Screens: Raiden IV (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Screens: Raiden IV (360)
Developer: UFO Interactive
Publisher: UFO Interactive
Genre: Shooting
Release Date: August 2009






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  1. […] Currently, Raiden IV is set to be released in September and will be released in two special variants. Players will be able to pick up a limited edition that includes a 27-song original soundtrack. There will also be a Gamestop exclusive limited edition, which adds in a digital PDF artbook that was originally packaged as a pre-order incentive when the title original launched in Japan. If you’re hungry for more Raiden IV, make sure you also check out our Raiden IV image galleries. […]

  2. tam Avatar

    i’m an old fart, and this bring back to the time when i first started playing the original raiden on the playstation. Thank-You, and i’m looking forward to playing the game. Pre-order it already today at my local gamestop store :)

  3. tam Avatar

    Oh by the way, i also have a copy for the raiden 3 on the ps2.

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