Virtual Console Wrap-up – 7/13

Hang on…TWO games are being released this week?! I was beginning to think that just plain wasn’t allowed. We’re getting two import games (well, one and a half, I guess, technically…) this week: Secret Command from the Master System and Pulseman from the Genesis.

Secret Command
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Original Release Date: 1986
Cost: 600 Wii Points.

>Alex Lucard: This is Rambo: First Blood Part II without the license. Yawn. Stick with Ikari Warriors.

Christopher Bowen: This is basically just another Front Line/Commando/Ikari Warriors clone; at first, I laughed because the main character looked suspiciously like Rambo, until I realized that… hey, this IS Rambo: First Blood Part II! Unfortunately, unlike the NES version of Commando, this isn’t a very good game. It’s slow, stodgy, and it’s hard to get a bead on anyone. Definite recommendation to avoid, unless you’re a massive Rambo fan to the point where you can tolerate playing as “Ashura”.

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Game Freak
Original Release Date: 1994
Cost: 900 Wii Points.

Christopher Bowen: This is an import, so expect to pay another $1. This is a quirky little platformer with a look that reminds me of Mega Man, and a few innovative mechanics. You have to run to get the power (assumably static) to do your best moves, which have other uses, such as getting to higher places. However, I had problems with cheap hits, though in my time playing, power-ups were plentiful.

If you like platformers, this could be something to consider, though I think $9 is a bit pricey.

>Alex Lucard: As a happy employee of the company that made Pulseman, I can honestly say this is a game you really need to pick up, Much like Drill Dozer, another awesome game, Pulseman is overshadowed by Game Freak’s juggernaut known as Pokemon. In fact, it’s basically Mega Man meets Infamous. It’s a very short but very fun platformer and it’s one of the best looking games on the Sega Genesis. It’s also a pick your own stage game like Mega Man, which is always a blast. In fact, aside from Mega Man 2 and 3, it’s better than most entries in Capcom’s series.

Between Drill Dozer, this, and Pikachu I am starting to wonder about Game Freak’s hard on from electrical powered protagonists.

On Wii Ware, we have Bit Boy!!, in which you, “Accompany Bit Boy Kubi through a crazy pixellated adventure and battle hordes of nasty monsters in 4-bit dungeons, 8-bit caves, 16-bit strongholds, 32-bit labyrinths, 64-bit arenas and 128-bit worlds!!“, which sounds AWESOME, Ant Nation, which sounds like a semi-shameless ripoff of SimAnt, and Incoming! a strategy game.






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