weight and what exercises you are doing. it could be based on force of movements with the exercises. It could just be mumbo jumbo. To be honest, I basically ignore that result, especially as I tend to use Your Shape for my ass and abs and really, there’s no weight lifting with either or those, even though it does give me an end total afterwards. Knowing the YourselfFitness! people that are behind the game, and how exercise aware they are, I’m sure it’s something based on kinesthesiology. I just don’t know how exactly.

  31. Anita Avatar

    Wow..I had never heard of you until yesterday when I stumbled across this blog. I’m glad I did and book marked it to continue reading your progression on this program. Thank you.

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Anita – I’d be rather surprised if you HAD heard of me. I don’t think too many game reviewers are known by name. ;-)

  32. Nicole Avatar

    Hi Alex,

    After reading your review of Your Shape, I’m even more interested in buying it, as I have set my weight lost goal pretty high this year, and know I can only accomplish it with diet AND exercise. I can’t afford the gym, nor do I want to go, as the last time I was there to look into it, they treated me like I was some fat slob. Anyhoo, have you had a chance to check out Your Shape for the PC? I want to get the game, but not the entire Wii console if I can avoid it. Do you know if the PC version comes with everything you need (software, CAMERA, etc)? I’m sure that I could somehow rig it to hook up to my TV if I could get it loaded onto my laptop. Thanks for the review on it, and can’t wait to check it out!!! :)

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Nicole – I haven’t used Your Shape for the PC, but it does come with everything you need. It sells on for $67.48, so it is a bit pricer than the Wii version.

      As well, make sure you have the minimum requirements for the game to run properly and from what I’ve read it is NOT Windows 7 Compatible – only XP and Vista.

  33. kimberly foust Avatar
    kimberly foust

    i was wondering how do i change the music and the background on your shape for wii.

  34. Lisa Avatar

    thanks for the great info! I truly appreciate it.

  35. vilma Avatar

    Excellent review!!! I bought the game today! The balance board can be add to this??

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Vilma – No, I’m afraid the balance board and Your Shape are incompatible.

  36. vilma Avatar

    Ohh thanks!!! I tried it and its really nice!! I bought it just for $50 on sale at best buy. Worth the money!! :)

  37. Anita Avatar

    Hi Alex. I have another question. You mentioned before that you have had this program since November. Have you been getting a fitness test every 9 sessions? If so do you find them helpful?

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Anita – you know, it has been every nine sessions. I had to actually go back and look because I hadn’t paid that much attention to the exact pattern it was following. I was thinking they were every other week, give or take, but after your comment I went and looked at my chart and saw that indeed, it was every nine sessions (not days). Nice eye Anita!

      I don’t necessarily find the sessions to be any more or less helpful than a normal workout in Your Shape, but they do make for a nice change of pace, especially as I generally use the game for abs and glutes. The fitness tests generally focus on other things so it keeps me on my toes.

  38. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Oh, that’s wierd. It posted my comment before your question.

  39. Anita Avatar

    Thanks. So here’s another observation.
    I know…I know…enough already!!

    My workout tonight was scheduled for Upper Body. Sooo….I picked back, chest, arms and stomach. The workout did cardio (expected) but worked my legs at the end. Now the only thing i did different was a few days ago i worked out on a non-scheduled day. Does the program (that you are aware) take that into consideration? Would that be why it didn’t do as I asked?

    Have you or others experienced this? Either way I still worked out and enjoyed it. And it mixed it up with new exercises.

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Anita – It can happen. Which leg exercises were they?

      As I have had nothing to do with the programming of this game, I can’t say whether this is planned or not. However I do know from experience if I spend too much time on a particular body part, it will eventually give me something I didn’t ask for.

      Even if it is a bug, it’s probably a good thing as you want to switch up the areas you work out so you’re not doing the same part of the body daily.

  40. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Hey everyone. It’s nearly midnight but thanks to everyone’s responses here, Ubisoft decided to grace Diehard GameFAN readers with the code for the extra challenges.

    Entering this code nets to a set of 15 minute hyper intensity workouts. It’s a two week plan.

    If you know anyone that plays Your Shape, please link them here so I can give them the code. If you are interested let me know!

  41. Nancy Ortega Avatar
    Nancy Ortega

    I finally got this Jenny McCarthy game tonite and am eagerly awaiting the morning to hook it up

  42. Shelley Avatar

    My husband was instructed to buy me the Wii Fit for Christmas. Instead he came home with Jenny McCarthy’s Your Shape. I was not happy. This evening we got into a “discussion” re: what program I was going to use to lose the much needed weight. I went onto the internet to prove to him that the Wii Fit was superior. However, based on your review it appears that I am wrong. I am SO glad to find this out before I had a chance to exchange his gift for an item that ultimately I would have been unhappy with.

    Thank you so much for your in depth review. One question (haven’t opened the box yet)…can this game track results for multiple people and up to how many?

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Shelley – I wouldn’t recommend Wii Fit to anyone, so I’m glad your husband “disobeyed” and picked this up for you. ;-)

      You can track the stats of up to three people in Your Shape.

  43. Anita Avatar

    Thanks Alex. My calendar is set up to alternate body areas…upper, lower, core. The leg exercise it gave me were a set for stationary lunges & alternating lunges (front to side to front…etc)…just wondering why it would change up a pre determined schedule.

    I would love to know the code as that has been my main search….(it’s how i came across this forum). I’m not new to exercise and some higher intensity workouts might be a nice mix up.

    Thanks again Alex.
    By the way. Are you a “Beta Tester”? I was telling my husband about the forum and that was the term he used.

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Anita – I’ll email you the code so you can try out the hidden exercises.

      No I’m not a Beta tester. I’m the editor in chief of this review site so sometimes I do get Beta games, but most of the time I (like the rest of the staff here at Diehard GameFAN) are given retail copies in advance of when the public gets them. This allows me to get up a review of the game rather close to the actual release date.

  44. Maryann Perlee Avatar
    Maryann Perlee

    I purchased Your Shape yesterday. I was up until almost midnight discovering how great it is. Today I found your website and was thrilled to hear your comments. I’m sure I will be very happy with this exercise program. Thank you for your rating.

  45. Patrick A Avatar
    Patrick A


    Awesome and thorough review. I’ve done similar reviews in other subjects and it’s always refreshing to come across a detailed review on a product of interest.

    My wife has been working hard to lose weight and up her fitness level. She’s been using the Wii fit as part of her program, but this game appears to be the one to transition to. I will get this for her this week. I normally go to a gym, but may be inclined to use it as well since it is so comprehensive.

    I’m slightly concerned with the distance required from the cam. The area where the Wii/TV are set-up only has about an 8 foot distance between TV and couch. So, workout would occurs between them at a further reduced distance. Hopefully, this won’t be too much an issue. I’ll report my findings once observed.

    Now if I could only find comprehensive workout info geared toward the 40 somethings…!

    Thanks again!

  46. Patrick A Avatar
    Patrick A


    PS: I am interested in receiving the advanced codes if available.

    Thanks again!

  47. Kristen Avatar

    I actually got this game through the House Party website, to host a fitness party. I finally tried it out so I can plan how to set things up, and it was actually pretty fun. My husband just went off to Basic Training for the Army, and when he graduates, I want him to have a slimmer wife as well! My only issue was that my 8 month old was playing in the background and it didn’t catch what I was doing all the time. I guess I’ll have to wait until she naps to work out, but your review definitley was more in depth than the game’s page was. Thanks for such a great review

  48. Lisa Avatar

    Hi Alex! I enjoyed reading your review and now view you as my source for Your Shape info. Do you know how to PAUSE Your Shape so that I can view the Tutorial and all of its extra options (music/muting/etc.) when I’m NOT in workout mode? When viewing Jenny and the menu in the beginning, I’ve tried pressing the (+) and (-) buttons with no results. I would like to go through the tutorial when not in workout mode because I am uncoordinated (as per Jenny anyways,!) and need a bit of pre-workout studying!

    Also, do you know if there’s a way to invite a few GUESTS to use my Your Shape without having to have them create a profile and go through the assessment?

    Your advice/ideas/comments will be most appreciated!

  49. Lisa Avatar

    Oh!!! In addition to the answers to my above TUTORIAL and GUEST questions, I would love to have the challenge code(s) too! Thank you!

  50. Shannon Avatar

    Just got this game for Xmas and I agree somuch with this review. This really gives you an intense workout and being an athlete I have had a hard time finding a game to really challenge me. I would love to know the code to get the extra challenges though!!

  51. Anita Avatar

    Alex–>Thank you. Case sensitive? I haven’t entered it yet. My 4yr old is on the Wii playing her princess game. I will definately give it a try this week.

    Patrick–> I am working out in a 4×5 ft space (not my house so limited to my bedroom) and haven’t had any issues. My hands and feet don’t have to be in the frame. As long as it detects my arms and legs it seems to be fine. Only issue is lighting for me and contrasting clothes.

    Kristen–> I hear you. My husband just finished basic training but is still away at another base waiting for a transfer home to do his occupational course. I wait for my 4 year old to go to bed before I can exercise. So that’s around 8pm or 8:30pm. Late but it works for me.

  52. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Patrick, Lisa, and Shannon – Check your Email!

    Anita – it’s all caps. I don’t think there was a lower case option.

    Patrick A – If you don’t have room, you can always move the camera back since there is such a long cord.

    Kristen – I’m afraid there is no way to have guests, but you can always let them delete a profile after making it and trying it our.

  53. Blatherbeard Avatar

    Hey alex, because of you, i got a wii for the wife and Your shape. She just created her profile last night. Ill let you know how she likes it, hell i may even try it out with her.

    I showed her your review after her wanting a Wii fit and she was blown away(as was i) by the comprehensiveness of it, and your passion.

  54. Ian Avatar

    I bought this game for my wife for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! This coming from a woman that used to hate video games. Every day when I get home she is playing (playing?) it… and she used to be an aerobics instructor. Overall, judging by her use and activity in the game, I would rate it a 10. Definately worth the money! Thank you!

  55. Jessica Avatar

    My husband just surprised me with a post Christmas gift of the Wii Fit Plus, but after reading your review I am asking him to return it and get me the Your Shape, he’ll even get some money back. I am not a big gamer at all so I appreciate that your review was clear and consise for the non gamers out there. I feel even better listening to you as you are not only a gamer but someone who actually excersizes and that a major factor in your review was the safety of the excersizes on the body, not just the flashiness of a video game.

    Thank you so much.

  56. Briana Avatar

    Can you send me the code for the extra challenges section? I would really like to try the intense workouts.

