Pokemon Week: Pokemon Platinum Elite Four Lineups!

Yesterday we showed you the changes in the Sinnoh Gym Leaders in Pokemon Platinum. Now it’s time for the main event. It’s time to see what your last Rival battle, the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion have in store for you.

Rival Battle

After playing through Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl, you know what to expect from your hyperactive friend/rival. Back in D/P your rival had the following Pokemon:

If Your Starter is Turwig If Your Starter is Chimchar If Your Starter is Piplup
Staraptor: Level 48 Staraptor: Level 48 Staraptor: Level 48
Floatzel: Level 49 Rapidash: Level 49 Floatzel: Level 49
Heracross: Level 50 Heracross: Level 50 Heracross: Level 50
Roserade: Level 49 Roserade: Level 49 Rapidash: Level 49
Snorlax: Level 51 Snorlax: Level 51 Snorlax: Level 51
Infernape: Level 53 Empoleon: Level 53 Torterra: Level 53

Oddly enough, with Pokemon Platinum, you’re going to have a much easier time. Not only are your rival lineups the same as in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but they’re actually at a reduced level. This is a change from the Gym Leaders, who are all more powerful in Platinum, with the exception of one (Refer back to my guide on the Gym Leaders to see who!).

Here’s a quick breakdown of what your rival will be carrying in Platinum:

If Your Starter is Turtwig If Your Starter is Cimchar If Your Starter is Piplup
Staraptor: Level 48 Staraptor: Level 48 Staraptor: Level 48
Floatzel: Level 47 Rapidash: Level 47 Floatzel: Level 47
Heracross: Level 48 Heracross: Level 48 Heracross: Level 48
Roserade: Level 47 Roserade: Level 47 Rapidash: Level 47
Snorlax: Level 49 Snorlax: Level 49 Snorlax: Level 49
Infernape: Level 51 Empoleon: Level 51 Torterra: Level 51

So aside from Starraptor, every Pokemon drops by two levels. The toughest Pokemon in any variant of your opponent’s teams with be Staraptor and Snorlax. Staraptor has Close Combat which can put a hurting on you if you don’t have any Electric Type attacks and Snorlax is a straight up pain with its defensive abilities and its move set of Body Slam, Crunch, Earthquake and Rest. If I were you I’d go with something that has a fighting move and either the Pokemon Ability Levitate or a Flying Type. I can think of several fliers that can know Fighting attacks, can you?

The Elite Four

Now here’s where things get tricky. Not only are levels all over the place in comparison to Diamond/Pearl, but you’ll find that the lineups have changed as well!

Elite Four Aaron – The Bug Master

D/P Version Pokemon Platinum Version
Dustox: Level 53 Yanmega: Level 49
Beautifly: Level 53 Scizor: Level 49
Vespiqueen: Level 54 Vespiqueen: Level 50
Heracross: Level 54 Heracross: Level 51
Drapion: Level 57 Drapion: Level 53

Aaron’s Pokemon look to be weaker at first glance due to the level change, but in fact the loss in levels is made up in the fact he has replaced Dustox and Beautifly with the superior Scizor and Yanmega. Both have better stats, moves and with Scizor, harder weaknesses to overcome. Dustox was always just one Psychic away from a knockout, but Scizor? You’re going to NEED a powerful Fire move to take him out. As always, Drapion is what will throw your game plan off, as it is not a bug type at all. Being a Poison and Dark Dual Type means Drapion is only weak to Ground attacks. You can use that same powerful Fire Pokemon to take out Yanmega and Vespiqueen, and it’ll be quite useful against Heracross as well.

Bertha the Ground Master

D/P Version Pokemon Platinum Version
Quagsire: Level 55 Gliscor: Level 53
Sudowoodo: Level 56 Rhyperior: Level 55
Golem: Level 56 Golem: level 52
Whiscash: Level 55 Whiscash: Level 50
Hippowdon: Level 59 Hippowdon: Level 52

Once again, we see a pretty solid drop in levels, especially with poor Hippowdon. However again two weaker Pokemon are replaced by two stronger ones, at least in stats. At first glance, you’re probably thinking, “One flying Pokemon and I’m safe.” Especially when I tell you that all the Pokemon but Whiscash know Earthquake. Well, that’s not exactly true seeing as how Golem and Gliscor know Electric attacks. To be honest, your best bet for many of these is a Pokemon with the Levitate ability and who knows Grass attacks. Grass is super effective on the three Pokemon that have remained from D/P to Platinum, and it’ll take down Rhypherior quickly as well. That just leaves Gliscor and its pesky Ground and Flying combination. Well Water is super effective and Ice does 4x damage. There are tons of Pokemon that are Water and Ice dual type or that have access to both moves. I’m sure you already have a particular favorite picked out.

