E3 2009 Screens: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (Nintendo DS)

Developer: LEVEL-5 Inc.
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Release: Aug. 24, 2009

Puzzle master Professor Layton and his apprentice, Luke, have stumbled upon another
mystery. It’s up to them to navigate their way through numerous puzzles to determine who –
or what – caused the death of Professor Layton’s mentor, Dr. Schrader. Was it the
mysterious Elysian Box, rumored to kill all who open it? Professor Layton and Luke find a
clue that begins their adventure: a train ticket for the Molentary Express.

“¢ Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box features a riveting new mystery and more than 150 new brain
teasers, riddles and logic puzzles to challenge and delight players.
“¢ Beyond the puzzles found in the game, players with a broadband Internet connection who connect their
Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi™ systems to Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection will get access to downloadable
bonus puzzles. A new puzzle will be available each week for 33 weeks after the game launches.
“¢ The new game includes a significantly greater amount of voice work and animated movie scenes compared to
the original.






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