Diehard GameFAN Presents: Robot Dinosaurs.

Hey again, folks. It’s been ANOTHER busy week for the site’s resident artist, as he’s managed to blah blah blah you know the deal.

Also, the whole, “We might secretly be making t-shirts” deal might actually be the truth. We’re looking into that.

An expanded “brief recap”: Mr. J. Rose, resident staff artist and all-around nice guy, was offered the option to print a shirt through Tee Fury. We advertised it. He then won a contest through Shirt.Woot. We advertised that one too. These shirts were, well, just art shirts; pretty pictures on t-shirts that our in-house artist made that we decided to promote for his benefit. So then he got a shirt published that was gaming-themed, specifically Mario fighting Bowser, done in Baroque art style, and yes, we advertised THAT one too. Then he sold a shirt that Lucard described as “something that looks like an ICP fan would like it”. Advertising occurred.

I’m not even going to try rationalizing this. I just like pimping things.

Anyway, yes, Mr. Rose has won another derby, this time with a picture of clockwork dinosaurs, dubbed, yes, “Clockwork Dinosaurs”:

It’s like a clockwork version of Grimlock. That’s hawt.

Go buy one or three here, and relive your childhood love of robots and dinosaurs… or, in some cases, your CURRENT love of robots and dinosaurs. I’m not going to judge.








3 responses to “Diehard GameFAN Presents: Robot Dinosaurs.”

  1. D.J. Tatsujin Avatar

    That’s some good stuff. Oddly, it reminds me of the NES game Dynowarz: The Destruction of Spondylus.

  2. Mark B. Avatar
    Mark B.


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