  57. Tricia Heard Avatar
    Tricia Heard


    Thanks so much for this review. I just received this program in the mail today as a belated birthday present. Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow.

    I also have WiiFit, EASports Active and WiiFit Plus (new Christmas gift). I found WiiFit to be fun but not a total workout. I don’t really like EASports. First, if you have larger thighs, the band to hold the numchuk does not fit well. If you don’t have a wireless numchuk, this game can be a real pain with the wire. And lastly, a lot of the lunges can be really bad for your knees as I found out quickly. I have resorted back to my Leslie Sansone tapes and my elliptical so I’m so excited to have another alternative!

    In closing, I would love the codes to open the locked areas.

    Thanks again for a great review.

  58. oosabs Avatar

    I love this game! I’m really loosing the weight. I would really love those extra High Intensity workouts!!

  59. vilma Avatar

    Hi Alex!!
    I would love the code!! Please!! :)

  60. patrice Avatar

    im excited to use this game as i just bought it for the post holiday grace period of pigging out. all the reviews that i’ve read makes me happy that i made the right choice amongst all the other ones

  61. Sigourney Avatar

    Thank you for the great, and in depth review! I wasn’t entirely sure whether I should go out and spend the money on this game, but after this I feel happy to go out and buy it. Thank you again for such an honest review. I’d love the codes to entice me to buy the game quicker too!

  62. Kristin Avatar

    I bought Your Shape for myself for Christmas and have loved it so far! I have definitely worked up a sweat in every session. I have some issues doing some of the exercises because of previous injuries, so my score goes down since I can’t do them, but oh well! Rather be safe than sorry!!

    My issue with the game though is that sometimes I can’t figure out what the “right” position is for my arms. I try all sorts of different things to try to imitate “Jenny” but I keep doing it wrong (especially on the cross country exercise). I look at the tutorial and it does not tell you anything about your arms! Very frustrating!!!

    Other than that, I really enjoy it and am glad I picked it over Wii Fit. I’d really love to have the code to unlock the extra challenge because I work out regularly and would loved to be challenged more.

    Thanks for the very detailed review!

  63. Dawn Avatar

    Thank you for your review. I have been searching today for comparisons between all the newest exercise stuff for my Wii. I have a Wii fit but like everyone else said it gets kind of boring after a while. My son has sports resort and if I want a quick way to up my heartrate I do the duel showdown, but that’s really the only ‘cardio’ thing I’ve found on it. I was considering buying wii active but after your stellar review and other comments I think Your Shape is the way to go. I was a bit concerned with the whole celebrity endorsed aspect but it sounds like just what I need to get myself moving again. Thank you. And if you would could you send me the codes for the advanced workouts so I have them when I’m ready.

  64. maria Avatar

    Thanks for the great review! Just tried it for the first time! Would love the codes to unlock mor

  65. Janet Cowgill Avatar
    Janet Cowgill

    We just picked up the wii fit for Christmas. I saw Jenny McCrathy on one of the late night talk shows and they specifically talked about Your Shape. We will be picking this up based on your review! Thank you for all of the information and details on this product!

    Janet Cowgill

  66. Sheila Avatar

    Could you please tell if Your Shape would be a program sr. citizens could use?


  67. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Shelia – I don’t see why Senior Citizens couldn’t use this. You can always pick a shorter length of time and try a lighter workout if you’re worried. It’s basically aerobics and yoga and so I think you’ll be fine.

    In fact the only group that might have trouble with some of the exercises are guys like myself. The game is geared primarily for women and some of the stretches or poses are well…not that possible with the male anatomy. ouch.

  68. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Kristin – the arms were my problem too when I first started. There are two things that fixed it for me. One was the space for the camera. I noticed I didn’t have the camera in such a way that it was clipping the tips of my arms when they were in the air.

    The other thing was that I am a bit pale and my walls are white. As silly as it sounds, that can have an effect, so I make sure to where dark clothings to contrast against my white walls.

  69. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Dawn – I was a bit worried about the celebrity factor to and was expecting to write another grumpy “gamer that actually works out regularly and see this crap for what it is” review like my Wii Fit and EA Active ones, but I was pretty surprised here.

  70. Sheila Avatar

    Thank you so much for answering……..this will be my next purchase!!

  71. Vicki Avatar

    My son (the 15-yr. old expert gamer) told me that he didn’t think this game would be good (just because there is no shooting doesn’t mean it’s not good, I said!), so I got on-line to look for a review. After getting confused by the positive and negative reviews on Amazon, I found your web-site. Thank you for the thorough review. Now, I can finally open the box and get started losing the extra weight from the holidays! And I will recommend this site to my son, if he doesn’t already know about it!

  72. Chigirl Avatar

    Thanks for your help, I got the game for Christmas and I mostly enjoy it but am still working out the kinks.

    PS: Do you know the code for the locked extra challenge section?

  73. Caroline Avatar

    For a new mommy this game is perfect. My body was completely out of wack after gaining 60 lbs during the pregnancy. I started with the new mommy mode and quickly worked my way into the regular work outs. So far I lOVE this game and have convinced three of my friends to purchase it.
    I did have to figure out the right clothing to wear as I live in an apartment with beige walls. My arms were blending into the back ground, and my score was low. But a long sleeved black shirt took care of that.

  74. Tess Avatar

    I purchased this about three weeks ago..and it is well worth the 70 bucks. I’ve always been on the “i want to lose weight”..”I want to get in shape”…blah blah blah..but I never put the effort into it until now. Sitting here sore..but I love it. I get up everday at 5 and put in that 1 hour work out, and sometimes even in the evening. When I see myself on the pushes me even harder. Question…when I do the grapevine and the shuffle it always tells me that im doing it wrong…what could the issue be? I make sure I wear bright clothing and that the lighting is good,and I can see my whole body on the screen. How in the world do I unlock the special challenges?? Thanks for the insight…

  75. Rachel Avatar

    Love the reviews! I have completed a total of 13 workouts and I can already see a difference in my appearance. I find this game totally addictive and am so glad I didn’t waste my money on the Wii Fit! I love that I can workout on my own time and in my own home. So much better than the gym, and the exercises are actually fun! Could you please send me the unlock code for the extra challenges? Much appreciated! Thanks!

  76. Liz Avatar

    I just got the game and I’m really pleased with how accurate your review is. My only question now is what is the code to unlock the Extra Challenge?

  77. Liz Avatar

    I just got the game and I’m really pleased with how accurate your review is. My only question now is what is the code to unlock the Extra Challenge?

  78. MW Avatar

    Just bought this game today, so far i like it. Is there a way that you can get the code, like by advancing in the game. Either way could you send me the code

  79. nora Avatar

    Alex…I would love the code to the extra challenges!! So far Your Shape is ok. Didn’t like that I picked a 15 minute ab workout after doing a 30 minute cardio and it was almost the same except for the last 4 minutes!! Will give it a while longer to see how much I really like it! Looking forward to the extra challenges!

  80. Noma Avatar

    I’ve been using this since it came out in November and totally love it. My problem has been finding colors to wear that contrast with the light brown wall in my living room. I think it may be that my skin color is kind of blending in so I will try to find a long sleeze to wear. I’d love to get the code for the extra challenges!!! Thanks so much!

  81. Traci Avatar

    I received My Shape as a Christmas gift from my husband. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it, but after reading your review I decided to give it a chance. I have now been working out with this game everyday and absolutely love it. I would really like to receive the code to unlock the challenge. Thanks.

  82. Virginia Avatar

    Already purchased the game and love it! I am now looking to find the codes to unlock the Extra Challenges.
    Kind of silly that they locked them in the first place!

  83. Damian Avatar

    We just got the Your Shape and as a family we are having a blast with it as our new year’s resolution is to be more active and get more physically fit, both inside and out! Would you please email me the Extra Challenge Unlock Code so we can take whatever challenges it throws at us?


  84. Kristin Avatar

    Really enjoyed your review. I ABSOLUTELY love this game! I felt more sore after one session than I ever have going to the gym for 3 hours. I started seeing results after two days. I am really interested to see what workouts are in the special challenges though.

  85. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Everyone should have been sent the code that asked for it. Let me know what you think.

  86. Dawn Avatar

    Thank you for the code Alex.

  87. Margi Avatar

    I really like that Your Shape is a continuous workout, just like going to a class at the gym but without leaving the house. I think I may be having trouble with the lighting in my room and am still adjusting what works best. The game keep telling me watch my arm or legs when I am doing the same thing I did yesterday (only there is less light) There can’t be too much light behind you and your clothing can’t blend in to the background.

    I have had some great workouts so far and looking forward to the next day to try another challenge!

  88. OL Avatar

    I bought Your Shape in December and I love the game.
    Would you please email me the Extra Challenge Unlock Code?

  89. Caroline Avatar

    I would also like the code but have not yet received it. Thanks

  90. mary beth Avatar
    mary beth

    I’d have to agree.. great game, got it for christmas.

    Only part of me wishes I hadn’t as this “celebrity” seem to be using the game to peddle her own IMO extremely dangerous anti vaccination agenda.

    My dad is a GP who amid the MMR/Autism hype did not vaccinate a lot of his patients. only to result in waves of epidemic in our area, he will never forgive himself for the child that died, or those that almost did, or those who are now infertile as they got mumps post puberty. The damage lack of vaccination has done here in the UK is plain to see. as is the lack of effect on autism statistics.

    a big company like this should not be allowing games developers or celebrities to wield their own misguided personal agenda, especially on something marketed as healthy. it’s beyond poor taste, sickening!

    having said that…..could i please have the unlock code!! i have the game now, moneys already lined their pockets though i have written to ubisoft to complain about the minigame. i will not buy the sequel if she is involved.

  91. mary beth Avatar
    mary beth

    ps do you know when Gold’s Gym will be available in Pal/uk i’ve been hoping/waiting for sometime now!

  92. Kels Avatar

    Would like to know the exra challenge code please send! also how do you add like an exercise ball or free weights. do you have to do something special or just start using them? thanks so much!

  93. Jennie Avatar

    I love using this to exercise with. I like that it makes you keep going instead of the stop/start with the wii fit and wii fit plus. I have used both and the only thing that comes close to comparing is the “my routine” section of wii fit plus. Please send the extra challenge codes, I would like to use them!

  94. Marisa Avatar

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been interested in this game since I first saw it advertised but needed a great review to seal the deal of me going out and buying it… I’m excited that this is a game that is going to make me sweat!

    Looking forward to receiving the codes…Thanks again!

  95. Blair Avatar

    Love this game but can’t get any passcodes for the extra challenges. Can anyone give them to me please?

  96. Amy Avatar

    I really like the game and would love the password to unlock the challenges.

