Virtual Console Wrap-up – 10/12

This week on the VC, we move from one type of game where the service is desirable (old classics) to another (games with little exposure) with Final Fight 2. Released in 1993, it wasn’t exactly an especially memorable game at the time, but for fans of beat-em-ups, is it a worthwhile purchase, or has it aged poorly? Let’s find out!

Final Fight 2
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Original Release Date: 1993
Cost: 800 Wii Points.

Alex Lucard: I’m a fan of pretty much any game with Haggar in it. However I really hated the new characters Maki and Carlos. Why not just use Guy and Cody, especially when the story is about Guy’s fiancee being kidnapped?

However, there are some fun cameo appearances, namely Chun-Li, and the gameplay is solid. It’s a fun game and if you’re into beat ’em ups, this is worth your time and money, but I still have the GBA version of the first Final Fight and that’s really all I need.

Nathan Birch: A pretty damn solid brawler, and a lot less gimped than the SNES version of the first Final Fight. Plus hey, everyone’s favorite single suspender wearing, porn-stache sporting mayor of Metro City, Haggar, gets top billing in this one. Plus you can see Maki’s ass during some of her kicks. Don’t judge, it was a different world for kids looking for nudity before the advent of Internet porn.

Mark B.: Final Fight 2 is kind-of sort-of a game I can say I enjoy; it’s generally a fun beat-em-up, all in all, and for eight bucks it’s definitely worth having if you like the genre. The game is much better than the crippled SNES Final Fight, thanks in large part to the fact that you can play it with two people, and it generally looks, sounds, and plays fine years after the fact.

That said, all three Streets of Rage games are available on the VC at this point, and while Final Fight 2 is good, Streets of Rage 2 is GREAT, so if money is an issue and you own the latter, there’s no reason to own the former. Further, the concept is somewhat asinine, even for a beat-em-up: Guy’s girlfriend gets kidnapped so her sister and some random guy decide to help Haggar get her back… why? Why not Guy? Why not Cody? Who in the hell is Carlos anyway? I mean, I don’t even hate them like Alex does, but Maki is a low-rent Guy (a tradition she continued in Capcom vs. SNK 2) and Carlos is pointless, so I’m not even sure what the point was. I mean, if you need to own every good beat-em-up ever, Final Fight 2 is fine and all, but it’s not really fantastic or anything.

And on WiiWare this week is Gravitronix for 500 points, which looks to be Asteroids, only brightly colored. Okay then. On DSiWare, we get Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon, which looks to be a Greek and Roman mythology themed pinball game, which could be pretty neat, and could be yours for only 500 points. We’ll see you next week with more VC gaming.



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