Jason Pawlow’s Bragging Rights: the Revenge

As one can see, the lastBragging Rights challenge was met by previous winner Jason Pawlow. That challenge was a long time ago. Let’s get over it.

Onto bigger fish: namely, this week”Ëœs CHALLENGE!


In this contest for Bragging Rights, you will be tasked with identifying Gamecube games, by unscrambling their anagrams.

(e.g. Landward Wheeze Kit = Zelda: The Wind Waker)

The first respondent to get all answers correct gets the next contest named after him. (They will get progressively harder: no, they won’t. Wait, they might.)

1. Ape Air Romp

2. O, Mass Linguini

3. None Ankle Chomp

4. Re-lived Nites

5. Grow Wonky Defiance

6. System Quirks? A Tenser, Adrenaline!

Bonus Anagram – Track Grab Nozzle







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