  97. Anita Avatar

    going to start the challenge on Sunday. Will let you know how it goes. Took “Jenny’s” suggestion in the pick your body part and it gave me the workout focused on that body part. And boy am i sore today! I think i will continue with their suggestion instead of picking them myself. Will keep you posted on the challenge.

  98. Shelia Avatar

    i have so far enjoyed this game but would like the code for the extra challenge part dont understand what thats all about if you know the code please help me out thanks

  99. jeff Avatar

    enjoy your shape but would like the code plz email them to me Thanks

  100. mereteveian Avatar

    i got the program as a (whished for) x-mas gift and love it already ;-)
    I so would like to unlock the extra workouts.

  101. shayna Avatar

    Hey Alex…just wondering how did you get the code for the extra challenges??? i’ve used Your Shape almost everyday since it came out and it still hasn’t unlocked a code for me….

    Would love it if you could give it to me and tell me how you get it for the future,


  102. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Mary Beth –

    Not sure about Gold’s Gym being released in Europe. Do they even have Gold’s Gyms there? I don’t remember any.

    Also, the email you provided isn’t a real one so I can’t send you the code without one.

  103. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Kels – When you are doing your workout, you are given an option to select an item. Pick the one (or ones) you have and it adds those exercises in to the workout.

  104. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Shanya – My head of PR here at Diehard GameFAN showed my review to Ubisoft as we always do with each review on the site. He noticed all of the early comments about the unlock bit and how no-one had the code yet so he asked Ubisoft for it. They loved the review, saw how many people were reading this and decided to give Diehard GameFAN the code to give to our readers.

  105. Alex Lucard Avatar

    I’m caught up with everyone who has asked for the challenge code so far. Let me know how it goes.

  106. KIMBERLY Avatar

    Loved your review…and love the game! Just wondering about unlocking the extra challenges?? How is it done and could you send me the code? Thanks!


  107. Nancy O'Neil Avatar
    Nancy O’Neil

    I’ve used the game 8 times now and am really looking forward to improving my shape and my flexibility. I would like the challenge code if possible.

  108. Kimberly West Avatar
    Kimberly West

    I love this game, would you mind e-mailing me the code for the extra challenges?

  109. Pamela Avatar

    I had been researching reviews and I was torn. It seemed like some people did like the game and some didn’t. So, I bought it anyways. I worked out last night and my school was terrible but my ceiling fan light was right over my head and it caused a shadow. I worked out this morning with just the sunlight threw the window and got most of the exercises done correctly. My score went from 29% to 80%. Big difference. I am glad I bought the game after reading your review today. I was walking 3 miles daily up my hilly dirt road. I was huffin and puffin and pouring sweat after 2 minutes into the weightloss program. I am 40 min. from the closest gym and 1 1/2 hours to the closest personal trainer. I think this game will work if you do it. Because I can feel it already. People just need to change up the lighting, outfits, maybe put wii in a different room. It is disstracting if there are alot of objects in the camera with you such as kids. It might help you clean and declutter your area. Thanks for the review. Can you reccomend at what point should you make a new profile to update your weight. I want to lose over 100lbs. Should I update it every 25 or 50 lbs.?
    How about them codes?

  110. A Beverly Avatar
    A Beverly

    I bought this game the first week it hit the stores and absolutely love it. My old gym closed and I feel this is a great alternative – at a much lower price. I get a good sweat from the workouts and feel the burn (I have even found myself telling Jenny to slow down the pace a bit – I know she cant respond). I love your review – sums up the game completely! I too was racking my brain about the extra challenges and would love for you to send me the code.


  111. Becky Avatar

    Hey Alex please could you email the code for the extra challenges, I got the game for christmas ! Thanks

  112. Tracy Whitmore Avatar
    Tracy Whitmore

    Great review! I love this game too. Can you please email me the codes? Thanks!

  113. Jane Avatar

    Thanks for the review. I was given the game for Christmas and finding it really enjoyable. I feel that I get a good workout from it and was sore after the first two days of using it.

  114. Skite Avatar

    Hey there, if you could please send me the code, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you! I’m thrilled to pieces with this “workout”!

  115. Mokas Avatar

    I’m really enjoing yourshape,since december, my first experience whith this kind of “home exercise”. But could you send me the code, cause i can’t unlock those extra challenges??!!

    Thank you so much!

  116. Gabby Avatar

    I’ve just started using your shape about a week ago and I love it. This New Year’s Resolution might actually work :-)

  117. Alex Lucard Avatar

    All right. I’m all caught up again with code requests.

  118. scott haigh Avatar
    scott haigh

    love the game just need the codes to get more.thanks in advance

  119. Jen Avatar

    Not too bad of a game….Thanks for the review!

    Can I get the code for the extra workouts?

  120. Jane Mitchell Avatar
    Jane Mitchell

    I just got the game but would like the codes and thank you for the review I look forward to using this.

  121. Jennifer Avatar

    I am really enjoying Your Shape so far. I find that it is something that I can fit around my schedule and do at home with my kids around instead of needing to try to go to the gym.


    I am wondering though as I am still relatively new to the game how the weight progress is tracked in the game?

  122. Sharie G Avatar
    Sharie G

    I got this game for Christmas along with both Wii Actives so I can mix up my workouts. I’d really love the Code for Your Shape for the extra workouts!!


  123. Kelly Avatar

    I was debating between My Fitness Coach and Your Shape and opted for Your Shape. I think I’ve made a great choice and have been very happy with it so far. Even though the moves seem simple, I easily break a sweat with it. Thanks for your review–it was helpful!

  124. Jamie Avatar

    Hi Alex, I was told that you could give me the code for the extra exercises on the game, if so will you?

  125. Susanne Avatar

    What a wonderful review. I bought Your Shape for Christmas and LOVE IT! I go to the gym four to five times weekly. I usually only do the classes there (Body Flow, Body Step, Body Pump, etc.) It’ a 30 minute drive to the gym, but it has to be done. With Your Shape I can experience the same workouts and save gas (and the environment). I do wish I could just sweat a little (just a little) bit harder with the game though. Do I understand the Extra Challenges are at a higher intensity level? I would like the codes to open that section.
    Thank you again for your indepth and truthful review.

  126. Bill Avatar

    Just got Your Shape this week for my wife, she likes it. The reviews all seem positive, from what I’ve seen of this game ( if you can call it a game) it’s the right one! Please send me the code to unlock the extras.

  127. Courtney Avatar

    I personally love your shape but it seems that most of the time it is too easy. So may i have the codes to unlock more difficult exercises.

  128. ashley Avatar

    can you please email me the code to unlock the extra exercises. thanks so much! great review! :)

  129. JD Avatar


    I enjoyed reading your article! I am using Your Shape everyday and LOVING it. I ran across a post on the Your Shape forums saying to email you for the extra challenge code. If you could provide it to me, that would be fantastic.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  130. MeShell Avatar

    i like your shape so far. but i would like to get that extra challenge code. and any info about it. thanks.

  131. Emilie Avatar

    Best and most thorough review I have read online. I received Your Shape for Christmas and have only been able to use it sporadically. The locked extra challenge situation has been pretty frustrating since I was unable to find much out about it. And I have been wondering recently if I should check out one of the other games mentioned (won’t bother now). I appreciate how well written this review is. Thank you.

    Oh, and I would love that code to be able to unlock and try the extra challenges, please.

  132. Carolyn Walters Avatar
    Carolyn Walters

    Can you please send me the code to unlock more exercises? Your review was most helpful. You did a super job.

    Really appreciate your help.

    Thanks, Carolyn

  133. jennie presely Avatar
    jennie presely

    please send me the code for your Shape, you make some valid and useful comments.
    I enjoyed reading your article! I am using Your Shape and LOVING it.
    I ran across a post on the Your Shape forums saying to email you for the extra challenge code. If you could provide it to me, that would be appreciated.

  134. Writer Girl Avatar
    Writer Girl

    I have a LOT of weight to lose and have been only walking at a 2.7 rate on a tread mill for 20 mins. 2 or 3 times a week and alternating with free weights mainly for arms at 5 lbs. Per hand. Yes, a beginner in couch potato shape. Is this “game”appropriate for me?I’m concerned by how “sore” everyone is who uses the game….isn’t that unhealthy? You’re review is so thorough and well informed that I’d like you opinions. Thanks!

  135. Julia Avatar

    Thanks for your well written review. I look forward to purchasing the program and getting back in shape. Please send the codes. Thanks!

  136. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Writer Girl – To be honest, you should be okay with this game if that’s your exercise level. Just remember to choose the lesser options so it doesn’t wear you out too much.

    In your case, something like Gold’s Gym Cardio Boxing might actually be a better choice. This game also has workouts you can’t stop and really well done ones, but it only works your arms.

  137. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Jennifer – I’m not sure what you mean by “Weight Process.” Do you mean how much you weigh or how much you have lost?

  138. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Alright. i’m all caught up with code sending again.

  139. Casey Avatar

    Wow, Great review. I have had this game for a week, and this is the first time I have stuck with working out everyday. I like that it is a new routine everyday, I get bored very easily. Could you please send me the extra challenge code? Thanks

  140. Jess Avatar

    Could you please send me the code to unlock the exercises also? Thanks for your time!

  141. melissa Avatar

    Just got the Your Shape, could you please send the code that unlocks exercises? Thanks! Great Review!!!

  142. cher Avatar

    I bought this two days ago at BestBuy along with the Wii Active Plus. I wanted to read some reviews before I used it. Sounds pretty good. Could you please send me the codes also. Thanks!

  143. Jane Avatar

    I got your shape for christmas and it is awesome to use. Can you send me the unlock codes so I can try the harder routines?

  144. Peggy Avatar

    After reading your article, I will not return Your Shape and I will try to be more patient. I will say Your Shape’s customer service is horrid. I think Your Shape staff should know more about the game than the disgruntled customer does.

    Could you please send me the code to unlock the exercises. Thank you

  145. Rasmus Klinken Avatar
    Rasmus Klinken

    Thanks for the great review! could you please mail the unlock code for me as well? :-)

  146. Mike Butts Avatar
    Mike Butts

    Thanks for the in-depth review! After getting robbed by THQ for The Biggest Loser Wii, I’m a bit apprehensive about dumping any more money into exer-games.

    My concern about Your Shape is that 1. I’m a guy and 2. My TV/Wii don’t face a blank high contrast wall which seems to lead to detection problems.

    With that in mind, would you still suggest Your Shape or would My Fitness Coach be better?

  147. Terrie Avatar

    Thanks for such a complete review. I own the WII fit Balance board also and I believe Your Shape is the better workout. The balance board is fun but a far better workout can be had with Your Shape. I would also like to have the unlock code please.

