E3 2009 – Live Coverage of the Sony E3 Presentation

Die Hard Game Fan is live at E3! We will have live coverage of the Sony Press Conference at 2pm eastern (11am pacific). We had some tech issues for Microsoft’s Press Briefing during the event, which will be on Widro’s Twitter as well as right here on the site with images and video.

11:09am – Sitting at sony! Almost didn’t get in…

11:14am – Rockin’ intro starts the presentatio for Sony and Jack Tretton comes out.

11:18 – They open with touting the success of PS2.

11:19 – 9 million new PS2 owners. Over 100 new PS2 games on the way.

11:19 – More numbers spinning for PS2 and PS3 sales.

11:21 – First big game shown – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

11:22 – Uncharted beta demo goes live tonight at midnight.

11:27 – Only on Playstation isn’t just a catchphrase, it means only POSSIBLE on Playstation.

11:29 – Next up is the 256 person fps game MAG.

11:33 – Mag is coming this fall. next up is PSP.

11:35 Tretton talks about some new psp bundles including a new lilac Hannah Montanna model.

11:37 – Kaz Hirai comes out next to talk about the vision of Playstation.

11:38 – PSP GO announced. It won’t replace PSP.

11:40 -Media GO is a new PSP app that replaces the media manager.

11:41 – Kaz notes that all PSP games will be available both on UMD and online.

11:43 – PSP GO! has an October 1st release in US and Europe and November 1 in Japan. $249 in the US.

11:44 – Kazunouri Yamauchi is here to present Gran Turismo PSP

11:45 – 800 cars, 35 tracks and 60fps are promised for Gran Turismo psp

11:48am – Long speech about Gran Turismo mostly in japanese, it will be playable at #e3.

11:50am – Gran Turismo will launch 10/01 alongside PSP GO.

11:52am – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker announced for PSP.

11:52am – Kojima is here too! Only person to appear at two events at #e3?

11:56am – Metal Gear PSP is in the main MGS canon and is touted as a missing link in the saga.

11:57am – Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is out in 2010.

Noon – Announed for PSP – new Resident Evil Portable, newly designed for PSP.

12:04pm – PSP software highlights – Little Big Planet, Motorstorm, Jak and Daxter… Plus I think I saw Fat Princess PSP in there.

12:05pm – Final Fantasy 7 as a PSX classic launches today and 50 more PSX games are coming this year on PSN.

12:07pm – Some talk about Home and some stuff coming soon includingInfamous areas and some 3rd party areas.

12:09pm – I wonder why there aren’t any blue half loaded people in this home video.

12:10pm – PS3 #e3 sizzle video – Uncharted 2, FFXIII, Mag, Batman, White Knight Chronicles, Wet.

12:12pm – More PS3 – KoFXII, Tekken 6, third party stuff, Dark Void, G-force, Heavy Rain.

12:14pm -Video ends with God of War 3, although the same footage we’ve seen before.

12:15pm – New PS3 exclusive game by Rockstar called Agent.

12:16pm – Ubisoft comes out to show Assassin’s Creed 2 for PS3.

12:21pm – AC2 video goes on for about 5 mins. I wonder why they got so much time.

12:24pm – Final Fantasy 13 video, coming out in Spring 2010.

12:29pm – Final Fantasy 14 announced as PS3 exclusive for 2010

12:29pm – Sony now claims Eyetoy was the first motion controller! I scoffed. Now a presentation on motion control.

12:32pm – Sony unveils a new wand controller with glowing red ball that acts like a more precise Wiimote in the demo.

12:35pm – Demos of using this controller as a bat, flashlight, gun… Sub-millimeter accuracy, then they write with a virtual pencil.

12:39pm -Lengthy and amateurish presentation of this new PS3 wand… Ends with an archery demo similar to the one Nintendo did this morning.

12:40pm -Jack is back, the motion controller is out in 2010.

12:43pm – Create, Play, Share is a new genre and Mod Nation Racers is the second game after LBP.

12:45pm –Mod Nation Racers has cartoony grafx kinda like LBP with kart racing gameplay.

12:48pm -Awesome demo of the track creation tool in Mod Nation Racers.

12:52pm – Mod Nation Racers is out in 2010… And it looks like Team Ico is next!

12:52pm The Last Guardian is the name.

12:54pm – Video of The Last Guardian plays. It appears to be the same as the leaked “Trico” video.

12:59pm – Gran Turismo 5 is shown, with offroad mode and apparently a full Nascar mode with cars and racing.

1:07pm –God of War 3 demo looks awesome! It’s out March 2010 and demo is at #e3.

1:13pm – Sony is over, headed to the show, more on www.diehardgamefan.com all week long!







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