Win a Copy of Dirt 2!

Diehard GameFAN has teamed up with Codemasters and fortyseven communications to bring you, our readers, two exciting contests that will allow you to win copies of Dirt 2.

Contest 1: “Get DIRT-y”

This contest is pretty cut and dry. Go post a picture of yourself on our forums in the “Win a copy of Dirt 2 !” thread. The staff here at Diehard GameFAN will choose the three filthiest readers and send them a copy of Dirt 2 for the Xbox 360.

Contest 2: “What DIRT Through Yonder Window Breaks?”

In 100 words or less, give us your best poem about Dirt 2 or why you want it. Again, post your limerick, poem, sestina, heroic couplets or what you to the Diehard GameFAN forums and we’ll pick three winners for the participants to receive copies of Dirt 2 for both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS

These contests will run until October 31st and we’ll announce winners the first week of November. With that, I wish you good luck! Get crackin’ on those photos and poems!






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