E3 2009 Screens: Katamari Forever (Sony PS3)

Developer: Namco Bandai
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Genre: Garbage Ball Rolling
Release Date: Fall 2009

The crazy, zany, world of Katamari is back and better than ever before, complete with new
stages, new visual effects, new strategies, and full 1080p HD resolution! The gameplay has
generated millions of fans worldwide and the loveable characters are ready to roll again.

The King of All Cosmos has bumped his head and lost all his memory. The Prince and his
cousins created RoboKing to replace the King, but it went out of control and destroyed all the
stars in the Cosmos. To clean up the mess made by RoboKing and bring back the King’s
memory, the Prince and his Cousins must roll their Katamaris and bring color back to the
world. So get ready to roll that Katamari once more!

“¢ Over 50 Playable Cousins – Select from over 50 playable Cousins and equip
them with a variety of accessories
“¢ New Visual Effects – Wood, comic, classic, and the new default graphic filters
“¢ 16 In-Game movies
“¢ Prince Hop – New action performed with the SIXAXIS controller
“¢ PLAYSTATION®3 Exclusive features
– Full 1080p Support, HD resolution
– SIXAXIS controller motion sensor functionality
– Network Rankings support
– Photos taken in the game can be saved to the PLAYSTATION®3 HDD
“¢ New Gameplay System – Under certain conditions, the Katamari will suck in
nearby objects






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