  148. Anne Avatar

    Thanks for the great review! Would you please mail the unlock code/ Thanks!

  149. Andrè Avatar

    Thanks for the review. My mother is a fit-game addict and this means troubles for me whit choosing the right game.
    By the way, could you email me the extra challenge code, please?

  150. TIffany Avatar

    Thanks for your review…Am ordering today! Would love the codes for extra exercises. Thanks!

  151. Sonja Avatar

    I purchased the Your SHape for my daughter for Christmas. She’s used it almost every day! She really enjoys it. We have a bit of a problem with the camera picking up her movements because of the dark walls and couch but once we rearrange the room later this month, that should not be an issue anymore. She is interested in getting the unlock codes for the higher workout, though. Could you please send them to me? THanks

  152. Diane Avatar

    Hi I got your shape for Christmas and really enjoy it. I am not sure about how to get the codes. I have wrote on a few forms, and no one seems to know. Just wanting to know if you had any idea how to go about getting them. Thanks. It does give you a get workout from my point of view anyways. Have a great day!!!

  153. Aimee Avatar

    I have been trying to love Your Shape. After reading your review, I will give it another shot. The extra intensity challenges would be very helpful because the rests are too numerous and long.

  154. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Mike – Your Shape really is geared more for girls than guys, but it shouldn’t be a problem except for a few stretches that are a bit hard due to the male anatomy.

    The wall I have across from my TV is a straight white one and I generally have black workout attire to contrast it for the game.

    If you’re at all hesistant, I’d suggest My Fitness Coach or Gold’s Gym instead.

  155. Erin Avatar

    Great review. I was on the fence about getting this game, but your review has swayed me to purchase it. I cant wait to get started. I would love to love to get the codes. Thanks.

  156. Monica Avatar

    Great review. I love this. I also have the WiiFit but I feel because this gives you an actual full routine and calendar it’s easier to keep up with. I’d love to get the code to unlock the extra exercises. Thanks!

  157. Erin Avatar

    I bought this game after seeing numerous people recommending it, watching advertisements, and tracking the website for a could of weeks. And I have to say that the review is spot on. It’s a great workout game, and while I’m completely bushed after playing, it does feel like a real workout.

    I would love to get the code to unlock the extra features. Thank you.

  158. Amanda Ramsey Avatar
    Amanda Ramsey

    I really like the Your Shape, but iit is really frustrating that there are special challenges that you need a code to open, but no way of finding that code. Could I please have the cheat code?

  159. MeShell Avatar

    can i get that code too?

  160. Janelle Avatar

    Thank you so much for this great in-depth review!

    I was counting down the days to this games release date, but then decided to put it on my Christmas list instead. I purchased my Wii, Wii Fit and EA Active at the beginning of the summer when I decided to replace my gym membership with at-home work out equiptment. But being in dire need of something new, (lets face it, Wii Fit is not challenging enough for active individuals, and EA Active is repetitive and quickly becomes boring) I decide to try Your Shape.

    In my search for feedback on this game, I must say I came across quite a few negatives. Most complaints being about the ‘poor quality’ and ‘inaccurate’ camera readings. I was a little skeptical. Your in depth review however was the MOST helpful. Not having played the game yet, it was easy to take those other reviews as the truth, however you have shared throughout your review just how important the camera’s feedback is to the quality and benefits of your workout. It is easy to see now that those comments of ‘poor quality’ and the ‘inaccurate reading’ of the camera, were probably from those individuals who have been spoiled by the less advanced feedback of those other work out games.

    After my first 45 minute workout with Your Shape I was sweating buckets and finally felt that lovely soreness that comes after a great work out at the gym (something that I havent felt with the Wii since my first week of playing EA Active). The feedback from the comments on screen and seeing your own body really and truly help to give you a far better work out than with Wii Fit and EA Active. There really is no room for slacking and I love it.

    Thank you so much again for your informative review.

  161. Andrew Avatar

    Great review, have been having a few problem as of late with teh game but I think i am gonna hold on to it for a little while longer. By the way do you have the code for the extra challenge.

  162. Kim C. Avatar
    Kim C.

    Hi Alex! Really good review, it was nice to read something that actually went in-depth! I got this game a couple of weeks ago and I am enjoying it so far!
    I do have a question, though. Is there any way to pause in the middle of the workout? There are a couple of times I have had to go get water, tie shoelace, etc but ended up missing exercises because I couldn’t pause.
    Also, could I please have the code to unlock the extra challenges?

  163. Kristin Avatar

    I love this game! Could you please email me the extra challenge code as I would love to unlock this section.

    Thanks in advance!

  164. Michelle Avatar

    Not a fitness guru at all…but will recommend this workout to my friends. It is quite fun.

  165. Jenn Avatar

    First off thank you for writing such an in-depth review of the game. I just started it with the new year! I think it is absolutely great, although I have to tip the camera so it will capture my movement since I do not have even 6ft of space from my tv. This works well, except it make me(who is 5’1″) look even shorter! I stumbled across this site because I was wondering about the code for the extra challenges. I thought maybe with time, but now from reading on this site, and others, that that wont happen. If you could send me the code I would be most appreciative!
    btw. I am bookmarking your site, so I can look up or ask questions on any other games I have! Thank you

  166. Tera Avatar

    Great review. I enjoy playing this game! Could you please email me the code? Thanks!

  167. Amanda Avatar

    Hye, I won this game in a contest just before Christmas, and I like it so far very much. My family and I challange each other each day to make sure we do our workouts! We would LOVE to have the Extra Challange Code. We can’t see to find any infor about the code, and was told to ask for it here. I would be so greatful if you could send it to me! Thanks!!

  168. debbie lawton Avatar
    debbie lawton

    After reading your review several of my questions were asked. Feel like I get a great workout. Could you please send me the code for the Extra Challange?
    Thanks so much

  169. Dex Avatar

    Wow, I love the review and thank you so much for spending time writing it and sharing that info to the world, as with the other people I would also love to get some of those EXTRA CHALLENGE CODES since I really do need a extra challenge once in awhile..please email me them.

  170. David Avatar

    Excellent review. I feel just as passionate about this game. I think it’s attention to form is it’s greatest feature, and the most difficult challenge. I love that it never let’s you relax, and your whole body is being monitored. You have to constantly be working hard.

    I started a thread at amazon ( for people to collect tips.

    Oh, and extra code please…please..please.

  171. Sean Avatar


    Thanks for the detatiled review.

    Wii Fit Plus was a start for this chair potato at work and couch potato at home. But, after a while the delays between exercizes became intolerable. The My Routine section helped but still some of the Yoga and Strength exercizes ‘felt strange’. I added EA Active to get more intense. The band workouts were fine, but the constant lunges got monotanous and the jumping and running in place was downright painful.

    Thanks to your review (now don’t sell out) I got My Shape and will set it up tonight. I would like the codes for when I am ready, please send them.

    A final comment – why don’t these games come with stretching routines? If they are targeting the beginner or novice, they should assume they don’t know how to stretch properly.

    Thanks again!

  172. Jona Simpson Avatar
    Jona Simpson

    hey alex, could you please send me the code, would really like to try the extra challanges with my new exercise ball….


  173. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Everyone who requested a code should have one now.

    Kim C.: The – or home button will pause the game for you.

    Sean – Not sure about the stretching beforehand, but at least your shape does it afterwards. I guess maybe the developers take it for granted re: stretching beforehand and assume you’ve already done it.

  174. Kim Avatar

    Thanks for the excellent review. I bought this just after Christmas along with EA Active and Wii Fit Plus. A real treat to be able to work out at home. Would appreciate having the code. Thank you.

  175. Krista Boatright Avatar
    Krista Boatright

    I would like to know the code to unlock the extra challenges. I have both “My Fitness Coach” & “Your Shape”…love them both. On the days that I don’t feel like getting my tighter workout clothes on I will do MFC…but I still love the feed back from Your Shape! One great thing is not having to use the controllers during the exercising.
    Best Buy had the My Fitness Coach for around $14 last week! It’s a bargain at that price.

  176. kime:) Avatar

    i was wondering if i could get the code for the extra challenge for your shape as well….please:}…thanks much

  177. Sharon Avatar

    My husband bought this game for me and I really need it as we gave up our fitness club membership to save money. However, I cannot get the extras to work, such as using the ball etc. I choose ball and it just does the same exercises as before (no equipment). Also, I would like the code for the extra challenges. Thanks!

  178. Willow Avatar

    Can I please have the unlock code for the extra challenge too?
    Has anyone else found that even though you request a focus on one area of your body, or that you want to use the stability ball, it doesn’t do it? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t! Maybe I need to do longer than 30min sessions?

  179. Noma Avatar

    I love this game and use it several times a week to work out since I bought in on black Friday in November. Though at times I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing wrong as far as the game telling me I’m doing something wrong. But as long as I’m working my butt off I just ignore it. I’d love to get the code to unlock the extra challenges. I submitted my email address once already and didn’t get anything from you though it may have went into my junk folder which I will watch for more closely this time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me the extra challenge code!! Thanks so much!!!!

  180. Tisa Avatar

    I love this game and have been using it since November. I’ve had some trouble with lighting and the camera but just ignore it as long as I know I’m working up a good sweat. Could you please email me the extra challenge code? thanks so much!!!

  181. Katelyn Avatar

    I’ve tried Your Shape a few times since I got it and so far I am iffy on it. It is definitely a good workout, but I don’t think the camera is particularly accurate in detecting my movements and I think my workout room is pretty well lit. I will have to keep using it for a while to see what I think of it in the long run. I would love to get the extra challenge code too! Thanks!

  182. Kim Kessler Avatar
    Kim Kessler

    I’d love to get the code to unlock the extra challenges. PLEASE email me the extra challenge code!! Thanks so much!!!!

  183. Liz Avatar

    Great review and agree with the comparison to wii fit and active. Please e-mail the extra challenge codes.

  184. Jules Avatar

    I am frustrated with the tracking on a few moves that I know I am doing correctly, but the game is not tracking. I would also like the unlock code. Thanks much!

  185. Amber Avatar

    I would love the code for the extra challenges. I am hooked on this game, and would love to explore the extras! Thanks!

  186. David Avatar

    I too would like the unlock code! I’m loving the ‘game’ so far and this blog is awesome!

  187. Victoria Avatar

    Love this game. Work out almost every day, take the 7th day off. sometimes one 45 min workout and a special challenge in a day. I really would like the extra challenge code so I can do more

  188. Denise Avatar

    Thanks for the details (although I did not read everything) I already love the game.

