E3 2009 Screens: Span Smasher (Nintendo Wii)

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Puzzle
Release Date: TBD

Introducing a New Spherical Smash-Hit Hero
Span Smasher combines the hands-on fun of tennis with the nonstop action and instant
gratification of pinball. Smasher (name not final) is a floating ball with a lot of personality.
When his island paradise is threatened, Smasher springs into action. He bounces around
and smashes into barriers, aided by the motions of players and their Wii Remote™
controllers. Players use just one hand to swat him toward the objects they want him to
smash, and he does the rest.

“¢ Players who finish each section with three coins will receive a pearl. With three pearls, players can move on
to the boss stage of that particular level.
“¢ During the game, Smasher and his friend take on different abilities and characteristics that change the way
they look and act to keep the challenge fresh. For instance, they might become huge, split into multiple balls
or turn to metal.
“¢ The scenery of the game scrolls to present Smasher with new obstacles and rewards. Players must angle
their swings to help Smasher bust through barriers or collect keys to unlock the next segment of the game.
“¢ Smasher can hang back at the edge of the screen to power up for an even bigger burst of energy. But if he
remains motionless too long, he might get eaten by the multi-headed dragon that pursues him.
“¢ Span Smasher is used with the new Wii MotionPlus™ accessory, which adds even greater precision to
players’ swings.







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