Flint the Fire Master

D/P Version Pokemon Platinum Version
Rapidash: Level 58 Rapidash: Level 53
Steelix: Level 57 Flareon: Level 55
Drifblim: Level 58 Houndoom: Level 52
Lopunny: Level 57 Magmortar: Level 57
Infernape: Level 61 Infernape: Level 55

Flint was always my least favorite of the bosses in D/P, mainly because he didn’t stick to his type. How are you a master of Fire Pokemon when only two of your Pokemon have the Fire type? He just felt thrown together in a sloppy fashion to help you complete your Pokedex. Not so in Platinum. Yes the Pokemon you have to deal with are lower in level, but at least the theme is consistent. Not only are the non-Fire Types gone, but you’ve got some tough opponents ahead of you. Thankfully you should know what to do with Fire Type Pokemon by now, right? Your biggest challenges here with be Flareon and Houndoom since they’re so offensive minded and you’re probably not expecting them. Magmortar though will disrupt your all Water, all the time strategy with its Thunderbolt and Solarbeam attacks. Rapidash also has Solarbeam and Infernape has Thunder punch, so if you’re going to use Water attacks, make sure they’re not solely by a Water Pokemon.

Lucian the Psychic Master

D/P Version Pokemon Platinum Version
Mr. Mime: Level 59 Mr. Mime: Level 53
Girafarig: Level 59 Espeon: Level 55
Medicham: Level 60 Gallade: Level 59
Alakazam: Level 60 Alakazam: Level 56
Bronzong: Level 63 Bronzong: Level 53

We’re consistently seeing the Elite Four at lower levels in Pokemon Platinum than in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. We also see Lucian trading in Girafarig and Medicham for Espeon and Gallade. I understand the recent push by The Pokemon Company to push Gallade as a first tier Pokemon, but I have to admit I liked see Girafarig, which is such an unusual Pokemon being used by the elite four. Espeon is often considered “Mewtwo Lite” so this will make Lucian even tougher. Almost all of Lucian’s Pokemon are weak to Ghost and Dark attacks save Bronzong whose only weakness is Fire. Psychic and Steel are often considered the two hardest types to defeat, so having them both in one Pokemon like Bronzong means you want to take it out quickly.

Cynthia the Pokemon Champion

Pokemon D/P Version Pokemon Platinum Version
Spiritomb: Level 61 Spiritomb: Level 58
Roserade: Level 60 Roserade: Level 58
Gastrodom: Level 60 Togekiss: Level 60
Lucario: Level 63 Lucario: Level 60
Milotic: Level 63 Milotic: Level 58
Garchomp: Level 66 Garchomp: Level 62

There’s only one change to Cynthia’s lineup, but it is a big one. She’s dropped her weak link in Gastrodom for one of the best new Pokemon in Togekiss. Thankfully this Togekiss’ moveset isn’t what it could be. It only knows Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Water Pulze and Shockwave. Hit it with hard Electric, Ice or Rock attacks, and it’ll be done for the count in no time. For the rest of Cyn’s Pokemon, just use the same strategy you used in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and you’ll be fine. After all, they’re the same Pokemon at lower levels and thus weaker. You beat them once, you can easily do it again.

After that, congratulations, you’ve beaten Pokemon Platinum! Give yourselves a hand! Don’t get too cocky though, as the next time you face them, they’ll be far more powerful.







56 responses to “Pokemon Week: Pokemon Platinum Elite Four Lineups!”

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  2. shoko Avatar

    omg ty!!! i was wondering if platniums elite four would be harder then d/p

  3. kane Avatar

    i have trouble getting past cynthia her garchomp defetes my infernape wich is on level 93 all my other pokemon are like on level 31 and 40 and 59 how do i defete cynthia plz tell me

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Kane, I would suggest raising some of your other Pokemon up a few levels. As Garchomp is a Ground/Dragon dual type, a strong Pokemon with a powerful Ice Type attack should take it Garchomp out for you. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

  4. max Avatar

    i need to past aaron plez tell me…!!

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Max – A strong fire Pokemon is your best way to get past Aaron.

  5. jetlab Avatar

    thanks for the intel now i can go and kick some elite four ass, thanks once again.

  6. wesley Avatar

    i cant kill spiritoom what is recommended

  7. lw Avatar

    what levels are recommended? I have empoleon, staraptor, azelf, hippodown, luxray and an empty spot. my higest level is 55 with hippowdon. and whres good places to train? i nedd to train some more.

