Preview: Black Mirror 2 (PC)

Black Mirror 2 is a sequel to the original The Black Mirror released in late 2003 by Development team Future Games and published by The Adventure Company. This time Cranberry Productions is picking up the development reigns while dtp Entertainment brings the game to both the US and Europe. I remember the first Black Mirror vividly, not only for its engrossing story (accompanied by some hilarious bad voice acting…), but because I was playing it when the screen on my first laptop died. Ah, memories.

Black Mirror 2 takes place twelve years after the events of the first game. The coastal village of Biddeford, Maine is in the midst of Indian Summer. Here a young man named Darren is working as a temp in a photo studio. Darren is a withdrawn young man in his twenties, working on his degree in physics. If he didn’t love photography so much, Darren would have left his poorly paid job and his sleazy boss Fuller ages ago.

Enter Angelina, a stunning young girl from the United Kingdom who steps into Darrne’s studio one afternoon to have her photo taken. Although Darren is instantly captivated by her beauty, Fuller insists on serving the pretty customer himself and he send Darren out to run errands across town. When Darren comes back, Angelina has left the shop and he notices a man secretly following her.

Soon, strange things begin to happen in Bedford. During the next few weeks, Darren is plagued by nightmares. He starts a journey leading him to Willow Creek in England. This is the village of Black Mirror Castle where the tragedy in the first game took place. What follows is a journey into mystery and madness.

We’ll be keeping tabs on Black Mirror 2 as it inches closer to the eventual release date. The Black Mirror was a pretty polarizing game when it came out, with people either loving or loathing it. We’ll have to see how this sequel fares.

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