Pokemon Rumble – Next Three Passwords Revealed!

Just like yesterday’s Pokemon Rumble Password update, we have three more passwords for you to unlock some special Pokemon for your game. This time it’s Turtwig, Blastoise and the Legendary Pokemon, Mew!

1. Turtwig (8672-1076)

This password is courtesy of IGN and gives you another 4th generation Pokemon to add to your collection. Usually you have to beat the game and unlock “Another Mode” to get any Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Turtwig has a power level of 1476 and decent stats with a 2/5 rating in both attack and defense. It also has two attacks. The primary attack is Razor Leaf and it has a 3 out of 5 star rating. The second attack is absorb and although it only has a one-star rating, it gives Turtwig health while doing damage. Not bad.

2. Blastoise (9580-1423)

Although you’ll defintely get a Blastoise before beating the first mode of the game, this one is still worth picking up.It has a power level of 1643 and a 3/5 attack and 4/5 defense. It only has one attack, but it’s a three star attack in Aqua Tail. Thanks to Nintendo Week for this one.

Mew (9561-8808)

Here’s one I know most Pokemon fans have been waiting for. Mew has a rating of 2260, which is the most powerful of the six unlockable Pokemon so far. It has a 3/5 in both attack and defense, and it’s lone attack is the two star Cut. Remember Mew can learn any TM in the game, which means when you go to buy new moves for it, it will totally be a crapshoot. This one can be found on pokemonrumble.com where you’re sure to find more passwords in the future!

That’s a total of six unlockable Pokemon so far and stay tuned in the days to come as we’ll have Chimchar, Piplup and Charizard for you as well. In the meantime, if you’re still unsure whether Pokemon Rumble is worth $15, feel free to read our review



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  1. corey Avatar

    how to get areceus in pokemon mistery dugeon explore of time

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      This is Pokemon Rumble Corey.

  2. corey Avatar

    how to get areceus in my team in pokemon mistery dugeon explore of time

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  5. zach Avatar

    there is no mewtwo code!!! but here’s giratina’s 8322 3706

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