  8. lw Avatar

    oh, whrers a good ghost or dark pokemon to beat lucian?

  9. lw Avatar

    what are good recommended levels?

  10. Alex Lucard Avatar

    lw – you have a pretty good lineup from what I see. When I first beat this generation of games back with Pokemon Pearl, I had Empoleon, Starraptor and Luxray in my team as well.

    Levels aren’t as important as a well balanced team and strong moves. if your team is in the upper 40’s to mid 50’s, you should be able to run through the Elite Four pretty easily.

    If you’re looking for a good ghost, to beat Lucian I suggest Mismagius, although a Dark Pokemon like Honchkrow will do just as well. Stay away from the Gengar family if you’re looking for a Ghost Type to beat Lucian as they are part Poison and are thus weak to Psychic.

  11. lw Avatar

    Ok, thanks alex lucard. i tried your tips, and now im up to cynthnia. i still need to get past her garchomp though… thanks ssooooooo much for the tips! :D

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      LW – a good ice attack will mow down garchomp as it is Dragon/Ground.

  12. lw Avatar

    ok, thanks! would swinub/philoswine/mamoswine be good?

  13. Alex Lucard Avatar

    lw – that’s a fine Pokemon. Good luck!

  14. Pie Avatar

    No stratagy for Cynthia?

    Spirtomb has no weakness, hit if with a few surfs of something.

    Garchomp is level 62. Ouch. Hit it with some good ice moves. Ironicly, hit it with some dragon type moves, too.

    Tokekiss is a flying/normal pokemon. Electric moves are good against them.

    Lucario’s weakness is ice.. I think, and ground.

    Roserade is easily damned by fire.

    And milotic can be beat with an electric type move.

    Remember, she’s smart. She’ll switch pokemon.

  15. PeachyPie Avatar

    hi! I just compleated pokemon platinum with only EMPOLEON!! you can do this also if you train him to level 84, and have him learn Icebeam, Bubblebeam, (defog, not nessissary) and rock climb also not nessissariy, but handy)

    honestly!! :) I did it!!

  16. shakhshir Avatar

    55 garachomp,55 infernape,55lucario 55 staraptor 55 quagsire, 55 giratina is that good enough to beat the elite 4

  17. Ruin Maniac Avatar
    Ruin Maniac

    I have Infernape, Torterra, Gyrados and Drifblim..i have two spots open. What shouldd i fill them up with?

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Ruin -You can pick whoever you want. That’s the great thing about Pokemon: there is no bad team. I would suggest an electric type and something with Dark, Ice, or Psychic moves, if not one of those types to give you a balanced team though.

  18. Ron Avatar

    ruin you should get an electric and ice and ur team would b awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ron Avatar

    i need a great ice type pokemon any good suggestions

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Frostlass, Articuno, and Lapras are great choices.

  20. Matt Avatar

    I liked the challenge of the elite 4 in Platinum, i never played diamond or pearl but i found this group to be tough

    I used:

    Empoleon Lvl 56
    Moves: Bubblebeam, Cut, Ice Beam, and Brine

    Garchomp Lvl 50
    Moves: Dragon Rush, Dragon Claw, Dig, and Slash

    Giratina Lvl 55
    Moves: Shadow Claw, Ancient Power, Dragon Claw, Heal Block

    Azelf Lvl 51 ( i didn’t raise him much because i just needed him to take out Ryperior, golem, and hippo, you’ll see why by looking at his moves)
    Moves: Swift, Grass Knot (potent attack to heavy Ground/rock types) Future Sight, and Extrasensory

    Staraptor Lvl 54
    Moves: Fly, Aeriel Ace, Brave Bird, Close combat

    Luxray Lvl 54
    Moves: Crunch, Bite, Thunderfang, and Spark

    It also took a few revives and hyper potions.

  21. CJB Avatar

    i went through evry one of them with lv.54 lucario lv.64 empoleon and a lv.54 giratina. Good Luck! moves: Empoleon-surf*,waterfall, hydro pump, and drill peck. Giratina- ancient power, ominous wind, shadow force*, and dragon claw. Lucario- dragon pulse, reversal, aura sphere, and force palm.

  22. Alicu Avatar

    Ruin: I suggest you use an Electric like Luxray (it’s a good in-gamer), Magnezone (can learn Magnet Rise, which will dodge Ground for 5 turns. SO useful, since its 400x effective), or Electivire (can learn Earthquake and other strong offensive moves), and a strong Pokemon like Weavile that can learn Dark/Ice moves that’ll be useful against a lot of Cynthia’s team.

