E3 2009 Screens: The Legendary Starfy (Nintendo DS)

Developer: TOSE
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Platformer
Release: June 7, 2009

Beneath Starfy’s glamorous exterior pulses the heart of a true hero. He can handle anything
anyone throws at him. Swift ocean currents, bottomless pits and hordes of enemies might be
daunting for a lesser hero, but not Starfy, Nintendo’s newest platforming sensation.

“¢ Starfy has been a hero in Japan for years, and The Legendary Starfy marks his North American debut.
“¢ Players must guide Starfy through a variety of lush environments to the end of each stage by swimming,
jumping and bouncing – all while defeating comical enemies and big bosses. No two stages are alike. Each
one has its own mazes, puzzles and challenges to keep Starfy on his toes.
“¢ Starfy’s main ability is the Star Spin, an attack that propels him into his enemies with great force. It also lets
him burst through walls and barriers, or power through strong currents. As the adventure continues, Starfy
learns new skills, such as the Shooting Star attack, which lets him shoot into the ground like a meteor, and Air
Jump, which gives him increased jumping abilities.
“¢ One of Starfy’s key powers is his ability to transform into four different, powerful forms. Each one grants him
special powers to help him overcome the obstacles he encounters throughout the game: Monstar, a dragon
that spits fire; Starpedo, an Arctic seal with acrobatic abilities; Starfright, a spooky specter; and Roostar, a
super-squawking chicken that lays sonic eggs.
“¢ Players can link with friends over a local wireless connection and face off in a variety of mini-games that
involve fishing (Fishing Derby), racing (Depth Chargers), tracing shapes in the sand (Sand Tracer) and even
cooking (Dumpling Master).
“¢ Players can connect with friends through a local wireless connection to play through a selection of the game’s
stages as Starfy and his sister, Starly.






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