Pokemon Week: My Favorite Pokemon

If you somehow missed it, it’s been Pokemon week here at Diehard GameFAN. From articles on Pokemon Platinum‘s Gym Leaders and Elite Four to a look at Pokemon that still don’t evolve. Today several staffers here at Diehard GameFAN decided to take a different approach and name our favorite Pokemon. Which Pokemon made the cut? Come inside and take a look!

Alexander Lucard : I actually have two favorites; both of which are from the original 151. The first is Cubone. Not only is it insanely cute, but this Pokemon (whose name was “Orphon” in beta versions of the game) is also one of the creepiest. Yes it’s sad that its mother dies after given birth to it (Although if you try to breed a female Cubone, she doesn’t die afterwards…), but things get a bit Norman Bates-y when you realize Cubone wears the skull of its mother as a helmet and then beats other Pokemon into unconsciousness with its femur. Yes that’s right, Cubone ravages the corpse of its mother and then uses her skeleton as armour and weaponry. That’s messed up. Still, it’s so cute and so sad looking when it’s shown crying that you can’t help but loving this.

The other Pokemon is Clefairy. Sweet fluffy whitish-pink Clefairy. Clefairy was not only the original mascot for Pokemon before Pikachu was chosen for the anime, but it’s also one of two Pokemon that really ISN’T a Pokemon. Much like the Legendary Pokemon Deoxys, the entire race of Clefairy are actually aliens from another planet. They came to the Kanto region due to a crash spaceship and they pretty much decided to stay here ever since. Clefairy are considered the most versatile of all the Normal Type Pokemon and their evolution of Clefable can still be seen in many a Trainer Vs. Trainer battle to this day. For me, the Clefairy were the focus of the first ever Pokemon episode I saw in college and their silly little one toothed finger waggling Metronome won my heart instantly.

Chris Bowen: It’s hard to have just one favourite Pokemon; I count 451 of the little buggers – I might be off (Editor’s Note: You are. It’s 493. -Alex)– and they all have their various strengths, weaknesses and charms. While some of them suck more than others, Rattatta, Bidoof, and Mr. Mime, most of them are entirely useable, and even the ones that aren’t are charming enough, through the TV series or what, have you to redeem themselves.

For me, I’ve always been partial to Charmander. My first time through Pokemon Blue, I used Charmander as my starter Pokemon. This caused some issues, as my fire Pokemon was weak to Brock’s rock Pokemon, but as I got past him and Misty, he started to show his worth as a fighter and a fire type. I’ve always had an affinity to special moves vs. physical battling, so Charmander and his fire moves have always had a place in my heart. Furthermore, the little bugger’s just charming. Look at his big doe eyes! Char char! Who cares if he evolved beyond Ash’s control, and cost him the Pokemon League in the first Pokemon season? I remember when he was young and cute.

Wait, did I just admit to watching the Pokemon cartoon when I was younger? Uh… never mind what you’ve just seen. Carry on.

Adam Powell: I always liked Meowth, just because of the way he reminded me of the old voice on the Heathcliff cartoons (By the way, Heathcliff is WAY cooler than Garfield.). i just love that he’s a cocky little bitch with an annoying voice.

Aaron Sirois: Ratticate.

I’m probably the only person in existence who would chose a rat as his favorite Pokemon, but I love the little bugger. Articuno used to be my favorite, but after my last playthrough of Pokemon Blue, I had to give the nod to Ratticate.

For one, I thought he looked cool. Those teeth are sharp! Also, I never had so much fun as when I was one hit KO’ing high powered rare Pokemon such as Gyarados with Hyper Fang. Rat power rules!
Plus, he reminded me of a pat rat that I had for a short time. Little bugger was cute.

Nate Birch: Squirtle

Squirtle needs no justification. He’s Squirtle god-dammit.

Also Eevee. Getting more than one Eevee is the only time I ever bothered to trade Pokemon.

Robert Capra: Psyduck. Not only is he the most Discordian of the Pokemon, but how many times did he save Misty’s scrawny ass? His comical appearance and capering about serves only to distract his opponent, lulling them into a false sense of security, before he breaks out the claws and fangs and brutally disembowels them, leaving their gutted carcass twitching in the breeze before their shocked trainers.

What, you missed the disembowelings? It, uh… was in the Japanese version of the show. You know, the one where James shot a guy in the face. Totally in there. Seriously, look it up.

