E3 2009 Screens: Dance Dance Revolution (PS3/360/Wii/PS2)

E3 2009 Screens: Dance Dance Revolution (PS3/360/Wii/PS2)
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Music
Release Date: TBD

DanceDanceRevolution enhances the entire series across all platforms! DanceDanceRevolution is sure to be the life of the party and get you into shape with outrageous multiplayer fun, huge smash hit soundtrack, entirely new modes and more! There is now a DanceDanceRevolution for everyone!

* Work out to the beat using your DanceDanceRevolution Wii Controller or now introducing compatibility with the Wii balance board

* Exclusive gimmicks such as the Hip Roll and Bump Arrows appear in-game.
* Punch while moving your hips, enjoy working out and help get your body in shape.

* Exciting new costume customization of your DanceDanceRevolution dancer including your Mii

* Freely customize the user interface on your PS3 and Xbox 360

* Background, Designs (With movements), Animated Effects

* Combine all the features to create your own user interface

* Giving DanceDanceRevolution fanatics the ultimate challenge, introducing the eight arrow mode for the Xbox 360 and PS3!

* Download over 150 songs from past games and new songs on the Xbox 360 and PS3; plus 50 tracks on disk for all skus, featuring major licensed master tracks including:

* “Disturbia”/Rihanna
* “Closer”/Ne-Yo
* “One Step At A Time”/Jordin Sparks
* “My Prerogative”/Bobby Brown
* “Pocketful of Sunshine”/Natasha Bedingfield
* “Viva La Vida”/Coldplay
* “Boogie Wonderland”/Earth Wind & Fire
* “Space Dance”/Danny Tenaglia
* “I’m Coming Out” /Diana Ross
* “Feel Good Inc.” /Gorillaz

* Extensive new modes, including a fresh new Work Out Mode, fun new Story Mode, Kids Modes with much simpler controls and Lesson Mode to practice timing and the direction of arrows so that new dancers can learn the basics

* With a completely new Lesson Mode “DDR School”, you can learn how to play DDR with ease on your Wii.






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  1. anonymous Avatar

    i wanna know the release date :(

  2. DDRfanatic Avatar

    When is this comming out I gotta know!

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