    Pie: Lucario > Ice. It’s part Fighting. Use your heavy Fire moves from Aaron, Ground or Fighting type moves.

  23. dsidude Avatar

    hey every1 my teamis: infernape

    moves: fire blast, fire punch, focus blast, grass knot


    moves: charge beam, shadow force, strenth, ifoget the lst 1

    and then im open 4 suggestions oh btw giratinas lvl 54 and infernapes lvl 75

    plz plz help

  24. the man Avatar
    the man

    thank you so much! now i have finally gotten past the elite four and cynthyia

  25. carrot Avatar

    Here’s my team: what do you think? I’m wayyy underleveled (still in 40s) but I have about 60 potions and 20 revives :P

    Close Combat, Fire Blast, Flame Wheel, Mach Punch
    Ice Fang, Waterfall, Aqua Tail, Surf
    Thunder, Thunder Fang, Spark, Bite
    Toxic, Yawn, Metronome, Fly
    Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Strength
    Dragon Claw, Shadow Force, Fly, Ancientpower

    Togekiss isnt really trained, just there to poison or sleep opponents. Dont really use it often, mostly just there for backup.

  26. bob Avatar

    I have a giritina
    raichu (who knows surf)
    haunter and
    starapter all are over lv 50 except rhydon and I still can’t beat the elite four! PLease help me!!

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Bob – evolve your Haunter into a Gengar for starter. Then make sure you have a wide array of moves. Then if you are still having problems, you might just need to level them up.

  27. CooL Avatar

    This is my team tell me if I need another stronger pokemon to take the elite 4 out

    Garatina:Lvl 61
    Dragon Claw,Dragon Pulse,Earth Power,Shadow Force

    Infernape:Lvl 56
    Flame Thrower,Cut,Rock Climb,Rock Smash (I know my Infernape Sucks XD)

    Gabite:Lvl 44
    EarthQuake,Dig,Dragon Claw,Shadow Claw

    Floatzel:Lvl 43
    Waterfall,Strength,Surf,Ice Fang

    Staraptor:Lvl 46
    Aerial Ace,Defog,Fly,Wing Attack

    Egg:That will hatch into a Riolu soon Please Reply!

  28. CooL Avatar

    I also have Uxie Azelf The evpulution of magneton
    and diffrent things in my storage box

  29. CooL Avatar

    Please Reply Thanks!!!


  30. CooL Avatar

    My egg hatched into Riolu I’m training as I chat right now

  31. Beau Avatar

    Guys, i need help cos my party is very low levels.
    Giratina:51: Shadow Force,heal block,rock smash,Dragon pulse.
    Empoleon:58:Flash Cannon,Aqua jet,Cut,i forget
    Infernape:49:Fire Blast,Rock Smash,Rock Climb,grass knot.
    Roselia:48:Synthesis,petal dance,Giga Drain,i forget
    Staraptor:38:Close combat,Fly,Defog,Endeavor
    Guess what? my 38 staraptor can survive a magmortars flame thrower!!
    Plz help me and can u plz tell me a good place to level them up,
    im leveling up a level 39 snover for drapion, hes so annoying.
    thanks a lot,
    5 min to write

  32. Beau Avatar

    i got the other moves
    Empoleon has Avalanche,Brine,Aqua jet,cut
    and my Roselia has Sludge Bomb,Giga Drain, Synthesis, petal dance.
    plz report back!! thankz alot

  33. Beau Avatar

    hey guys, howz t going? well do you think its worth catching and leveling up a riolu?????well its 4 the elite 4,,,

  34. Joseph Potato Avatar

    Ahem, this is my team. im hoping to get them all to lvl 53 before challenging the elite 4, except for giratina and infernape, which i will get to lvl 55.

    Giratine ( shadow force, fly, ominous wind, dragon claw)
    Empoleon ( surf, brine, aqua jet, ice beam)
    Infernape (close combat, mach punch, flame wheel, rock climb)
    Tangrowth ( mega drain, ancient power, sleep powder,slam)
    Uxie ( extrasensory, yawn, future sight, swift)
    Luxray ( swagger, crunch, charge, thunder fang)

    I would like an opinion on my team please.

  35. nathan Avatar

    hey there. i too have the elite four problem. i have:

    staraptor – lv56 (atm)

    roserade – lv55 (atm)

    electabuzz – lv52 (atm)

    garchomp – lv 55 (atm)

    internape – lv66 (atm)

    weavile – lv55

    Is that a good enough team. do you think i should level them up to all 60+?

    also, i was thinking using staraptor/internape for bug types (or even my rapidash – lv52 as backup), roserade for the ground types, weavile for the psychic types as its both ghost/dark and maybe garchomp for fire types. what do you think.

    any advice you can give would be most helpful.

