Diehard GameFAN Presents Not One…but TWO Overlord II Contests!

Hey everyone, we here at Diehard GameFAN has teamed up with Codemasters, publishers of Overlord II, Overlord: Dark Legend and Overlord: Minions to bring you, our readers, the chance to win copies of your own Overlord video games. Both contests are quite different from the other, so feel free to participate in both.

Contest #1: Dressed To Kill

We’ve noticed our readers are pretty big on JRPG’s, anime oriented titles like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, so this first contest is for the cosplayers, the artistic and the completely mad. We know you all harbour secret megalomaniacal desires so here’s a chance to let your own personal Dr. Doom out in style.

We want to see your best Overlord costume. Make it from whatever material you can, from old boxes and face paint to fabric, glitter and glue. Whoever looks like the best Supreme Antagonist out of the bunch gets the following prize:

The Winner of the Costume Contest receives:

1) A copy of Overlord II for either the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3, or PC
2) A copy of Overlord: Dark Legend for the Nintendo Wii
3) A copy of Overlord: Minions for the Nintendo DS

That’s three games for one costume! Not a bad deal. Now there can only be one winner, so may the evilest villain win!

Contest #2: Overlord Meets Nyogtha!

Longtime readers will remember a column I ran for over two years entitled Nyogtha. This column was about folklore, cultural anthropology, taboos, and myths from across the globe. I still get requests to bring the column over to Diehard GameFAN, but I just don’t have the time with all the game reviews I have to do.

That’s where you come in. This next contest is your chance to write your very own Nyogtha mini-article, with an Overlord Twist. As you may know, Overlord: Dark Legend has an Overlord and his Minions terrorizing the realm of Fairy Tales. Of course, a game can’t include every creature written down by the Brothers Grimm on down, and that’s where you come in.

In one hundred words or less, we want you to pick a mythical character, creature, being, race, or variant of the above and describe how you would want the Overlord to pummel them senseless. Be creativity, witty and funny with your choices. We’ll pick the three best essays and give them the following prize pack:

The Three Winners of the Nyogtha Contest receive:

1) A copy of Overlord: Dark Legend for the Nintendo Wii
2) A copy of Overlord: Minions for the Nintendo DS

As well, I’ll take the subjects of those three winners’ articles and do a special Nyogtha showing the folkloric history of those creatures. From Godzilla to Tiamat, it’s all up to you!

Both of these contests end on July 31st, so you have plenty of time to work on your creative writing piece and/or your costume. To participate do the following

1. Head on over to our forums.

2. Click on the thread for either contest.

3. Post your entry!

4. Wait for us to announce our winner. In the meantime feel free to discuss the various entries and whatever else tickles your fancy.

Again, the contest ends on July 31st and we’ll announce the winners on August 3rd. We can’t wait to see what you have for us. Good luck to everyone who decides to participate and good night out there…whatever you are.

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