E3 2009 Screens: Academy of Champions Soccer (Nintendo Wii)

E3 2009 Screens: Academy of Champions Soccer (Wii)
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Vancouver
Release Date: 2009
Category: Arcade Soccer

You are invited to learn from the greatest at the most fantastic Soccer Academy of all.

The legendary Pele is the headmaster: He will teach and help you on your dream adventure. Enjoy 4 months in the most fantastic soccer academy:

Brightfield Academy is every young soccerer’s dreamland featuring wild and beautiful environments, over-the-top animations, “out of this world” visual effects and hilarious characters to interact with every single day.

So pack your bags – it’s time to enroll yourself into a curriculum of outrageous matches, insane training drills and nonstop fun at the Academy of Champions.

* Action-Packed 5-on-5 Party Soccer
Learn incredible moves that you never thought were possible on the field.Pick-up-and-play controls makes AofC playable by kids of all ages.
Upgrade your skills and buy equipment to become the very best.

* Over 12 Mini-Games in a World Full of Excitement
Take part in easy to play mini-games involving goalkeeping, shooting, passing and tackles.
Will you be able to master Brazilian Freestyle juggling with your Wii Balance Board?

* Pelé is Your Headmaster
Discover the true value of fair play and respect.
The legendary Pelé will teach you the skills necessary to compete at the highest level.

* Immersive Story-Driven Experience
Develop your super skills in the imaginative world of Brightfield Academy.
Battle your way to the top to defeat the evil Scythemore Academy!

* Multiplayer
Battle your friends in head-to-head gameplay

* Unlock some famous video game characters: Take control of the Raving Rabbids, Sam Fisher, Altair, Rayman who appear… as kids!

* Wii Motion Plus Brand new peripheral is supported in core gameplay.






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