    If you could answer a few questions I’d be grateful:
    1) The extra challenge code would be great!
    2) I hear you can change the sound track. Do you know how?
    3) When working out and she stops to reveiw your progress, is there a screen that should come up or somewhere to go? It just shows the same stuff I was already looking at.

    Just finished work out 6 and love the way my body feels. I can feel the burn in my legs :)

    Thanks for your help.

  189. Julie Avatar

    Thanks for the great review! Today was my second day and boy can I feel it! After reading about everything this game can do, I need to really check every option out. Can you please email the code? Thanks again!

  190. Anita Avatar

    Alex, I just finished my first Extra Challenge. It went well. Not really any more difficult than the 1/5 hr workouts. It will be a nice mix up along with my regular routine for the week. Will see how it progresses over a couple of weeks. Will keep you posted.

  191. Kay Avatar

    Alex, Your review is Great! I got the Your Shape for Christmas. Each time that I work out I can tell that my form is getting better. It is a real workout! Please email me the code. Thanks again for a GREAT reviews.

  192. dusty Avatar

    ok i got the game for my wife she relay wanted to loss some wait after our second kid. but i have started playing myself now after just 2 weeks i have lost almost 10 lb
    i would like to get the code and see how well i do on what i am told is a much more intense work out

  193. Cindy Avatar

    This game is great…its a workout not a game. I’m always interested because the workout is never the same! I walk away feeling like I worked out! Thanks for the review!

  194. Lynn Avatar

    I really like the game. I have poor lighting and keep trying to figure that part out, but the workout is great, and I’m not too hung up on numbers anyway–other than my low-tech measuring tape.

    Look forward to getting the code. Thanks for the awesome review!

  195. Sam Avatar

    Thanks for a your review and for answering all sorts of questions. I’m just starting out on the program but really enjoy it. I won’t be using the extreme workouts for a while yet, but would appreciate having the code for down the road when I do want a challenge.

  196. FAY Avatar


    I cannot get the workout to include the ball at all, I have used the bench. Can you give me some advice on this. Also, I would like the code for the extra challenge. Thanks

  197. pam kidd Avatar
    pam kidd

    How do I get the codes for the challenges for the My Shape? Please respond to

  198. Anita Avatar

    Hey there. My last post was supposed to say 1/2 hr not 1/5 hr. … oops.

    I stumbled across something today. After my workout I went into the my shape button on the calendar page. Up came the “image of me” and I didn’t know this before, but you can click on the base (scale) she is standing on and put in your long term goal weight. Not sure if it saved. Went back in and it reverted back to my current weight. I changed it again and just left it. I have 2 more sessions to go before my first fitness test so will see if this pops up again.

    I wanted to ask if you or anyone has noticed the feedback area fill with differnt symbols. I have yet to see this happen. (pg 6 “on a roll” of the pamphlet)

  199. Jen C Avatar
    Jen C

    Since I hate gyms & workout at home this is a wonderful challenge! I own both the Wii Fit & AE Active. I found the Wii Fit as fun to “play” wit but no serious workout. AE Active was good- I fund it challenging but grew tired of the Wii nunchuk combo & powerbands- my hands would actually hurt afterward! This has been TERRIFIC. I d need to lose weight but it shows your correct form. You can vary the weights & use additional equiptment.Yes, it uses traditional video aerobics BUT the order is different so it’s still fresh. I have had this since Christmas and have enjoyed it so much that I have worked out about 12 of the past 15 days! I’m only doig a half hour each time but the wokot varies daily. Biggest challenge so far has been having to wear contrastig colors. My roomis very colorful so I pretty muc have to wear white to stand out. Sometimes I do find it frustrating when I a holding a sideplank for 25 seconds & I am paying very close attention to my form and t doesn’t register. It’s only on my one side so I think my angle in the camera is off. Regardless, it’s a great workout!

  200. justin Avatar

    Very thourough and professional review, and unbiased. I went out the next day and purchased it. Can you please email the code? thanks

  201. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Denise –

    1) check your emaiul
    2) You can’t.
    3) No, it’s all internal.

  202. Alex Lucard Avatar

    FAY – it will add the ball based on what you choose body part wise. If the body part doesn’t use the ball, it won’t show up in the exercise.

  203. Cami Flores Avatar
    Cami Flores

    Great review, can you please email the code?

  204. Kelly Avatar

    Alex could you please send me the code, I need more challenge. Thank you.

  205. Sharon Avatar

    Thanks for the code. Haven’t used it yet but now I have it for that time I decide to use it. I contacted Ubisoft asking how to get the ball feature or weight feature to work and they referred me to some other websites which did not answer the question and also to the booklet which does not answer the question. I think I found the answer here though. Will try changing body parts. I don’t understand why they couln not simply answer the question instead of sending me all over they place where there was no answer. Anyway, based on that I probably will not buy anymore Ubisoft games, as they are not interested in customer service.

  206. Sarah Rose Avatar
    Sarah Rose

    I got My Shape for christmas and am loving it! My only problem is that I haven’t been able to find any workouts that actually use the balance ball..I’ve selected it as the equipment but it seems no matter how long my workout is, it’s never introduced. However the weight feature will. I read that you have codes available to unlock the special challenges…maybe that will unlock more workouts…I would really appreciate the codes…I’ve been dedicated to my workouts and want to use this “game” to the fullest


  207. Jo Anne Avatar
    Jo Anne

    Love the game. I have been using it for about 1 month and it gives me a great workout. Please send me the code. Thanks.

  208. Simon Rua Avatar
    Simon Rua

    Great review – got the game and giving it a go this gave me some confidence it will get better.

  209. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Sharon – Often times asking the publisher is no good. It’s the developers you want to ask.

  210. Kim Brown Avatar
    Kim Brown

    I got Your Shape for Christmas this year.
    I hate going to gyms so this seemed like the perfect solution for me. I’ve actually stuck with it this long (which is a major surprise!)
    I’m happy to see that I made the right choice when comparing it to games like Wii Fit.
    Very informative review! I would love the code for the Extra Challenges!

  211. Anita Avatar

    I wanted to ask if you or anyone has noticed the feedback area fill with differnt symbols. I have yet to see this happen. (pg 6 “on a roll” of the pamphlet)

  212. Heather Avatar

    I was a little disappointed that this was just YourSelf Fitness repackaged but I’m really excited that it uses the camera. I don’t like that it will do leg exercises every day even if your focus is upper body. I work my body hard and need rest days to only focus on other areas. Overall I do like the game enough to use it. Really want the codes to try the challenges as I’m an advanced exerciser.

  213. Andrea Lester Avatar
    Andrea Lester

    I’m really enjoing yourshape,since december, my first experience whith this kind of “home exercise”. But could you send me the code, cause i can’t unlock those extra challenges??!!

    Thank you so much!

  214. Sonja Avatar

    Great review, can you please email the code?

  215. Lisa Cornwell Avatar
    Lisa Cornwell

    Well I quess I better just work on that form a little better. I thought I was doing it right, not realizing they were so picky. Thanks for the insight on the game as a whole. Please send me the unlock code. thanks

  216. Greg Clements Avatar
    Greg Clements

    Hello Alex. I posted back on Dec. 10, 09. I gave this program to my wife for Christmas. She likes it a lot, and so do I. I am now a fan of this site, and look forward to reading more of your reviews.

    Please email me the code for extra challenges.

  217. Serena Avatar

    Love the game, it is far better then the wii fit, just frustrated about the extra challenges :-)

  218. Alex Lucard Avatar

    All caught up again!

  219. Lindsey Avatar

    Definitely interested in the code if you wouldn’t mind sending it over.

    Do you know how you’d earn the code to the special challenges normally, if I hadn’t searched the internet?

  220. hana Avatar

    please could you send me the code, i feel like i can cope with high intensity now! its really got me motivated! thankyou

  221. Bee Avatar

    Can you pls forward the code to unlock the extra challenge?

  222. Bee Avatar

    Could you please forward the code to unlock the extra challenge?

  223. Carrie Avatar

    Hi Alex..I have been using your shape for 3 weeks now and I love it.I have lost 10 pounds and am really starting to notice better body tone.Do you have the code so I can unlock the extra challenges? I am ready for some more intense workouts! Thanks

  224. Tracey Avatar

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the great review, I received this as a birthday gift from my children and stuck it in the cabinet with the other games they’ve giving me (that I haven’t used) thinking waste of time. But after reading your review I thought what the heck I’ll give it a try WOW!! your right its a great interactive game I’m really enjoying it. Now I’m no armature when it comes to working out I run, treadmill, and elliptical, and Have used the firm workout videos so this is great. thank you for a honest review that made a sceptical mom a believer. But I need a little more of a challenge would you be so kind to pass along the unlock code.thanks again

  225. kelly Avatar

    I am so excited to start. Can I have the code please?


  226. Sara Avatar

    Hi Alex, I’ve been using this game faithfully since Christmas at least 5 days a week, which means that it’s keeping me interested. I also have the Gold’s Gym which was fun – but I think YourShape is much more challenging – cardio wise anyway. I get a bit frustrated with the lack of recognition on some of the moves though “grapevine” for sure and has anyone had the push-ups register successfully? If so, what’s the trick – I’ve tried all different angles with no success. I might try moving the camera back although I think it registers correctly 85-90% of the time, so I may not fiddle with it. Any suggestions on the push-up will be appreciated as well as the infamous special unlock CODE. Thanks Alex.

  227. amanda Avatar


  228. Arin Avatar

    Can you please email me the unlock code for the extra challenge section?

  229. Lisa A. Avatar
    Lisa A.

    I bought this game about 2 weeks ago and I have to say it is kicking my butt! Of course that is in a good way. My husband is already seeing a difference! It’s wonderful! However, I would like to get in on the unlock code. If you could send it to me that would be great! Thanks!

  230. Louise Avatar

    Great review. I bought this game a week ago. I’m loving it so far, could you email me the code please?

  231. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Lindsey – I’m not sure. My guess is after a few months of working out, which is why none of us obtained it normally.

    Sara – how are you doing the push ups. Is your body parallel with the TV or is your head facing it. Try parallel.

  232. Emily Avatar

    I got Your Shape for Christmas from my husband because I just wasn’t all about the Wii Fit. I didn’t think I got a very good workout with it and I hated that I had to stop after one activity and pick something else. I wanted a couple things, 1) a real workout, 2) a workout routine I could easily keep up with because I am pregnant, and 3) something fun. I like the fact that I am controller free and I can just use the camera, but the camera isn’t so high-tech I guess you could say. It has a hard time distinguishing my arms from our wall (I blend in) or if I have on black shorts I blend in with our couch. Although I have run into these problems, I just try to ignore them because I am still doing the workout and getting a workout regardless of what it tells me. One thing I was hoping though was that I could combine more than one part of my body and one time. I noticed I can click one part and if I go to click another one, it just deletes the first part all together :( I have used both my free weights and balance ball with choosing several different workouts (I do not have a step bench). I always choose to use balance ball and hand weights regardless if it thinks I need them in my workout (because I never know which ones the workouts actually use them with). The calendar on the Your Shape seems weird and I don’t think it does a very good job at tracking your progress overall. I added some outside activities I did and I couldn’t find them listed anywhere on my calendar or stats????? Also, it would be great to know the extra codes??????????


