Pokemon Rumble – First Three Unlockable Pokemon Passwords Revealed

For those of you who purchased Pokemon Rumble today, you’ll notice there is a section where you can enter passwords to unlock various Pokemon. Below are the first three passwords that have been revealed. Please check back on this page, as when more are revealed, we will add them here, including the upcoming Charizard with Flamethrower password that will be unveiled next week.

1. Eevee (Password: 0511-0403)

This normal type Pokemon’s password can be found in the instruction manual for the game. See why it is sometimes good to read those? This Eevee has a power of 415 (although it will only be at 99 when you first start) It only has one point in attack and two in defense, so it’s not that great of a Pokemon in the long run. It also only has a single attack in Quick Attack, and that has a two star rating, so it’s definitely a mediocre Pokemon but great to have right away at the beginning of the game when all you are guaranteed otherwise are a Pikachu and Rattata.

2. Venusaur (Password: 1589-3955)

This Grass-Poison type Pokemon’s password could be found in an issue of Nintendo Power. It has a rating of 1657, which is pretty incredible, especially at the beginning of the game, but that’s almost like cheating if you use it! It too will be knocked down to a level of 99 if you use it at the beginning of the game. It has three points for Attack and four for defense, so it’s a pretty good Pokemon. It only has a single attack in Solar Bear, but it has a four star rating, so it’s very powerful.

3. Cherrim (Password: 7540-5667)

Now, you normally can’t get Pokemon from the fourth generation until after you beat the game. However this password via Nintendo World gives you Cherrim at any time. Again, it’s a bit of a cheat, but hey. Cherrim has a power rating of 493 and three points in Attack and Defense making it a very balanced Pokemon in this game. It’s not top tier like Venusaur, but it is still pretty good! It too has the four star Solarbeam attack, giving you another powerful Pokemon if you choose to use them right away in the early stages of the game.

To use these passwords, you’ll have to complete the training level of Shady Forest and once you’ve done that, the game will let you visit “Recruit Point.” Choose “Recruit Using Password,” enter these passwords, and you have three great Pokemon to help Rattata out in the beginning stages of the game.

Again, remember to keep checking back here for more Pokemon Rumble passwords and feel free to check out our review of Pokemon Rumble as well!



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