Preview: Phantom Brave: Till We Meet Again (Nintendo Wii)

After Disgaea became a smash hit both in Japan and North America, Nippon Ichi followed it up with a new tactical RPG called Phantom Brave that was released in 2004. I reviewed Phantom Brave when it first came out, and although I loved the gridless system, the use of titles to convey powers and abilities and the overall improvements to the gameplay, I found the characters and plot to be pretty weak. I loved that they kept the gridless tactical combat in the next game, Makai Kingdom and when they went back to the played out chessboard style for the next two Disgaea games, I was sad. It was as if Nippon Ichi took a few steps back after really revolutionizing SRPG’s.

Well for those of us that missed Phantom Brave‘s gameplay and for those who missed out on it when it first came out five years ago, I’m happy to say that you are in luck. On Feburary 17th, NIS America announced that the Wii version of Phantom Brave, entitled Phantom Brave: Till We Meet Again is coming to North America. NIS promises that it will be the same game, but with new features, and extras chapters, increase the length of the game. Considering how long Nippon Ichi SRPG’s are in the first place, that’s a tall order indeed.

While we wait to see what changes are being made to Phantom Brave for its re-release on the Nintendo Wii, feel free to take a look at our gallery of over two dozen screenshots from the Japanese version of the game, along with my nearly five year old review of the game.







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