Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Johto Gym Leader Lineups!

On September 12th, 2009, Game Freak and Nintendo released Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver. This marks the first return to Johto in nine or ten years (depending on which side of the Pacific you are on.) To commemorate the remakes of the most beloved generation of Pokemon games so far, we’ve provided you with a list of all eight Johto Gym leaders and what Pokemon you’ll face when you challenge them. Even better, we’ve also included a list of what Pokemon they had way back on the old Game Boy/Game Boy Colour for you to compare and contrast. Although the games won’t be hitting stateside for another few months, this should help those of you curious about importing or who like to plan well in advance.

Violet City Gym – Falkner

Gold & Silver
Heart Gold & Soul Silver
Pidgey – Level 7 (Normal-Flying) Pidgey – Level 9 (Normal-Flying)
Pidgeotto – Level 9 (Normal-Flying) Pidgeotto – Level 13 (Normal-Flying)

As you can see, Falkner still sports the same Pokemon, but at a much higher level. Remember Falkner’s Pokemon know Mud Slap, which is a Ground Type Move, so your best starter choice is either Totodile or Cyndaquil for this battle. Poor Chikorita is vulnerable to Flying attacks.

Azalea Town Gym- Bugsy

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Metapod – Level 14 (Bug) Metapod – Level 15 (Bug)
Kakuna – Level 14 (Bug-Poison) Kakuna – Level 15 (Bug-Poison)
Scyther – Level 16 (Bug-Flying) Scyther – Level 17 (Bug-Flying)

Once again, there’s not much of a change. Each Pokemon has gained a level in the remakes. Why Bugsy didn’t evolve his cocoons into Butterfree and Beedrill is beyond me.

Goldenrod City Gym – Whitney

Gold & Silver
Heart Gold & Soul Silver
Clefairy – Level 18 (Normal) Clefairy – Level 17 (Normal)
Militank- Level 20 (Normal) Militank- Level 19 (Normal)

Wow…Whitney’s Pokemon actually went DOWN in level. Crazy. This is a pretty straight forward battle, although Clefairy does have Metronome which can easily put a crimp in your plans…or make things really easy for you if it gets explosion or splash.

Ecruteak City Gym- Morty

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Ghastly – Level 21(Ghost-Poison) Ghastly – Level 21(Ghost-Poison)
Haunter – Level 21 (Ghost-Poison) Haunter – Level 21 (Ghost-Poison)
Haunter- Level 23 (Ghost-Poison) Haunter- Level 23 (Ghost-Poison)
Gengar – Level 25 (Ghost-Poison) Gengar – Level 25 (Ghost-Poison)

Absolutely no change to Morty, which is kind of a surprise considering the past few Gym Leaders.

Cianwood Island Gym – Chuck

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Primeape- Level 27 (Fighting) Primeape- Level 29 (Fighting)
Poliwrath -Level 30 (Fighting-Water) Poliwrath -Level 31 (Fighting-Water)

Again, we’re seeing no real surprises here. It’s just the straight up same lineups, albeit it with different levels.

Olivine City Gym – Jasmine

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Magnemite – Level 30 (Steel-Electric) Magnemite – Level 30 (Steel-Electric)
Magnemite – Level 30 (Steel-Electric) Magnemite – Level 30 (Steel-Electric)
Steelix – Level 35 (Steel-Ground) Steelix – Level 35 (Steel-Ground)

Much like Morty, everything has stayed the same. To beat Jasmine, try a Fire or Fighting Pokemon against the Magnemite and a Water Pokemon against Steelix.

Mahogany Town Gym -Pryce

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Seel – Level 27 (Ice-Water) Seel – Level 30 (Ice-Water)
Dewgong – Level 29 (Ice-Water) Dewgong – Level 32 (Ice-Water)
Piloswine – Level 31 (Ice-Water) Piloswine – Level 34 (Ice-Water)

One of the things that annoyed me in the original Pokemon Gold and Silver was that Pryce was so easy after the battle with Jasmine. His Pokemon has gained a few levels, but you would think due to progression, he’d have something as high or HIGHER than Jasmine. By this point, this should be your easiest Gym Battle yet, especially due to Ice’s many weaknesses.

