E3 2009 Screens: Real Heroes: Firefighter (Nintendo Wii)

Join a squad of elite Firefighters as the new Fire Academy cadet and you too can be a true American Hero. Real Heroes: Firefighter is a distinctive first person shooter that truly puts the heat on, with raging infernos, explosive environments and exclusive “Fire Thinking Technology”. Making the most of the Wii’s motion-sensing controls, Real Heroes: Firefighter employs all of the Fireman’s skills and tools including water hoses, axes, Jaws of Life, saws and more – to let you save lives in the line of fire. Real Heroes: Firefighter is being published by Conspiracy Entertainment and presented by CRAVE Entertainment. Genre: Action; Scheduled release: August 4, 2009.







2 responses to “E3 2009 Screens: Real Heroes: Firefighter (Nintendo Wii)”

  1. bryon fingar Avatar
    bryon fingar

    where can i buy it?!!!!!

  2. DallasFire Avatar

    I wonder if firefighting schools will use some form of this training in the future. Although the factors that create the most havoc on a fire scene will be tough replicate. Smoke and heat.

    It looks like a pretty cool game though.

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