  36. beau Avatar

    beaver guys you gotta get them all level 65 and u will fly thru it, expecially u joseph potato

  37. hannah Avatar

    i lose always when i battle cynthia i have a lv.73 tortera and a lv.51 uxie lv.50 mespirit lv.51 giratina a lv.floatzal 52 and a glaceon lv.45

  38. GUN Avatar

    Right now I’m working on all Lv. 55-60;
    -Empoleon (surf over Flint)
    -Flareon (burn through Aaron)
    -Luxray (bird protection + crunch)
    -Tropius (can cover its weakness; use against Bertha)
    -Gardivoir(knows shadow ball just in case; Ha ha Lucian)
    -one empty spot (Don’t want to use legendaries) probably Garchomp.
    Cynthia is a combination effort.
    Most types are covered by multiple team members just in case, and to the best of my ability, all team members are able to cover their weakness if it were to come to it.
    Am I leaving anything out?

  39. bharath Avatar

    tell me a good training place and should i take floatzel or gastrodon for the elite four

  40. bharath Avatar

    to joseph potato-replace uxi with a flying type and for infernape you can teach fire blast instead of flamewheel

  41. JAdelle Avatar

    I have been working on leveling up all of my pokemon to higher levels but most of the strongest moves I have are really low PP and that’s where I always get stuck. I usually run out by time I hit Lucian. I don’t know what to do.

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      JAdelle – Just because a move appears to be more powerful doesn’t mean it actually is. Take Fire Blast vs. Flamethrower for example. Fire Blast does more damage, but it has less PP and far less accuracy. So it’s actually better to go with Flamethrower. Keep things like that in mind when designing your team to face the elite four. Don’t just look at base damage.

  42. bharath Avatar

    check out my team.i have defeated the elite four.rate my team

    torterra lv 56 crunch,earthquake,razor leaf,cut
    luxray lv 58 strength,crunch,thunder fang,discharge
    girantina lv 58 ominous wind,ancient power,shadow force,dragon claw
    floatzel lv 56 surf,crunch
    rapidash lv 56 flamewheel,bounce,fire blast,take down
    staraptor lv 56 fly,aerial ace,brave bird,close combat
    i couldnt teach floatzel any more moves

  43. Igglybiggly Avatar

    Hi I want to know if my team is going to be Ok for the Elite Four and Champion? These are my going to be levls, as in these are the levels my pokemon are going to be after I have trained up:
    Infernape Lv 55-58
    Giratina Lv 53-57
    Staraptor Lv 50-55
    Roserade Lv 50-55
    Gyarados Lv 52-56
    Luxray Lv 53-56
    A few of them are backup like Giratina. I won’t be using him until Lucian-Cynthia I think. If there are any improvements I could make please let me know.

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Iggly – The levels actually don’t matter as much as the moves you give them and the matching of types so yours will always have the advantage.

  44. Igglybiggly Avatar

    Alex- Thanks
    Infernape’s moveset is:
    Flare Blitz, Flame Wheel, Close Combat and Mach Punch
    Shadow Force, Omnious Wind, Ancient Power and Dragon Claw
    Brave Bird, Arieal Ace, Fly and Close Combat
    Giga Drain, Arothempacy, Magical Leaf and Petal Dance
    Dragon Rage, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail and one other, I haven’t finished training Gyarados yet
    Discharge, Spark, Thunder Fang and Crunch.
    Once I have finished leveling up Gyarados I will message again to let you know

  45. Flinch Avatar

    Just beat the elite four with only
    – lvl 50 Empoleon
    – lvl 50 Roserade
    – lvl 51 Luxray
    – lvl 50 Rapidash

    feels good man

  46. hugh Avatar

    I have :
    Infernape lvl 64 – I got the japanese version so I don’t know what the moves are
    Quagsire lvl 59

    Abomasnow lvl 45-still training

    Onyx- ”

    Tropius? Lvl 51 -I think its called that- anyway the flying grass type

    And Garchomp lvl 41- still training
    I just get obliterated man any idea where I’m going wrong?

  47. bharath Avatar

    hugh u had better replace tropius it weak and u have a grass type in abomasnow so throw out tropius and put in staraptor or some other good type which u dont have

  48. brad Avatar

    my party is –
    is there any better pokemon for the ones i have?

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