Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Elite Four Lineups!

Yesterday we covered the eight Johto Gym Leaders and the differences between their original Pokemon Gold & Silver appearances and those in the recently released Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Today we’re going to look at the Elite Four (and the Pokemon Champion) and show you the differences in their Pokemon and their respective levels.

Will – Psychic Pokemon

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Xatu – Level 40 (Psychic-Flying) Xatu – Level 40 (Psychic-Flying)
Exeggutor – Level 41 (Grass-Psychic) Exeggutor – Level 41 (Grass-Psychic)
Slowbro – Level 41(Water-Psychic) Slowbro – Level 41(Water-Psychic)
Jynx – Level 41 (Ice-Psychic) Jynx – Level 41 (Ice-Psychic)
Xatu – Level 42 (Psychic -Flying) Xatu – Level 42 (Psychic -Flying)

My tip here is to bring Electric. A solid Electric Pokemon should be able to take out both Xatu and the Slowbro in a single round. Have a Fire Pokemon as backup against the Jynx and Exeggutor. Note not even a slight deviation from the original game.

Koga – Poison Pokemon

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Ariados – Level 40 (Bug-Poison) Ariados – Level 40 (Bug-Poison)
Venomoth – Level 41 (Poison-Flying) Venomoth – Level 41 (Poison-Flying)
Forretress – Level 43 (Bug-Steel) Forretress – Level 43 (Bug-Steel)
Muk – Level 42 (Poison) Muk – Level 42 (Poison)
Crobat – Level 44 (Poison – Flying) Crobat – Level 44 (Poison – Flying )

Do I even need to say it? Psychic, Psychic, Psychic. That should take out four of the five. For Forretress, just have a Fire Pokemon on hand.

Bruno – Fighting Pokemon

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Hitmontop – Level 42 (Fighting) Hitmontop – Level 42 (Fighting)
Hitmonlee – Level 42 (Fighting) Hitmonlee – Level 42 (Fighting)
Hitmonchan – Level 42 (Fighting) Hitmonchan – Level 42 (Fighting)
Onix -Level 32 (Rock-Ground) Onix -Level 32 (Rock-Ground)
Machamp – Level 46 (Fighting) Machamp – Level 46 (Fighting)

Once again, make sure your Psychic Pokemon is center stage. It should be able to take out all of Bruno’s Pokemon by itself, save the Onix. It’s kind of disappointing that the Gym Leaders had some change to each of them and yet the Elite Four are three-for-three in being THE EXACT SAME.

Karen – Dark Pokemon

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Umbreon – Level 42 (Dark) Umbreon – Level 42 (Dark)
Vileplume – Level 42 (Poison-Grass) Vileplume – Level 42 (Poison-Grass)
Murkrow – Level 44 (Dark-Flying) Murkrow – Level 44 (Dark-Flying)
Gengar – Level 45 (Ghost-Poison) Gengar – Level 45 (Ghost-Poison)
Houndoom – Level 47 (Dark-Fire) Houndoom – Level 47 (Dark-Fire)

Karen has the most diverse team so far. I’d do a Fighting Pokemon to take out Umbreon and Houndoom. If you teach it some non Fighting attacks, it’ll work great against Gengar too. Bring your Psychic back out against Vileplume, and your Electric from Will against Murkrow.

Basically, a solid team for beating the Eliter Four consists of: A Fighting Pokemon, a Psychic Pokemon, a Fire Pokemon, an Electric Pokemon and two other types. Due to the nature of the Pokemon Champion, a strong Ice Pokemon (Or a Water type with Ice moves) would be a good choice as a fifth. Now, let’s get to the main event!

Lance – Dragon Pokemon

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Gyarados – Level 44 (Water-Flying) Gyarados – Level 44 (Water-Flying)
Charizard – Level 46 (Fire-Flying) Charizard – Level 46 (Fire-Flying)
Aerodactyl – Level 46 (Rock-Flying) Aerodactyl – Level 47 (Rock-Flying)
Dragonite – Level 47 (Dragon-Flying ) Dragonite – Level 47 (Dragon-Flying)
Dragonite – Level 47 (Dragon-Flying ) Dragonite – Level 47 (Dragon-Flying)
Dragonite – Level 50 (Dragon-Flying ) Dragonite – Level 50 (Dragon-Flying)

Ice and Electric are your friends against Lance. If your Ice is a Dual type like Dewgong or Lapras, it’ll be strong against Aerodactyl and Charizard as well as the three Dragonites. Have your Electric Type go after Gyardos, and maybe even Charizard to give your Ice Pokemon a breather. This is a fairly cut and dry boss battle across the board.

Once you’ve beaten the Elite Four though, you’ll find entirely new lineups awaiting you after you’ve finally taken the eight badges of Kanto and beaten Red to boot. After that, come back to Indigo Plateau and see what’s changed.

Will Rematch!

Bronzong – Level 58 (Psychic-Steel)
Grumpig – Level 59 (Psychic)
Jynx – Level 60- (Ice-Psychic)
Slowbro – Level 60 (Psychic-Water)
Gardevoir – Level 61 (Psychic)
Xatu – Level 62 (Psychic-Flying)

Koga Rematch!

Toxicroak – Level 60 (Poison-Fighting)
Skuntank – Level 61 (Poison-Dark)
Swalot -Level 62 (Poison)
Muk – Level 62 (Poison)
Venomoth – Level 63 (Poison-Flying)
Crobat – Level 64 (Poison-Flying)

Bruno Rematch!

Hitmonlee – Level 61 (Fighting)
Hitmonchan -Level 61 (Fighting)
Hitmontop – Level 62 (Fighting)
Hariyama – Level 62 (Fighting)
Machamp – Level 64 (Fighting)
Lucario – Level 64 (Fighting-Steel)

Karen Rematch!

Weaville- Level 62 (Ice-Dark)
Spiritomb – Level 62 (Dark-Ghost)
Honchkrow – Level 62 (Flying-Dark)
Houndoom – Level 63 (Dark-Fire)
Absol – Level 63 (Dark)
Umbreon – Level 64 (Dark)

Lance Rematch!

Gyardos – Level 68 (Water-Flying)
Charizard – Level 68 (Fire-Flying)
Salamence – Level 72 (Dragon-Flying)
Garchomp – Level 72 (Dragon – Ground)
Altaria – Level 73 (Dragon-Flying)
Dragonite – Level 75 (Dragon-Flying)

So we’ve covered the Johto Gym leaders and now the Elite Four. Tomorrow we’ll finish things off by covering the Kanto Gym leaders and your dealings with them.



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