E3 2009 Screens: Picross 3D (Nintendo DS)

Developer: HAL Laboratory, Inc.
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Puzzle
Release: TBD

Picross 3D is based on the worldwide popular Picross DS™ puzzle game. Picross 3D moves
the action into three dimensions and blends the logical challenge of a number-based puzzle
with the excitement of discovering the hidden images within.

“¢ Players start with a solid block of cubes marked with numbers on the end of each row. The numbers represent
the number of blocks that will remain in that row. If the number five is marked on the end of a row of six blocks,
for example, one of those blocks must be eliminated. But which one? Players must deduce the answer based
on the numbers marked on other rows.
“¢ Players tap a hammer to eliminate blocks they think don’t belong or use a paintbrush to mark ones they think
should stay.
“¢ Once all the appropriate blocks have been chipped away, a fun object will be revealed. There are more than
350 objects to discover in the game.
“¢ Picross 3D lets players create their own customized puzzles. Players can either share their creations with other
Picross 3D players via a local wireless connection or use their broadband Internet connection and Nintendo®
Wi-Fi Connection to submit their puzzles into a monthly contest. Winners will have their puzzles featured in free
weekly downloads available to all Picross 3D players.
“¢ If multiple people want to play Picross 3D, game owners can also send a sample puzzle to others via DS
Download Play without the need of a second game card.






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