Mark B.’s Bragging Rights

Diehard GameFAN staff member Mark B. was the first person able to complete the previous Bragging Rights challenge.

Let it be known that Mark knows his Saturn games.

As always, those answers will be afforded you after this week”Ëœs CHALLENGE!

In this contest for Bragging Rights, you will be tasked with identifying five Sega Dreamcast games based solely on photographs of their instruction manuals.

The first person to get 5/5 (if this thing happens) gets the next contest named after them.

(Number 4 is a freakin’ gimme.)






Answers from Bragging Rights 6

1.) Marvel Super Heroes – Wonderful game, but ridiculously easy. Blackheart has the best special moves. Yeah, I said it.

2.) Myst – I bought this thing for a couple of bucks and never played it.

3.) Enemy Zero – I wrote about this game in the 7 Games You Play in Hell.

4.) Fighters Megamix – This is the greatest 3D fighting game of all time. Where else can an inflatable bear fight a palm tree?

5.) Last Bronx – Another fighting game? Why not? This game features a sledgehammer assisted power bomb; what’s not to love?

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