Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Elite Four Lineups!

Yesterday we covered the eight Johto Gym Leaders and the differences between their original Pokemon Gold & Silver appearances and those in the recently released Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Today we’re going to look at the Elite Four (and the Pokemon Champion) and show you the differences in their Pokemon and their respective levels.

Will – Psychic Pokemon

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Xatu – Level 40 (Psychic-Flying) Xatu – Level 40 (Psychic-Flying)
Exeggutor – Level 41 (Grass-Psychic) Exeggutor – Level 41 (Grass-Psychic)
Slowbro – Level 41(Water-Psychic) Slowbro – Level 41(Water-Psychic)
Jynx – Level 41 (Ice-Psychic) Jynx – Level 41 (Ice-Psychic)
Xatu – Level 42 (Psychic -Flying) Xatu – Level 42 (Psychic -Flying)

My tip here is to bring Electric. A solid Electric Pokemon should be able to take out both Xatu and the Slowbro in a single round. Have a Fire Pokemon as backup against the Jynx and Exeggutor. Note not even a slight deviation from the original game.

Koga – Poison Pokemon

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Ariados – Level 40 (Bug-Poison) Ariados – Level 40 (Bug-Poison)
Venomoth – Level 41 (Poison-Flying) Venomoth – Level 41 (Poison-Flying)
Forretress – Level 43 (Bug-Steel) Forretress – Level 43 (Bug-Steel)
Muk – Level 42 (Poison) Muk – Level 42 (Poison)
Crobat – Level 44 (Poison – Flying) Crobat – Level 44 (Poison – Flying )

Do I even need to say it? Psychic, Psychic, Psychic. That should take out four of the five. For Forretress, just have a Fire Pokemon on hand.

Bruno – Fighting Pokemon

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Hitmontop – Level 42 (Fighting) Hitmontop – Level 42 (Fighting)
Hitmonlee – Level 42 (Fighting) Hitmonlee – Level 42 (Fighting)
Hitmonchan – Level 42 (Fighting) Hitmonchan – Level 42 (Fighting)
Onix -Level 32 (Rock-Ground) Onix -Level 32 (Rock-Ground)
Machamp – Level 46 (Fighting) Machamp – Level 46 (Fighting)

Once again, make sure your Psychic Pokemon is center stage. It should be able to take out all of Bruno’s Pokemon by itself, save the Onix. It’s kind of disappointing that the Gym Leaders had some change to each of them and yet the Elite Four are three-for-three in being THE EXACT SAME.

Karen – Dark Pokemon

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Umbreon – Level 42 (Dark) Umbreon – Level 42 (Dark)
Vileplume – Level 42 (Poison-Grass) Vileplume – Level 42 (Poison-Grass)
Murkrow – Level 44 (Dark-Flying) Murkrow – Level 44 (Dark-Flying)
Gengar – Level 45 (Ghost-Poison) Gengar – Level 45 (Ghost-Poison)
Houndoom – Level 47 (Dark-Fire) Houndoom – Level 47 (Dark-Fire)

Karen has the most diverse team so far. I’d do a Fighting Pokemon to take out Umbreon and Houndoom. If you teach it some non Fighting attacks, it’ll work great against Gengar too. Bring your Psychic back out against Vileplume, and your Electric from Will against Murkrow.

Basically, a solid team for beating the Eliter Four consists of: A Fighting Pokemon, a Psychic Pokemon, a Fire Pokemon, an Electric Pokemon and two other types. Due to the nature of the Pokemon Champion, a strong Ice Pokemon (Or a Water type with Ice moves) would be a good choice as a fifth. Now, let’s get to the main event!

Lance – Dragon Pokemon

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Gyarados – Level 44 (Water-Flying) Gyarados – Level 44 (Water-Flying)
Charizard – Level 46 (Fire-Flying) Charizard – Level 46 (Fire-Flying)
Aerodactyl – Level 46 (Rock-Flying) Aerodactyl – Level 47 (Rock-Flying)
Dragonite – Level 47 (Dragon-Flying ) Dragonite – Level 47 (Dragon-Flying)
Dragonite – Level 47 (Dragon-Flying ) Dragonite – Level 47 (Dragon-Flying)
Dragonite – Level 50 (Dragon-Flying ) Dragonite – Level 50 (Dragon-Flying)

Ice and Electric are your friends against Lance. If your Ice is a Dual type like Dewgong or Lapras, it’ll be strong against Aerodactyl and Charizard as well as the three Dragonites. Have your Electric Type go after Gyardos, and maybe even Charizard to give your Ice Pokemon a breather. This is a fairly cut and dry boss battle across the board.