  233. Lauren Sylvestre Avatar
    Lauren Sylvestre

    I bought this a couple weeks ago. Took a little bit ti get the camera all set but it works great. I haven’t done a puch ups yet. How did you get to that? Are you just working your arms? I have been doing it for 3 weeks and haven’t unlocked the code. Could you please send it to me. Thanks Alex

  234. Laura Avatar

    I would love the code too. Thanks!

  235. sara Avatar

    I just bought this game a few days ago and already am feeling the pain! It’s great! My husband and I take turns and we both can feel the gain! Great review!

  236. JB Girl Avatar
    JB Girl

    Kudos on your review Alex. You couldn’t of said it better.

  237. Anna Avatar

    Great review! I would love to get the code.

  238. J graham Avatar
    J graham

    Great in depth review. I own in shape and have been using it daily for about a month! Some quirks but overall it is great.

  239. Lolo Avatar

    This site was very informative about this game for me. Kudos!!!

  240. Diane Avatar

    I just started using it after my husband bought it for me for my birthday in November. The reason it took me so long to open it was because I am an athletic person and not overweight, and frankly, I was a bit offended.

    BUT I love the workout! I have only used it twice but I am addicted! The camera is still a bit buggy as I seem to blend in with my background (maybe a green screen should be included?) but I will keep working with it until I get it right.

    Looking forward to the unlock code for the extra workouts!!

  241. Brooke Avatar

    Hi! I read this and had to run out and buy Your Shape for the Wii right away! I’m loving every bit of the game so far, just getting very frustrated with the extra challenge problem. I would love to have the code if you could email it to me! Thanks!! I definately will be looking forward to more of your reviews!

  242. ambe Avatar

    do you have the code for the extra challenge or where can I find the codes?

  243. Christina Avatar

    Tonight was my first workout with Your Shape and it kicked my butt! I, too, am looking forward to the unlock code for the extra workouts. Thanks!!

  244. Bee Avatar

    Please e mail me the code. It would be much appreciated.

  245. Marie-Pier Avatar

    I would love to have the code if you could email it to me! Thanks!!

  246. Mo Beck Avatar

    Hi Alex,

    Fantastic article. I almost bought some of the videos that you spoke about. I am so glad I did not.
    I bought Jenny’s at X-Mas and have worked out everyday but 2. For the past 25 plus years I have worked out with weights,done Marathons,pilates,Yoga and so much more. I love her workout always something so different. I have been scoring an A which I should since I have worked out so many years. I cannot find the code for special challenges anywhere. Also when I try and do out door activities it tells me I have already been logged in I do not get that. Alex I would appreciate the code so much. I look forward to hearing from you quickly.

    Thanks so much,

    Mo Beck MI

  247. Mo Beck Avatar

    Hi Alex,

    Fantastic article. Just love Your shape. I would love to have the code for Extra Challenges could you please e-mail this to me.

    Thanks so much,

    Mo Beck MI

  248. FcR Avatar

    the game is cool, my wife loves it. i just dont understand why we have to keep asking for the codes. can you just post them somewhere?

  249. Chris Avatar

    Can I get the “extra challenge code”

  250. Karly Avatar

    I keep seeing the commercial ads for this and really want to try it. I am going out tomorrow to buy it just because the reviews seem to be so favorable!

  251. michele Borek Avatar
    michele Borek

    this is the first place I’ve seen an offer to get codes to unlock other challenges. I have yet to see a change to my workout, or have an opportunity to use hand weights, or my stability ball. I’ll give it more time. I have to admit, her voice is extremely irritating!

  252. JB Avatar

    Great review! I bought a Wii just for this exercise game the night after seeing her talk about it on Chelsea Lately, as well as a more-descriptive commercial. The day after doing it, I bought another & fed-ex’d it to my family! I have done it nearly every single day since then, waiting to hear something about the locked codes. So, think you can send it my way?? Thanks!

  253. Sharon Avatar


    I was told to request the Extra Challenges codes from you can you please email me the codes.

    Thank you.

    STL, MO

  254. Becky Avatar

    I loved the review! Would you please send me the code?

  255. UofMMOM Avatar

    This is a great review. I had heard so many negative things, but I am just learning how to use the system and your review gives a lot of perspective of how this system is different that I didn’t realize. Please send me the code for the more challenging exercises, I am already in pretty good shape and want to do more challenging stuff. Thanks.

  256. Lori Avatar

    I would appreciate the extra challenge codes please, thank you. I’ve been using this for 4 weeks. I’m having a hard time getting the exercises to change up much. I also think it would be helpful if “jenny” would talk to you during the exercises – tips on doing it right, what muscles it is working, etc. It also seems to be really generous on how many calories I’m burining – I’d love for it to be true, tho! I just figure as long as I am exercising, that’s the most important part. Anyway, thanks in advance for the codes!

  257. Nathalie Massé Avatar
    Nathalie Massé


    Can you please email me the unlock code for the extra challenge section?
    thank you

    Nath M.

  258. Marilyn Avatar

    Awesome review love the game

    Can I please have the challenge code? Thanks!!!

  259. Michelle Avatar

    Love this game!! Now, pass code please :)

  260. Holly Avatar

    Would you please email the code to unlock the extra challenges?

  261. Daniyel Avatar

    Hey, could you please email me the code to unlock the extra challenges? I love this game and want to see what else is has!!

  262. Wendy Avatar

    Hi Alex
    Loved your review. I’m working hard at the game and seeing results after 3 weeks. Would love the code for the extra challenges please & thanks in advance.

  263. Alex Lucard Avatar

    I should be all caught up once again.

  264. Gus Avatar

    Hey Alex,

    Good review, the thoughts on the forum pages have merit but they don’t get the notion that this a video and it 2010 not 2030. If you use as a way to work it is fine, if you want perfection wait 20 years and the technology will be better in the meantime you just won’t work out because you have so many excuses. I have just started working out on it and yes there are problems but I know better than to expect perfection. Thanks for your help and I guess I might try those special things you mentioned so thanks for passing those along.

  265. vanessa anderson Avatar
    vanessa anderson

    will you please send me the the code to unlock the special challenges

  266. Daniel Saffo Avatar
    Daniel Saffo

    Thanks for the review Alex. I bought Wii Fit, and I wasn’t very happy with it. I am an out-of-shape gamer, and I was never sure if I was doing the exercises correctly in Wii Fit. Based on your recommendation, I think I will pick this game up!

  267. Nate Avatar

    Thanks once again for the excellent review.

    I really like the potential of the Wii as an exercise platform. I’ve purchased (and actually use) Gold’s Gym and My Fitness Coach based solely on the review here. I do have Wii Fit and EA Active as well, (I know, I know) – but I actually do like EA Active for the resistance exercise and I do have a real band that I use with it.

    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t even considering this game until I read your review. I find Jenny McCarthy pretty much revolting and dismissed this game as soon as I saw her name on it. But for the sake of a great exercise game I guess I’ll try to pretend it’s not her.

    I have a question if you don’t mind – I’m being switched to a straight midnight shift at work. When I do midnights, I generally come home and try to sleep through the day and get up in the early evening. Do you think it would be better to try and workout before I go to sleep in the morning or later on when I’m trying to recover conciousness? Maybe a bit of both? I’m usually completely wiped in the morning after the shift but I’d probably get used to it if it’s better for a rhythym.


    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Nate – It’s never considered a good idea to work out right before you go to sleep, so I’d advise against that.

  268. Clare Avatar

    Hi. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of weeks now. I think it’s great, a great way to keep in shape, but I want to be able to do the extra challenges too.. could you email me a code please?

  269. Jen Avatar

    Hello. I’ve read your review, and regretfully agree! Haha, the reason I say regretfully, is because I’ve tried to think of every excuse as to why I’m not getting a good score, and here you smack me in the face with the fact that I’m just doing it all wrong. ;)
    Which is quite possible. But I thought I was doing everything pretty accurately. I do know that my room colour and lighting does have a little to do with it (I have dark walls and light carpet, and thus wear darker bottoms, lighter top – and then when I have to do side crunches etc, it doesn’t register my top half properly… le sigh!)
    Anyway, I am interested in the code for the extra area. I’d really appreciate you emailing it to me! Thanks for such a great review!

  270. Kellie Avatar

    Wow, just spent the past hour reading and am not even halfway through!

    I have many friends with a Wii console. My husband installed two in his bar. I finally asked for one for Cmas. However, it’s still at my folks house because we didn’t make it home for the holidays due to weather. They are coming the end of February to visit us and I’ve been thinking about buying Wii Fit Plus until I saw the commercial for Your Shape. I wanted to do some research before purchasing and came across this perspective review. Thank you Alex. I hope we all benefit from your insights.

    p.s. I’d love the code(s) of course :)

  271. Jay Avatar

    so if you do have that code I’d like to have it please, thanks./

  272. Cathi Avatar

    I just got this game. I am looking forward to trying it out. Can you send me the code for the extra challenges section? I would really like to try the intense workouts.

  273. Tyron Avatar

    I hurt my back after 2 weeks of daily exercises with Your Shape that were challenging and enjoyable. Today I resumed working out with a vengeance. I love doing it, and am looking forward to future versions of the game. I got my Wii and Your Shape for xmas (the special offer included the Wii Fit Plus pack which I haven’t opened yet, as well as a whole lot of other stuff – so far Your Shape is the only one that I have used!). After reading your review of Wii Fit Plus, I’m inclined not to bother. Instead I want to try the Gold’s Gym cardio game you recommended. If you still have it, Could I please have the code to unlock the features?

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      I’m all caught up again.

  274. Anita Avatar

    Hi Alex, I have been faithfully using Your Shape for the past month. This past week I have been rather addicted to it. Last night I have upped my routines by 15 minutes and it gave me a better workout with the weights.

    I was wondering if you are still using this program and if you have found anymore out about it in terms of its use. Has the company mentioned anything about an upgrade for next year or is this a one hit wonder (a great one at that). If they do upgrade I’m sure I will purchase it.

