DK, Microsoft Prep Halo Encyclopedia

Specialized encyclopedias have been quite the rage lately, bringing more than one could ever need to know about subjects such as Marvel and DC Comics, Star Wars or professional wrestling and today one of the current best-selling video game franchises will receive that treatment with The Halo Encyclopedia.

The publishing details will be handled by DK, which states The Halo Encyclopedia will be its first video game property, and serves as a go-to reference book containing everything from Halo: Combat Evolved all the way through the most recent titles including Halo Wars and the yet to be released ODST. Microsoft will be collaborating with the company to ensure all 352 full-color pages will do the series justice as DK, which has secured a world language deal for the book, plans to publish the encyclopedia in many territories and languages. Included in the book will be information on the characters weapons, vehicles, equipment and locations as well as a foreward by Halo franchise development director Frank O’ Connor.

“We were struck by DK’s thorough treatment of other licensed properties and we turned to them to create the definitive reference to the Halo universe for the legions of devoted fans,” said Connor.

“Microsoft approached DK to discuss a Halo book project after San Diego Comic-Con last year, where they saw our impressive array of Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel and other licensed reference titles,” says Alex Allan, director of licensed publishing for DK. “Halo has always fascinated the creative team at DK, many of whom are avid gamers and we had the full support of Halo’s very experienced team to create this spectacular book.”

Currently, the companies are expecting a November release for the publication.






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