Once you’ve beaten the Elite Four though, you’ll find entirely new lineups awaiting you after you’ve finally taken the eight badges of Kanto and beaten Red to boot. After that, come back to Indigo Plateau and see what’s changed.

Will Rematch!

Bronzong – Level 58 (Psychic-Steel)
Grumpig – Level 59 (Psychic)
Jynx – Level 60- (Ice-Psychic)
Slowbro – Level 60 (Psychic-Water)
Gardevoir – Level 61 (Psychic)
Xatu – Level 62 (Psychic-Flying)

Koga Rematch!

Toxicroak – Level 60 (Poison-Fighting)
Skuntank – Level 61 (Poison-Dark)
Swalot -Level 62 (Poison)
Muk – Level 62 (Poison)
Venomoth – Level 63 (Poison-Flying)
Crobat – Level 64 (Poison-Flying)

Bruno Rematch!

Hitmonlee – Level 61 (Fighting)
Hitmonchan -Level 61 (Fighting)
Hitmontop – Level 62 (Fighting)
Hariyama – Level 62 (Fighting)
Machamp – Level 64 (Fighting)
Lucario – Level 64 (Fighting-Steel)

Karen Rematch!

Weaville- Level 62 (Ice-Dark)
Spiritomb – Level 62 (Dark-Ghost)
Honchkrow – Level 62 (Flying-Dark)
Houndoom – Level 63 (Dark-Fire)
Absol – Level 63 (Dark)
Umbreon – Level 64 (Dark)

Lance Rematch!

Gyardos – Level 68 (Water-Flying)
Charizard – Level 68 (Fire-Flying)
Salamence – Level 72 (Dragon-Flying)
Garchomp – Level 72 (Dragon – Ground)
Altaria – Level 73 (Dragon-Flying)
Dragonite – Level 75 (Dragon-Flying)

So we’ve covered the Johto Gym leaders and now the Elite Four. Tomorrow we’ll finish things off by covering the Kanto Gym leaders and your dealings with them.



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39 responses to “Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Elite Four Lineups!”

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  2. usb kabel Avatar

    I like this game.It is nice to play and the elite four lineups given here is excellent.Thanks for this collection.

  3. Lance Avatar

    Bring it on peple Lance the Champion ME!!

  4. Casey McFarlane Avatar
    Casey McFarlane

    Hello, I am Casey. I am currently playing Pokemo Soul Silver, but I cannot read the Japanese lettering. I usually write down the elite four and gym leaders in a book so when I paly pokemon with my friends, I can battle them. Thank you.

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Hey Casey. Glad this helps. You should also consider picking up My Japanese Coach so that you can start to learn Kana and Kanji. Japanese is a great language to know!

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  7. ... Avatar

    i finished the elite four got ho-oh got suecune got the badges from 5 people in the kanto spot but the guy in the indigo platou wont let me get to viridian city why? (i still need the badges from brock and the 2 guys at the bottom right)

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      You kind of answered your own question. You need all the badges.

  8. ... Avatar

    but i cant get to viridian city :|

  9. Jessica Avatar

    hey guys i have beaten all the gym leaders in kanto but now i dont know where Red is in Mt. Silver so i can’t battle him… also, what level are his pkmn at? and is the kanto/johto E4 the same or different? thx 4 helpin!

  10. Jadey-Fadey Avatar

    I just got beat in the soul silver pokémon league. My team is:

    Quilava lv. 43
    Flame Wheel
    Lava Plume

    Golem lv 44
    Rock Smash
    Rock Throw

    Fearow lv. 43
    Aerial Ace

    Dragonair lv. 44
    Aqua Tail
    Dragon Rush
    Draco Meteor

    Ampharos lv. 44
    Signal Beam

    Lugia lv. 46

    does anyone have tips to win?

  11. gabby101 Avatar

    alexis lucard u can go to viridian city but u need to get the s.s ticket from professor elm after u catch ho oh or lugia

  12. Oli Avatar

    to get to viridian city you need to beat/catch the sleeping snorlax and then take diglet tunnel to come out undernearth viridian, hope this helps.

