Pokemon Rumble – EIGHT More Passwords!

I hope you’re all having a great Thanksgiving. To celebrate this holiday, Diehard GameFAN is providing you a collection of EIGHT more Pokemon Rumble passwords. For those of you that missed the first six passwords collected, here are links to them.

Eevee, Blastoise and Cherrim

Turtwig, Blastoise, and Mew

Now without any further ado, let’s look at the eight Pokemon you can unlock below.

1. Charizard: 7968-4528

This Charizard has an attack of 1475 and a single move of Flamethrower. It’s powerful, but slow. This is the official Club Nintendo Charizard too.

2. Chimchar: 8109-8384

This is the second starter from the fourth Generation. It has a power level of 1413 and two moves: Ember and Fury Swipes. Remember you usually can’t get Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl until you beat the game and move on to the second mode, so this is handy to have right away if you’re about completing the Pokedex.

3. Speedy Rattata (SHINY POKEMON): 9849-3731

Not only does this Rattata have the Speedy ability, but it’s also a SHINY Pokemon. It’s power level is only 388, but the shiny factor helps a lot. It also has two attacks: Reversal and Double-Edge. The Strategy here is to use Double-Edge until you are at half hit points and then start using Reversal.

4. Giratina (Origin Forme): 8322-3706

With a whopping power level of 2326, Giratina’s Origin Forme is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game. It only has a single move in Shadow Force, but who cares? It’s Giratina! Just remember that this attack is VERY SLOW.

5. Shaymin (Sky Forme): 5468-6284

2335 is Shaymin’s attack level. Yes, it’s even higher than Giratina’s! This once exclusive to Pokemon Platinum can now be yours in Pokemon Rumble. It has only a single attack in Seed Flare, but it hits multiple Pokemon at once and can also lower their defense.

6. Gutsy Bidoof (SHINY POKEMON): 5575-2435

Yes, a powerful Bidoof. Who would have thought? It’s attack rating is 1313 and the Gusty ability gives it a very high critical hit ratio. It also knows two attacks: Superpower (which lowers your own attack and defense every time you use it) and Hyper Fang, which can cause your opponent to flinch. It’s also shiny, which is a nice plus.

7. Punchy Charmander: 7927-6161

Charmanders are pretty common in the game, and this one with its attack level of only 417 will be surpassed by the time you go to the A or S rank of the first stage of the game. It’s more worth collecting for the special ability and using at early stages.

8. Hardy Squirtle: 6824-2045

This Squirtle has a rating of 418 (one more than the previous Charmander). Squirtles ARE a dime a dozen in the game and this one is no exception. Hardy just gives it a little more defense. It pales compared to the first six Pokemon we looked at.

There you go! Eight more Pokemon to unlock via the password option, bringing you up to a grand total of 14! If you still haven’t purchased Pokemon Rumble, feel free to read our review of the game.



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3 responses to “Pokemon Rumble – EIGHT More Passwords!”

  1. rumblefan22222 Avatar

    I LOVE this game but unfortunately most of the codes are just for US.

  2. Dariel Avatar

    Rumblefan22222, there are actually more codes for the UK and Japan than there are for the US

  3. german Avatar

    pokemon rumble password.luigia 1445-7865

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