E3 2009 Hands On Impressions: Little Big Planet (Sony PSP)

In the Sony booth, they had a playable version of Little Big Planet for PSP which showcased a full level as well as a mini game level. I got a chance to play through the full level, and it was pretty amazing. The graphics on the PSP screen look almost the same as the PS3 counterpart, just on a small screen. The animation is spot on, and Sackboy looks and moves just as you’d expect.

The level was large and filled with the same sort of puzzles and gameplay seen on the PS3 version. The motion physics on all the elements seemed to mimic the PS3 version, and everything moved as I expected. There were three planes to the 2D space, with Sackboy moving automatically to the correct one at times, but still off at other times, a gameplay negative that appears to be along for the ride on the portable version.

The Sony reps were still mum on what type of creation elements there would be, focusing instead on the gameplay and level of graphical presentation.

Also of note is that the demo version I played was on the PSP Go, which has a tighter design but a similar screen size. I couldn’t get a great feel for the weight of the device as it was attached to a cable and harness.

Little Big Planet has a vague “Holiday 2009″ release date, and is one of the games that is expected to appear as both a UMD and digital release.



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    sorry, i can’t not mention this. the psp go wasn’t attacked to a cable, it was attached…

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