  13. Danielle Avatar

    I won!!!! jk. I wish, but ill keep at it

  14. Aurum Avatar

    Re: Jadey-Fadey

    OK, first things first, you might want to consider leveling up just a few more levels- so everyone is about L45. I’d recommend you pick up a Thunder TM for Ampharos at the Goldenrod Dept. Store- ThunderShock isn’t exactly the most powerful Electric-type move. If you do that, you’ll have no problem with Will, because his Pokemon are dual-type, Quilava and Ampharos will have a field day.

    Another thing, I’d dearly recommend you evolve your Quilava. Typhlosion is a better Pokemon and it seriously looks cooler. I’d also recommend getting rid of a move (one that’s not Flamethrower) and slotting in Sunny Day, another TM that you can get from Goldenrod Dept. Store.

    Aside from this, Lugia will completely pone Koga. Just use Extrasensory against all of his Pokemon, and for Fortress,you have a nice selection of Pokemon. You can Aeroblast it if Lugia’s feeling up to it, or ou can send out Fearow to Aerial Ace it, or Quilava to torch the thing with a Flamethrower.

    For Bruno, again, Lugia will succeed. Just use Extrasensory (it’s your only Psychic-type move)or Aeroblast against all his Pokemon. If you want to level up Fearow, then this is the battle for it. Just consistently Aerial Ace it, Fly it or even Peck it to ensure victory. For Onix,(you’d think he would have evolved it to Steelix by now), you can bring out Lugia again to Waterfall it, but if he’s not up to it, you can bring out Golem to Earthquake it to oblivion, or get Dragonair to Surf it out.

    Karen, the darling, darling Karen. I hate her. Aside from my personal prejudices against her Dark-type Pokemon, she, in my opinion, is the hardest Elite Four member to beat. Unless, of course you have a Fighting-type Pokemon. But you don’t, but there’s no need to worry. For Umbreon, a purely Dark-type Pokemon, you can send out Golem and keep on hitting it with Rock Smash, because it’s a Fighting-type move, or Earthquake it out. Vileplume burns easily, so you know what that means. Murkrow is taken out by Ampharos’s winning move, Thunder, or any other damage-dealing Electric type move you have on your Ampharos. Gengar can be taken out by Lugia’s Extrasensory, but be careful, because Dark-type moves are super effective against Psychic Pokemon, of which Lugia is (partly). Houndoom, a Pokemon that will take you far in Kanto, can be taken down with Dragonair’s Surf or Aqua Tail or Lugia’s Waterfall.

    Hopefully you’ve reached this far, and you’re about to face the League Champion, that kid that you battled with (with, not against) when you defeated that thing… what was it called? Some kind of club, or team. He used really powerful Pokemon. Ring a bell? IT’S LANCE! Anyway, Ampharos, Dragonair and Lugia will rule this battle. Ampharos’ Thunder will take down Gyarados, Charizard and Aerodactyl. If you’re feeling particulary adventurous, you can slip Dragonair in instead of Ampharos when you’re facing Charizard and just Surf it out. Lance’s three Dragonites will fall to Lugia’s Avalanche (beware that Avalanche has decreased priority, which means that it will invariably go after whatever move Lance pulls out)or Dragonite’s Draco Meteor (again, be wary of using Draco Meteor, as it lowers your Special Attack). Your best bet is using Dragon Rush if you absolutely HAVE to use Dragonair, because remember that Dragonite and Dragonair are Dragon-types (no way!), so they’ll be super effective against each other. After you pone Lance, you will become League Champion! Huzzah!

    Make sure you always save before a battle, and I recommend giving your lead Pokemon the Amulet Coin so you get heaps of money from this. If you really think you’re going to lose, I recommend you stop by Mom’s and give her all your money, but keep about $30-40 000. When you get to the Pokemon League, spend ALL OF IT. Buy up as many Full Heals, Revives, Super Potions, Hyper Potions, Ethers and any other items you might need, because once you go in, there isn’t any coming back.

    Good luck. You’re going to need it.

