Virtual Console Wrap-up – 6/8

It’s time once again for all of us here at DHGF to gather ’round and discuss the new VC release. And that release is Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf from the SNES. Let’s see what your friends at DHGF have to say about this one!

Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf
Publisher: Koei
Developer: Koei
Original Release Date: 1993
Cost: 800 Wii Points.


Christopher Bowen: Jesus Christ. I’m a Koei geek, and even I think they’re cleaning out the bins at this point.

When it comes to Koei’s strategy games, essentially, if you like that era of history, then you’ll like that particular game. That said, there’s a reason we don’t hear about the Genghis Kahn games anymore: they weren’t popular with an already insular fanbase. I BARELY remember this game, and remember that I pretty much went back to ROTK II anyway.

I can’t recommend this for the price that Nintendo is asking for.

Nathan Birch: Christ, someone at Nintendo sure has a hard-on for the old Koei historical sim games, don’t they? Romance, Nobunaga, Genghis Khan…all the games are basically the same aside from characters/setting. It’s probably worth picking up at least one of these games, but not all 3. Pick which subject matter you find most interesting.

Alex Lucard: I have to admit, I preferred the first GK game to the first Rot5S or NA1. That was mainly because I really was into Mongolian history as a child. I mean dude, Genghis Kahn freakin’ rocked. A benevolent bad ass that united ala the Mongol tribes akin to Alexander of Macedonia. In the world history scheme of things the events in GK I and II are more important and far reaching than those of Koei’s other video games.

That being said, it’s also the game that has aged the worst out of the three series. There’s just not as much to do or encounter here. I like that there are different modes in this game, but it just doesn’t have the depth or complexity of the other Koei games available on the Virtual Console. If you’re new to these type of games, this is probably a nice intro for you since the difficulty is lower and the options are less. For the long time Strategy fan this is more a thumbs up for making it available and a nice piece of curiosity than an actual purchase.

Wii Ware features another RTS game in Swords and Soldiers for 1000 points, as well as Fish ’em All for 800. If there’s nothing for you this week, there’s always next week. We’ll be here.






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