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Anita – they just released My Fitness Coach 2, which was more in line with the Awful Wii Fit, so I’m not sure if this is a one time thing or if there will be a second. Your Shape sold pretty well and actual exercise enthusiasts backed it compared to the “Wii Fit is actually bad for you” articles that were done by health professionals.

      If there is going to be a new version of Your Shape, it probably won’t be until 2011 though.

  275. Jill Branson Avatar
    Jill Branson

    I received the game for Christmas and love it. I especially love the choice of having a 15 minute workout (perfect for me). Would you please send me the code for the extra challenge section.


  276. Melissa Dees Avatar
    Melissa Dees

    I got the wii fit for Christmas but just didn’t feel like I was getting anything out of it. In the week and a half I’ve had Your Shape, I can already tell my body is changing!! And I love being able to target specific areas of my body…I was SO surprised when my back was comfortably sore the day after I targeted it! :)
    As I’m trying to tone up before the hubby returns from Iraq, I can’t wait to get the code(s) to unlock the extra challenge! Found out today he’s coming in sooner than we both thought…that means I’ve got my work cut out for me!

  277. Melissa Dees Avatar
    Melissa Dees

    Quick question also…When I look at the graph that shows my progress, there is nothing listed on the upper and lower tabs, only cardio and core. I feel like I’ve mixed it up enough (picking targeted areas, using the pre-made routines;hand weights, ball & step) yet they continue to remain blank.
    I’m hoping that this is something that comes with using it over time, however I also think I may not be doing something right. Any suggestions would be very appreciative!! Thanks ever so much!

  278. alyssa Avatar

    I bought the Your Shape and am enjoying it alot but i would love the code for the extra challenges please cause i cannot figure out how to get it. Thank you so much

  279. Danielle Avatar

    I was interested in this game so chose to read this review. After trying wiifit, active life, and yoga for the wii I felt the need to find something that might actually work. I agree that I feel hopelessly lost when using the wii balance board because so often I know that I’m doing the exercises wrong, but am not sure how to correct my form. And the yoga game was such crap that I only used it once for less than 10 minutes. I will now buy this game with confidence, knowing that it has to be better than what I’ve tried before. :P Thanks!

  280. Barbara C Avatar
    Barbara C

    Re; Jenny McCarthy My Shape.. I want my money back.
    Not worth the cost….

  281. Bun Avatar

    Hi Alex.
    Workout with Eve since 5 days already..but have some question;
    Why has it not incorporated my free weights and stability ball into the workouts? I added these pieces of equipment to the profile and work out routines.
    But was working with other equipment.
    Would you please email me the Extra Challenge Unlock Code?
    Many thanks!

  282. Susan Avatar

    LOVE the Your Shape!!!! Question: How do you “pause” the game? Sorry if this has been answered in the comments…haven’t read through them all. Would love the Extra Challenge Unlock Code so I can use it at the appropriate time. Love the review also…it’s “spot on”!

  283. CL Avatar


  284. CL Avatar

    um, sorry forgot to take off caps lock, did not mean to be rude. be blessed always!

  285. Irina Avatar

    Hey Can you please email me the code for the game to and also explain to me where to enter the code??This game looks awesome and im buying it TODAY!!!

  286. Amanda Avatar

    i just purchased this game and i REALLLY love it..can i have the password for the high intensity workouts

  287. Bun Avatar

    really need that code..asap…….ty

  288. Amy Avatar

    Can I please have the code?

  289. John Avatar

    Just purchased and tryed Your shape.. it is going to be an interesting experiment to see if i can get in shape. What is this unlock code about?

  290. Dawn Angel Avatar
    Dawn Angel

    I recently tried to purchase wii fit plus and found you can not get the balance board anywhere. I ended up getting Your Shape and am delighted that it worked out this way. I used to be a half marathon runner and want to get back into running shape and plan to utilize my elliptical and have committed to a 30 minute daily supplement workout with Your Shape. WoW, I did 10 of 15 min. yesterday and am feeling the muscle burn today. I love it, and am very excited about getting back in shape. I would love to have the code and instuctions for the extra challenges. Thanks, for your great review and I also agree.

  291. Ansa Avatar

    hello…..can you please send me the code!! Thank you in advance!!!

  292. Michele Avatar

    Just ordered this and can’t wait to use it. Would you please send me the code?
    Thank you

  293. Tracy Avatar

    hi Alex, I know you hate doing this but could you please send me the code to unlock :) thanks

  294. Dana Avatar


    Have the game, would love the have the code to unlock the challanges. Thank you in advance for the code. Great review of the game. very detailed.

  295. Elizabeth Avatar

    THANK YOU for this review! I just got the game and was looking for tips on how to get the camera to better pick up my arm movements and I was getting pretty disheartened by all the reviewers who just whine about how they do everything right and the game tells them it’s wrong. It’s incredible to see such a well written review that lays it all out there on the table, and tells people to get over themselves because it doesn’t blow sunshine up their hiney like some other games ;)

    Would love the code if you’re still able to give it out.

  296. Cristina Avatar

    Hey Alex!

    I stumbled upon your review minutes after having purchased Your Shape online. After reading it I have decided that I definitely made the right decision. I’ve recently lost 34 lbs and looking for a way to tone some areas up but also have something I can do regularly without going to the gym (too costly). Can’t wait until I receive it, you’ve really got me excited to try it!!! I will definitely let you know how it goes as things progress. Thank you so much for your honest review.

    P.S. Could you send me the codes for the locked areas (if still applicable)? I’d love to have them handy as I progress through the sessions.

  297. Joline Avatar

    Thanks for the detailed review and info. Please send me the challege codes.

  298. Steve Avatar

    I just purchased shape up, It’s intresting its nice not to have to switch hands or hold the controller. the voice is a bit annoying. As well i was wondering if you could send the challenge codes to me as well as how to get them in game as though just putting in the code to unlock the features is an option, I would like to be able to earn it in game too. Cheers!!!

  299. shirley Avatar

    excellent review…very fair. Cant find out how to put in weight after initial entry…..lost 4lbs and cand enter it!! Help! Also code for extra challenges please.. Thankyou

  300. Mariah Avatar

    Thanks for the great review. It seemed you actually took the time to find out what was needed to make it work to the best of its ability rather than complain about it and not try to change what you are doing. Thanks!

    Is it possible to get the code? Thanks!


  301. Kelly Avatar

    Wonderful review :) I have only had the game for 4 days but I have had 4 awesome workouts – once I get started I have a hard time stopping…except for the fact that I am exhausted at the end!

  302. Erin Avatar

    I bought Your Shape on Monday (because it was an awesome price at Target this week!) and since we’ve been “snowed” in here in NY I’ve used it quite a bit the past couple days. I’ve been doing well on it for the most part but I’m just afraid that I don’t have enough space for the camera to detect my movements 100% on all exercises. I also think there is too much in the background which might also be interfering with detection. Do you have any tips on how to improve detection in a “smaller” space? Any types of clothing (colors, fit, etc.) you think would be best? I’ve been wearing black and my sneakers are gray, I think that might be an issue as well. I’m in no way blaming the game, because I’ve been through at least 5 workouts successfully, but the 6th one was a total bomb, so that’s just a tad frustrating.

    Your review was good, I like the comparison to the other games, its quite helpful. And if its not too much trouble I’d love the code for the extra challenges as well. Thanks!

  303. Jamie Avatar

    Wow…this review was exactly what I was looking for. I have been interested in this “game” for a while, but I wasn’t totally sure that it would be worth the money. I have been going to the gym to the same 2 classes for over a year and would like to try something new. This could even save me a gym memebership, which would mean it would pay for itself in a couple months. Thanks for taking the time to do such an in-depth review. The extra code would be much appreciated as I plan to now purchase in the next few days. Thanks!!

  304. Liz Avatar

    WOW!!! I’ve been exercising for a year soild,very day
    with some success (not as much as I’d hoped for),so I was looking around for something new. After reading your review I will be buying this today.

  305. janine Avatar

    have been using your shape since xmas and am extremely happy with my progress. It really makes you complete a work out and try your best I hate getting a low percentage! Am really after the code to unlock the challenges as a few new routines would be great. So looking forward to your e-mail with the password.
    Again a fantastic product. Thanks.

  306. KiKi Avatar

    I purchesed this game about 3 weeks ago and i am already getting random compliments on my weight loss and all over tone with only 3-4 15-30min workouts a week! I have a tiny studio apartment and i find i have plenty of room if i angel the tv right! THe game does re-scan your body and gives you a new evaluation every 9th workout where you can also update your weight if you have lost a couple pounds! I also fornd that when choosing a body part to work on you can highlight what looks like a stand at the feet of the figure to target weight loss which rocks! I absolutly love the workout as it leaves me sweaty and feeling accomplished!!!

  307. ginny Avatar

    This game is MUCH better than wii fit and EA active. It is the only exercise game that actually makes me sweat, and I can definatley see the results.

  308. DES Avatar

    Awesome review, I have the game myself and couldn’t agree more. I keep trying to get all my friends to buy it.

  309. Chasity Avatar

    May I have the codes please? My “Your Shape” should be delivered today (I hope).

  310. Keisha Avatar

    I would really like the extra challenge codes please

  311. Ruud Kramers Avatar
    Ruud Kramers

    Yesterday received the game and started right away, ofcourse also we are interested in de unlock-code for the extra challenge codes, can you please mail them to us.

  312. Nate Avatar

    Thanks for the reply Alex, it’s awful difficult to get exercise in while on nights, but I’ve been getting them in when I can – I do need to make a regimen for myself though and I’ll be avoiding them before sleep now.

  313. Cassandra Avatar

    game is great

  314. Cassandra Avatar

    btw, what is the code for the extra challenge

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      The code is oynnej

  315. Bruce Goodman Avatar
    Bruce Goodman

    great review found it very in depth. I do however have a question about the game that hopefully you can answer. My wife just found out she is pregnant and she is wanting to know if the active mom workout is for pregnant women or not before she dives into it. We would greatly appreciate the code to unlock the extra workouts also. Thanks for your time

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Bruce – you know, I don’t know. As I am not a woman, nor a pregnant one, something like that never occured to me. That might be a question for Ubisoft themselves.

  316. Bruce Goodman Avatar
    Bruce Goodman

    how might i go about contacting them?

  317. Mike Inman Avatar
    Mike Inman

    I bought my wife and I Your Shape, and we love it!! I’m the scrawny guy that you described, and my wife well she is definatley up there on the scale due to medical reasons. Jenny really kicks your butt into shape with this, but that camera can be so darn annoying if the lighting isn’t good. Can you please share any unlock codes you have?