  15. RHINO Avatar

    hydro cannon used by any water type above lv55 will decimate WILL’s 1st 3 pokemon

  16. blacktepes Avatar

    current team : (the stars) ampharos in 45, togekiss in 43, noctowl in 41, empoleon in 44, feraligart in 39 and golem in 37 i found pretty unuseful golem exept for houndoom he kills it in one earthqueake or so and rock blast is a good one too and the only reason i have empoleon on my team is lance and cuzz he’s the son of my mp on platinum togekiss ancient power rulz and his high endurance treat is great for long battles (i nailed 3 out of 6 lance pk with him only left until aerodactyl pop and kick my……)

  17. Xeyj Avatar

    I have:
    lvl 41 Typhlosion
    Flame Wheel
    Blast Burn
    Lava Plume

    Lvl 36 Gyarados
    Ice Fang

    Lvl 42 Jirachi
    Zen Headbutt
    Draco Meteor

    Lvl 36 Pidgeot
    Quick Attack

    Lvl 36 Ampharos
    Thunder Punch
    Thunder Wave

    Lvl 34 Hitmontop
    Rock Smash

    I keep getting killed by Karen’s Houndoom. any hints?

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Get some fighting, bug, ground and water attacks in on Houndoom.

      You really need to re-work your movesets as well. Some of your Pokemon, like Hitmontop, are missing STAB moves and you only should have one or two moves of a Type on each Pokemon.

  18. peter Avatar

    okay so my team is
    Ampharos lv 42
    signal beam

    pidgeot lv 38
    wing attack

    nidoking lv 40
    focus punch

    gyardos lv 40
    ice fang
    aqua tail

    typhlosion lv 40
    flame wheel
    rock smash
    lava plume

    HO-OH lv 47
    sunny day
    fire blast
    sacred fire

    need some tips on how to win

  19. MIImii Avatar

    I can’t beat lance on the rematch (I can’t beat Salamence) Any tips? my team is;

    Typhlosion lv. 68
    blast burn

    dragonite lv56
    dragon rush

    Megainium lv52
    rock smash
    petal dance
    poisin powder
    magical leaf

    jolteon lv54
    shock wave
    last resort

    lugia lv53

    steelix lv55
    rock climb
    iron tail
    stone edge

    I got Whupped, please help!

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      MIImii – definitely get some ice attacks on that team! Dump Waterfall off Lugia and give it an ice move.

  20. MIImii Avatar

    kk thanx. i upped my team now;

    typhlosion lv86
    same moves

    dragoite lv66
    same moves

    Megainium lv 62
    same moves

    jolteon lv64
    same moves

    lugia lv63
    same moves -waterfall +avalanche

    steelix lv55
    same moves

    im going to get every pokemon in my team in order. example; Typhlosion lv86, dragonite lv85, meganium same (i’m replacing megainium), jolteon lv84, lugia lv83, steelix lv82

  21. MIImii Avatar

    @peter- get allof your pokemon at LEAST lv50. also, see if you can get eruption for typhlosion ASAP.

  22. MIImii Avatar

    @jessica, Red’s pokemon are around lvs 80-86 i think. sorry if you fail at this…. oh, be sure to have all your pokemon lv90+

  23. MIImii Avatar

    UGHHH! I can’t belive i STILL lost! My pokemon are all lv72-75. PLZ HELP!

  24. MIImii Avatar

    UGHHH! I can’t belive i STILL lost! My pokemon are all lv72-75. PLZ! NEED HELP!

  25. MIImii Avatar

    @jessica, also, you have to beat the elite four a second time after you get all the kanto gym badges. their pokemon reange from lvs 54-75 so be prepared. hope i helped!

  26. Ellie Avatar

    Hi all….. i’m super paranoid….. any tips? im facing the elite four 2nd time…..my team is;

    Typhlosion lv95
    blast burn

    Jolteon lv93
    shock wave
    last resort

    vileplume lv91
    rock smash
    giga drain
    poisin powder
    razor leaf

    Lugia lv92

    onix lv90
    iron tail
    stone edge
    rock climb

    salamence lv94
    dragon rush

    So? do I need to worry about the elite four (my second time through) also, am i strong enough to take on Red? Tell me!

  27. MIImii Avatar

    uh….. Ellie? the elite four hav up to lv75 pokemon and red has lv88 highest. You have nothing to worry about.

  28. Ellie Avatar

    heh heh…… ok……….. thnx.

  29. E-E-E-E-LAAAYNAAAA Avatar

    Hey all….. Does any1 know when each pokemon from the following team evolve?



  30. MIImii Avatar

    Eat it y’all! my pokemon are all lv 100!!!!!!! Wow you all suck I rules BE JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. luke :P Avatar
    luke :P

    heyy alll im fighting the elite 4 for the first time i tried it 3 times and got beat n the champ my pokemon are

    lugia lv48
    espeon lv44
    apharos lv41
    Typhlosion lv46
    furret lv40
    pidgeot lv40

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Luke, what’s your moveset for each one?

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