Blackthorne City Gym- Clair

Gold and Silver Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Dragonair – Level 37 (Dragon) Dragonair – Level 38 (Dragon)
Dragonair – Level 37 (Dragon) Dragonair – Level 38 (Dragon)
Dragonair – Level 37 (Dragon) Gyarados – Level 38 (Water/Flying)
Kingdra – Level 40 (Dragon – Water) Kingdra – Level 41 (Dragon – Water)

Here, my friends, is the only real big change. Clair’s actually gotten weaker due to the substitution of a Pure Dragon Type for a Water/Electric Gyarados. One electric attack should take care of him pretty quickly. Still, it’s nice to see grumpy old Clair still has a few tricks up her sleeve.

However, this isn’t the end of things. In the original game, you only fought the gym leaders once and that was that. Now, you have the ability to get their phone numbers and call them for a rematch. The catch is that each Pokemon Gym Leader can only be fought out of their gyms once a week and that’s the only way you can get their number. Then if that’s not enough, they’ll only battle you at a certain time each day.

Falkner Rematch!

Pelipper – Level 48 (Water-Flying)
Starraptor – Level 50 (Normal-Flying)
Noctowl – Level 52 (Normal – Flying)
Swellow – Level 52 (Normal – Flying)
Honchkrow – Level 54 (Dark-Flying)
Pidgeot – Level 56 (Normal – Flying)

Bugsy Rematch!

Shedinja – Level 48 (Ghost-Bug)
Vespiqueen – Level 52 (Bug-Flying)
Yanmega – Level 52 (Bug-Flying)
Heracross – Level 54 (Bug-Fighting)
Pinsir – Level 55 (Bug)
Scizor – Level 56 (Bug-Steel)

Whitney Rematch!

Lickilicky – Level 50 (Normal)
Clefable – Level 52 (Normal)
Girafarig – Level 52 (Normal-Psychic)
Bibarel- Level 54 (Normal-Water)
Delcatty – Level 54 (Normal)
Militank – Level 58 (Normal)

Morty Rematch!

Driblim – Level 52 (Ghost-Flying)
Dusknoir – Level 52 (Ghost)
Sableye – Level 52 (Ghost-Dark)
Mismagius- Level 54 (Ghost)
Gengar – Level 57 (Ghost-Poison)
Gengar – Level 57 (Ghost-Poison)

Chuck Rematch!

Medicham – Level 54 (Fighting-Psychic)
Hitmonchan – Level 52 (Fighting)
Breloom- Level 54 (Fighting-Grass)
Hitmonlee – Level 55 (Fighting)
Primeape – Level 56 (Fighting)
Poliwrath – Level 60 (Fighting-Water)

Jasmine Rematch!

Bronzong – Level 50 (Steel-Psychic)
Skarmory – Level 52 (Steel-Flying)
Empoleon- Level 52 (Steel-Water)
Metagross – Level 52 (Steel-Fighting)
Magnezone – Level 56 (Steel-Electric)
Steelix – Level 62 (Steel-Ground)

Pryce Rematch!

Abomasnow- Level 56 (Ice-Grass)
Glalie – Level 52 (Ice)
Froslass- Level 52 (Ice-Ghost)
Walrein – Level 54 (Ice-Water)
Dewgong – Level 58 (Ice-Water)
Mamoswine – Level 60 (Ice-Ground)


Clair Rematch!

Dragonair- Level 52 (Dragon)
Aerodactyl- Level 52 (Rock-Flying)
Charizard – Level 52 (Fire-Flying)
Gyarados – Level 56 (Water-Flying)
Kingdra – Level 56 (Dragon-Water)
Dragonite – Level 60 (Dragon-Flying)

There you go guys: all eight Johto Gym leaders in all three incarnations. Check back tomorrow as we cover the Elite Four!



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