  318. Lucy Avatar

    Hi Alex. Thanks for the reveiw. I was a little sceptical at first with the game but as i have progressed through i realised that it does benefit me and my goals. Practice makes perfect as they say, or in my case close enough.

  319. nona Avatar

    It’s really nice to see someone that appreciates your shape for what it is:) I have read so many other reviews that were nothing but negative about the game. I have been using it now for about 4 or 5 months and already I’ve seen some massive improvements:) What I would really like to see ubisoft do is a belly dancing workout game:) I think they could pull it off with the camera idea. any way thanks again for the positive review of your shape:)

  320. sarah Avatar

    Im a very busy mom of five kids.I love the your shape. Cause somedays i can only work out for 15 mins, or 30 mins or 60 mins.It all depends on the day!But it doesnt matter. how long the work out is i still bust a sweat.I losed a total of 20 pds of doing this.I only had this for four months.But my thing is it has the extra challenge code.I really need it!Can you please send me the code?

  321. Christina Avatar

    Hey Alex can I get the Extra Challenge code for Your Shape on the Wii

  322. kim wirt Avatar

    Would you please send me the code for the extra challenge? Thanks

  323. Alyson Avatar

    I bought this game because I couldn’t find a balance board anywhere for WiiFit and I’m really glad that I did. The exercises are challenging, but they aren’t impossible to do. I found it extremely helpful to be able to use a less-intense form and still get the benefits, plus it’ll still tell you if your form is correct or not. I love this game and will be using it a lot.

    If you don’t mind, can I have the code? I would very much appreciate it. ^_^

  324. Debi Avatar

    I am very interested in the Extra Challenge code also. Thank you Alex!!


  325. Anne Avatar

    I have use my Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy almost everyday since Christmas. I still have not received any Extra Challenge codes. Where do I find these codes?

  326. Sara Avatar

    Was looking for the code to the extra challenge, have been doing Jenny since January and lost two pants sizes!!!

  327. Anne Avatar

    Alex, If you can please send me the codes to my email I will greatly appreciate it.

  328. Angelo Avatar

    Wow. Thank you for this review. I was looking around for a game that let me loose some kilos and this review help make my mind!
    Also I take the opportunity to ask for the codes.


  329. Ani Avatar

    I love this game but would like to get more challenging workouts now since it always says it going increase the intensity but never does.

  330. Kristy Gallegos Avatar
    Kristy Gallegos

    I LOVE Your Shape! I love that you do something different everyday..can you please email me the extra challenge codes?

  331. dany Avatar

    This game is fantastic!!! It keeps you motivated and it challenges you every step of the way. I am looking forward to whats around the corner!! Thanks again for this great review!!


  332. Nicole Avatar

    I have this game, and it does wonders. It kicks your butt when you want it to, and slows it down when you’re not feeling so great. I was wondering what the code for the extra challenges. Thanks again for the wonderful review.

  333. Crystal Avatar

    I really like Your Shape, but how do I get the codes for the extra challenges and I choose to use my stabilty ball before the workout but she never incorporates it. Can you help?


  334. Renee Avatar

    Thank you for your review. I love Your Shape. Please email the extra challenge code. Thanks!

  335. Michelle Farrington Avatar
    Michelle Farrington

    Thanks for writing this! Please email me the extra challenge code. Also, I have the same problem as Crystal, it never has me use the exercise ball. Do you know why?Thank you so much!!

  336. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Just a reminder, the code is oynnej

  337. Stephanie Avatar

    I am very interested in the Extra Challenge code =) Thank you!

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  339. […] for Your Shape are all over the place, from raves to rants.  I don’t have it – and don’t plan to get it, despite the price – […]

  340. Nikki Avatar

    I love how thorough your review is! I just got this game Friday and I love it! It really is like having your own personal trainer. I am not in the best shape but I do Zumba on a regular basis and I was pleased to see that some of the workout steps are similar to Zumba moves. Also I would love to have the extra challenge code :) Thank you for such a great review!

  341. Ghenwa Avatar

    I’m soooo glad I read this article and the Get fit with Mel before buying the Wii fit! I’m interrested in getting an excercise game and still don’t own any console. Still hesitant though about with one to get the Wii + your shape or the Ps + MEl B. I couls say I have a preference for wii, but I’m worried about the better graphics the PS has??

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Ghenwa – Are you buying a system for just one game? If that’s the case, you’re better off with the Wii. Games are cheaper and you have more of a selection. the PS3 is Prettier, but you’d have to buy a PS3 Move bundle and Get Fit and that would be about two hundred dollars more you are spending for just a single game. Plus the Wii has Gold’s Gym Cardio boxing which is still my favorite workout game overall and less than $20!

  342. Ghenwa Avatar

    Thank you Alex for your reply, and extensive reviews. They really helped me a lot. Actually the Wii is intented for family fun (my daughter 7, me and my husband- and so far we’re not a family of gamers). I had intended to start with 2 games, an exercise game for me, and a fun game for my daughter and us, hence the search and the question.

  343. Elizabeth Avatar

    Just picked the game up today for my daughter and me. It really seems great! Our only problem is we can’t get it to incorporate the balance ball. That is REALLY important to my daughter, so if you could please tell me how to get that working it would be greatly appreciated, weights and step options work fine. Also would love the codes. Thanks a bunch.

  344. Gina Avatar

    I just read your review on The Your Shape Workout.. I recently purchased this video workout and it only cost me $30.00..I wasn’t to sure about it at first, because of reading mixed reviews, but I have to say I Love it. You are right about everything you said about it. It really makes you do the workout correctly, and its nice to be able to see yourself while you exercise..This is well worth the money. Thanks for the review..Now about the password….

  345. Elll Avatar

    I Woudt like to have the challenges codes to… thanks

  346. susie Avatar

    I almost bought this at a sam’s club a week ago (2011) but wasn’t sure about it. what I want is a good step workout with multiple variations that is at least 30 minutes. I’m surprised there isn’t one yet but it seems that you said you can add a ‘step’ to this?
    If I can still find it at sam’s for the 19.99 today then I guess I’ll give it a try. I’ve tried ALL the other ones. I want warm up – step routines and a cool down. I would use that for the aerobic part.

    thanks for the in-depth review. How ’bout Richard Simmons for the wii balance board or video? :-) I’m 57, female, and need to get back in shape.

  347. Kat Avatar

    I just purchased this game and would love to have the challenge codes please. Your review was great and helped me make up my mind between the Wii fit and Your Body.

  348. Cynthia Avatar

    Thanks for the great review. I’d like to have the challenge codes.

  349. Jessy Avatar

    Hi, I read your review and can say that I agee with everything you said. I received EA Active and WII fit plus last year for a christmas present and then bought the more workouts but my old knee injury started to hurt again so I got rid of them and ordered the Your Shape. I wanted to buy it last year but hadn’t really heard anything about it, Thanks for the review!

  350. Jessy Avatar

    I would also like to have the challenge code please?

  351. Jeannine Avatar

    I have enjoyed Your Shape so far. Would like a little challenge, could I get the challenge code?

  352. RC Bank Avatar
    RC Bank

    I just got the Your Shape and am very puzzled as to how to set up a workout routine. I want a routine I start every morning that will incorporate several body parts & aerobics, not 30 minutes of the same body part (hopefully changing a bit every day as it works towards a goal). Does anyone know how to get this going? I am losing interest fast if I have to think about what part to work that day each morning.

  353. RC Bank Avatar
    RC Bank

    Or if anyone knows a link to an online user guide that would be great. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere in setup. Instructions that came with game are no help.

  354. Elizabeth Emms Avatar
    Elizabeth Emms

    got Your Shape as a Christmas present to myself and it is now more or less the only thing I do on the Wii now! Would love the extra intensive workouts can I still get the code?

  355. sally Avatar

    Please can you email me the code for the extra challenges onYour Shape? I’m really enjoying it but am intrigued as to what these extra challenges are!

  356. Kelly Avatar

    I have been using Your Shape since March 2010. It is a great program. Could you please send me the code for the extra challenges!

  357. Ginger Malatesta Avatar
    Ginger Malatesta

    I’m very happy with Your Shape but am interested in the extra challenges. Can you send me the code?

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      once again – The code is oynnej.

  358. Elizabeth Emms Avatar
    Elizabeth Emms

    Hi Alex, I have looked all over for the unlock code and I am so pleased to have finally found someone who will give them to me, I love your review, I found some of the things very very helpful!!! Please email me the code thank you so much, Liz x

  359. Anu Avatar

    I just bought Your Shape two days ago and I am already loving it. I’m using the game to get back to excercising after a two-year break. I would really appreciate it if you could send me the code! Thanks in advance!

  360. Aileen Avatar

    I got Your Shape for a New Year’s gift. I LOVE IT!! I have lost 10 pounds since new years. I would the exclusive two-week challenge code, please!

  361. Bess Avatar

    I just purchased the Your Shape and would like to get the code. Is it possible that you could please email it to me

    Thank you in advance

  362. Pie Avatar

    hey, i really want the code, and i luv the review! it was really helpful, thanks, but if u could plz send the code that would be nice, thanks :)

  363. Bosse Avatar

    Please email me the code

  364. Pauline Hall Avatar
    Pauline Hall

    Hi Alex I have been reading many reviews and found yours to be extremly enthusiastic about this product. I started with Wii fit biggest looser back in February of this year and thought it gave me a really good workout but months later I came across your shape with motion camera which my husband had bought me some months previous and thought why not! I must admit I am glad that I did I have now been using this for the last 3 months and dont think I have ever sweated so much in any exercise I have done in the past and what a difference in my shape. I have muscles in my arms toned up my tum and feel so much more energetic. I am proud of myself being 51 I didnt think I would achieve what I have so far. Your review is excellent captures everything about this workout. Could you possibly email me the unlock code so appreciate it and thanks once again for your review.

  365. David Sentell Avatar

    Awesome review! I am glad that I chose this game, as everything you said is true! I can really feel it working me out and I have already noticed better balance and weight loss.I would really appreciate the extra challenge code and thanks for the great review!

    1. Alexander Lucard Avatar

      Hye Dave Glad to see this review STILL gets comments two and a half years later. I posted the code in the original comments section ,but when the site switched to Discuss, we lost all 330+ of them.

      The code is oynnej

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  368. Mallika Avatar

    I Love This Game, U R True. What Is The Code Able 2 Do, What Does The Code Offer?

    1. Alexander Lucard Avatar
      Alexander Lucard

      The code is oynnej. It unlocks some more exercises and programs for you. Glad to see this thing still gets attention four years later.

      1. Patsie Avatar

        Thank you so much for the code…. I try to find it a lot of hours!!!! (sorry, my english it’s not very perfect) So, thank you a lot again!!!!

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