Arcade Shooter: Ilvelo Exclusive Coverage: Game Features

While we here at Diehard GameFAN still fondly look at SEGA Dreamcast titles that still release on the system even to this day, a lot of players into the Naomi arcade board scene have been long disappointed that Milestone Inc.’s Illvelo never released on the system when many of its other shooters such as Chaos Field landed on the system. Wrapped in obscurity and unfamiliarity to the U.S. audience, it’s hard to find an English source describing the game. Last year the title finally did see the light of day on a home system with the title being revamped and released on the Nintendo Wii in Japan. Thankfully, a year after the title’s Japanese release, UFO Interactive is once again stepping in to provide U.S. Wii owners with a Milestone shmup experience.

As of right now, Diehard GameFAN is the only place you’ll be able to find coverage on Arcade Shooter: Ilvelo, straight from the source at UFO Interactive. Right now we have the first release of screenshots, art and packshots for the U.S. release of the title and next week we’ll have a few more exclusive goods including videos and an interview based on the title.

Given the graphics and quirky nature of the title that has players gunning down ships, robots, candy and toy blocks among other obscurities, using lethal firearms such as lasers and bubbles, the title gives off a Radigry vibe, which is fitting considering the same studio produced both games. The title is being promised to deliver 150 locations for players to blast through, with levels containing secret paths to different areas that unlock additional content and bonuses for the player. Coupled with a list of achievements to tackle in the game, the title could provide dedicated players with a good amount of replayability.

The core gameplay seems to resemble the assist power-up features seen in games such as R-Type – players can power-up with helper “dolls,” which can be locked in a location around the player or set freely to have them move in tandem with the player. The title will feature a handful of modes including arcade, hard and special mode, with each having various mode options and difficulty adjustments to make Ilvelo accessible to players of any skill. While the title is only for one player, the title will be rated E for Everyone by the ESRB, making the title appropriate for the audience of the Nintendo Wii.

You can get a first look at the title at our Arcade Shooter: Ilvelo screenshot gallery and be sure to check back in the near future for even more exclusive Ilvelo content.



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3 responses to “Arcade Shooter: Ilvelo Exclusive Coverage: Game Features”

  1. denpanosekai Avatar

    that’s cool and all, but we were promised this game in 2009 and it will likely not come out until late 2010, if at all. THANKS UFO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chris Avatar

    Any word on release date, this game hasn’t even shown up on GameStop’s website yet?

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