SNK Unviels Two Console KoF Fighters, PS3 Sticks

Even though our interview with Ignition Entertainment’s Shane Bettenhausen shed light on a number of details for the hotly-anticipated console version of The King of Fighters XII, he wouldn’t spill the beans on any of the new characters exclusive to the console versions. Today, however, SNK-Playmore out of Japan has revealed via weekly Japanese magazine Famitsu that two of the characters to be expected are the femme fatale fighters Mature and Elizabeth Blanctorche.

Elizabeth was just introduced in The King of Fighters XI while Mature first saw action in KoF ’96 and both will breathe new life in The King of Fighters XII with revisioned character models in high definition.

While everyone waits for any remaining exclusive character information, it appears Japan will also see a couple of joystick controllers reissued in anticipation of the territory’s Playstation 3 release. The first stick is modeled after the classic NeoGeo four-button straight alignment, harking back to the AES home system’s sleek black design with prominent SNK and NeoGeo logos. The second stick being modeled for the game features a six-button layout akin to Street Fighter and features the KoF logo along with portraits of Terry, Athena, Ryo, Ash, Iori and Kyo. At current exchange rates, the NeoGeo stick would tally a U.S. gamer $53.10 while the six-button KoF stick is looking to set someone back $63.76 U.S. Both sticks will be releasing in Japan on July 16.






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