E3 2009 Screens: Aliens vs. Predator (360/PS3/PC)

E3 2009 Screens: Aliens vs. Predator (360/PS3/PC)
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Sega
Genre: FPS
Release date: Early 2010

The next-gen version of this benchmark multiplayer First-Person-Shooter franchise is coming with SEGA’s new Aliens vs. Predator game. From the developer of the series’ first title comes this next big event, with three unique species fighting for supremacy on the battlefield. Play as Predator, Marine and Alien in three radically different single-player experiences that intertwine to create a thrilling story. Jump into cinematic non-stop multiplayer action with a rollercoaster-ride of explosive firepower, horror, stealth and gory fang and claw combat.

Game Features
* Play as a Colonial Marine, Alien or Predator – Play as three different species in intersecting single-player campaigns. Use any of these three factions in multiplayer games and battle for online supremacy.
* The Predator – A master of stealth and the art of stalking. Use different vision modes to locate your prey. Use the Predator’s cloaking ability to stay hidden from your victims and sneak in to perform spine-ripping trophy kills with your wrist blades. Use the plasma caster to take out long range targets.
* The Alien – The galaxy’s ultimate instinctual killing machine in the galaxy can use a variety of methods to maim and kill. The ability to crawl anywhere in the environment allows Alien players to tail-impale unsuspecting Marines and ambush Predators for gory head bite kills.
* The Marine – Team work is the cornerstone to survival with Colonial Marines. Aggressive battle tactics combined with the use of motion trackers, powerful pulse rifles and smart turrets are the best chance for Marines to survive this all-out horror-action.
* Unique 3-way multiplayer online modes – Aliens Vs. Predator pits Marines, Aliens and Predators against each other in online multiplayer modes designed for all out death match mayhem.
* Developed by Rebellion – the team behind the original, award-winning “ËœAvP’ on PC in 1998.






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