Ashe Collins: I’m not going to name any of the turtle species that I’m sure my wife would want me to claim. I’ve always been partial to Charizard. I like dragons. He’s a big RED dragon with a temper. What’s not to like? Pikachu comes a close second just for the great faces he’d make at you in Pokemon Yellow, but Charizard wins the day for his attitude and for toasting Team Rocket on a number of occasions and of course for also turning that temper on Ash Ketchum when he deserved it, which was often.

A.J. Hess: Pikachu. What? So obvious? Well…yeah. I don’t know anything about Pokemon, because I was too busy memorizing Saiyan power levels at that time. However, a friend of mine got me a little Pikachu toy from a fast food place that has a circuit on the bottom. Skin contact completes the circuit, and the cute little guy chirps his name over and over again. It’s adorable, and it makes it my favorite.

Guy Desmarais: Blastoise. It’s like a living, breathing tank. It’s huge, it shoots high-powered water streams and it looks like it can destroy you if it wants to. It’s mostly because it was the starter I chose in my first ever Pokémon game ( I nicknamed him Leonardo, being a blue turtle and all). But even if I went with any other starter, none of them would have been able to match the power of Blastoise.

Venusaur? It’s a hippie’s Pokémon, as it is nothing but a giant flower. It probably cries and curls up in a ball as soon as it gets hit. Charizard? Sure it’s a dragon, but put it against Blastoise and see who comes out on top.

Come on. Would anybody want to mess with THAT?

Matt Yaeger: Jigglypuff.

His singing puts people to sleep, then he gets all pissed off and draws all over people while they’re sleeping.

I can relate to that.

M.L. Kennedy: My two favorite Pokemon are Psyduck and Magikarp. Since we’ve already covered Psyduck, let’s talk about Magikarp.

Magikarp teaches kids the invaluable lesson that life is unfair. His main attacks are tackle and splash. I don’t know about you, but fish aren’t very effective tacklers. Splashing other Pokemon isn’t particularly useful either; it might annoy them were they trying to read the New York Times and the business section got all soggy.

Pokemon are so left-coast elitist!

In conclusion, Magikarp is so awesome that he makes me want to crap my pants and stab the Pope in the face!

Aileen Coe: I’ve always been fond of the three legendary birds and would go through the Elite Four repeatedly with them in my old copy of Red.

If I had to pick a single favorite, though, I’d have to go with Eevee. Such a flexible Pokemon with its myriad of evolutions, and adorable to boot. And the advent of breeding means not having to restart however many times to get another one so as to build a whole team of them in all their different forms.







8 responses to “Pokemon Week: My Favorite Pokemon”

  1. Pokemon Stream Avatar

    Great Post, You didnt mention Mew, Jirachi or Celebi lol

    Useually these are mentioned in these type of articles/posts

  2. Mohamed Al-Saadoon Avatar
    Mohamed Al-Saadoon

    Well, us Diehard GameFAN writers are a weird bunch.

  3. Aaron Sirois Avatar

    Notice that ALL of these pokemon are from generation 1. That’s why it is still the best in my opinion. It had the best and most memorable cast of any of them.

  4. darren Avatar

    my fav pokemon is giratina origin forme

  5. Duncan Avatar

    My Favorite always was and always will be Gengar. I was always a fan of ghost stories and the like, so I knew Ghost pokemon would be my favorite before even playing red and blue. When Nintendo did its first round of official competitions (where they game away Mew to all competitors) I actually got to take on the Nintendo Gym leader, who used a Starmie, a Mew, and Mewtwo. My Gengar was the only pokemon of three I ever had to send out, because he mopped the floor with them. Little did I know that even to this day, Gengar would be a brick shithouse that people still use due to its overwhelming awesomeness.

  6. Random Guy Avatar
    Random Guy

    My favourite pokemon is Squirtle, he is so damn adorable (and his shell makes him look fat).

    Would you the reader trust squirtle with a Kar 98?

  7. RacieB Avatar

    If you actually do any work for TPC couldn’t you have asked them to give you stock art instead of using uncredited fanwork? Like mine, for example?

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Racie – 1. I worked for TPC of Japan (not international) until I chose to leave in March of ’11. 2. Your art has your logo. It’s not uncredited. 3. An email was sent back in Feb of 2009 to your deviant art account from me that you had done the perfect pic of my two favorite pocket monsters and to let me know if you had a problem with me using them in the article. You never got back to me. You’ll note everything else in the article IS stock art though. ;-). 4. It’s 26 months later, so it’s a bit odd you’d care this far after the fact, but I can happily change it. The formatting on the article has gotten really messed up somehow so I have no problems changing that when I go in to changing everything else.

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