E3 2009 – Live Coverage of the Nintendo E3 Presentation

Die Hard Game Fan is live at E3! We will have live coverage of the Nintendo Press Conference at noon eastern (9am pacific). We had some tech issues for Microsoft’s Press Briefing during the event, which will be on Widro’s Twitter as well as right here on the site with images and video.

9:09 am – Finally got here, looking at New Super Mario for Wii!.

9:11am – New item – Propeller suit #e3

9:14am – Super Mario Brothers Wii playable at E3 and out in Holiday 09.

9:15am – Wii Fit Plus announced!

9:18am – Carrie shows Wii Fit Plus, then hands off to Reggie!!

9:19am – Reggie talks about the realism of Wii Motion Plus

9:21am – Wii Motion Plus video plays. No games yet…

9:22am – Games starting to be shown in Motion Plus video are golf and Wii Sports Resort

9:24am – Wii Sports Resort presentation… Game starts by jumping out of an airplane!

9:28am – Wii Sports Resort continues – archery has realistic style bow and arrow control.

9:28am – Reggie comes back for a bball challenge!

9:31am – July 26 is the release date for Wii Sports Resort, and Tiger 2010 and Grand Slam Tennis support Wii Motion Plus, as does Virtua Tennis by Sega.

9:32am –Red Steel 2 only can be played with Wii Motion Plus

9:33am – Reggie touts the third party success of Wii and DS and how Nintendo now sells the most third party games.

9:35 am – Square-Enix has a new Wii Final Fantasy and a new Kingdom Hearts for DS.

9:37am – Mario and Luigi 3: Bowsers Inside Story is out in the US on DS in the fall.

9:38am – Golden Sun DS announced for 2010!

9:39am – Reggie walks off and Carrie is back, and has three new games. Women’s Murder Club is the first.

9:41am – Carrie shows Cop:the Recruit for DS from Ubisoft – 3-D sandbox game.

9:44am – Next is Style Savy, a fashion game of sorts targetted towards girls.

9:45am – Carrie talks about DSi, including claiming DSi and DS Lite target different audiences.

9:48 am – New user generated DS games – movies making app and Mario vs DK Minis March Again comes out June 8th!

9:48 am – Mario Vs. DK features user generated levels and is download only… Next is new Warioware.

9:50am – Carrie announces DSi camera to Facebook integration.

9:50- New Zelda DS is playable at #e3 – Carrie has already played it.

9:56am – Carrie hands off to Iwata, he talks about getting new gamers on board.

9:57 – Iwata is concerned by the divide between novice and experienced players.

9:59 – Wii vitality sensor is like a heart monitor game of some sort.

10:01am – Mario Galaxy sequel w/Yoshi!

10:02am – Super Mario Galaxy 2!

10:05am – Reggie is back – shows Segas The Conduit and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

10:07am – Third party Wii games continue with Dead Space Extraction… All are playable at #e3.

10:09am – Nintendo and Team Ninja team up for an all new Wii Metroid in third person.

10:10am – Metroid Other M is set for 2010.







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