Diehard GameFAN Presents: One More Halloween Shirt.

Y’all like vampires, don’t you? Sure you do. Well, you’ll like this, then.

An expanded “brief recap”: Mr. J. Rose, resident staff artist and all-around nice guy, was offered the option to print a shirt through Tee Fury. We advertised it. He then won a contest through Shirt.Woot. We advertised that one too. These shirts were, well, just art shirts; pretty pictures on t-shirts that our in-house artist made that we decided to promote for his benefit. So then he got a shirt published that was gaming-themed, specifically Mario fighting Bowser, done in Baroque art style, and yes, we advertised THAT one too. Then he sold a shirt that Lucard described as “something that looks like an ICP fan would like it”. Advertising occurred. Following that, he sold a shirt with robot dinosaurs on it, and yes, it, too, was pimped. Next, he was given an Editor’s Choice award through Shirt.Woot for a steampunk shirt he created, and we pimped that bad boy. Next, he got a print through Ript Apparel which was available for one day, and he took the opportunity to make some Lovecraftian artwork to celebrate. It received maximum pimpage. Following that, we highlighted a creepy evil scarecrow design he’d created, again for Woot, and we shilled it.

You can’t buy any of these shirts, of course, because that’s not how these companies work. You can buy his two shirts that are still on sale, “I Like Candy” and “Wise Old Master“, which we pimped here, but we’re not here to talk about those.

We’re here to talk about “Almost Dawn”:

Not Halloween specific enough that you can’t wear it all year round, and you can pretend it’s zombies instead of vampires if that’s your thing. You can order it here, but they stop selling it at midnight, so you’ll want to get it fast.

Oh, and feel free to check out our other shirts for sale and comment on them here. We’re open to suggestions.








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