E3 2009 Screens: Invincible Tiger The Legend of Han Tao (360/PS3)

Developer: Namco Bandai
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Genre: Fighting
Release Date: Summer 2009

Deliver Swift Justice Across Ancient China!!!
Invincible Tiger has its roots firmly in the side scrolling “ËœBeat “ËœEm Up’ genre of days gone by –
brought up to date in stunningly beautiful visuals. Block, dodge, perform combos, and out
manoeuvre your opponents in a battle of strength, skill and wit. Confront hordes of enemies in
a classic encounter of good versus evil. Advance through the game and admire as the action
evolves from slog fest to art form before your eyes. Combining a very pure concept with a few
simple controls and game mechanics ensures that anybody can pick up, play and enjoy the
experience Invincible Tiger provides.

“¢ The first 3D XBLA / PSN title. Players will feel like they can reach in and touch the intense
kung fu action. Supports most 3D!
“¢ Six beautifully illustrated multi-stage levels including Ancient Fortress, Hidden Waterfalls,
Perilous Pirate Ships, and more…
“¢ “ËœFeel Da Funk’ – Jam with the Invincible Tiger soundtrack that imparts a unique 70’s feel.
“¢ Multiple Modes of Play Including:
– Online Co-Op play – Play solo or with a friend in your journey to return the Star of
Destiny and defeat the evil Overlord.
– Endurance Mode – Countless waves of enemies descend on Han Tao each wave
harder than the next. How many waves will you be able to defeat?
– Time Trial Mode – It’s a race against time! Complete each level as fast as possible
to earn medals.
“¢ Classic Arcade Action – Simple intuitive arcade controls puts you right in the action without
having to memorize complicated button combinations.
“¢ Deep fighting mechanics allow Han Tao to use an active dodge ability giving control back to
the player.






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