E3 2009 Screens: WireWay (Nintendo DS)

E3 2009 Screens: WireWay (NDS)
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Platform
Release Date: 2009

Introducing Wiley Springer the lovable and mischievous alien, whose trouble making has landed him in a big dilemma! With his newly acquired Élan wire mining skills, he tries to obtain the Super Élan, by battling alien gangs, avoiding obstacles and ultimately trying to defeat the alien boss, to rescue his true love!

* Launch Wiley with the wire to reach his goal while overcoming the crazy obstacles and enemies that get in his way!

* Flick, Tap and Draw Wiley through his adventures!

* Flick Wiley with the wire using stylus

* Tap the screen with the stylus to stretch and alter the wire for maximum launching!

* Draw your wires in to assist Wiley to tackle the adventures in Strategery.

* Avoid dangerous obstacles like falling rocks, eerie skulls and spiky floors, or else you’ll get hurt.

* Break the wall or use the Key to open a new path and collect stars to Power Up!

* Propel your way through 48 pulse-pounding adventures in the Quest Mode.

* Create your own stages in Puzzle Mode and share with your friends.

* Challenge up to 4 players wirelessly, in a multiplayer race using ADHOC!






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