Preview: Memento Mori (PC)

Although it’s been delayed several times, it appears Centauri Production is on track to release the PC Adventure game Memento Mori in March of 2009.

“Memento Mori” is a Latin phrase meaning, “Be mindful of death” or, “Remember that you will die.” In this game however, “Memento Mori” refers to a secret brotherhood knows as “Ikuinen Nukkuja,” or “The Eternal Sleeper” in English. Their objective? To hide artwork away from the general public. When a priceless artifact is replaced with a perfect copy in the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, Chief of Police Colonel Ostankovic believes Ikuinen Nukkuja is responsible. Ostankovic assigns the case to one Larisa Ivanovna Svetlova. Together with her friend, a reformed fence and counterfeiter Maxime Durand, the two will try to uncover the mystery behind Ikuinen Nukkuja and why they are so keen on hiding away painting after painting featuring the same topic – The Angel of Death.

In Memento Mori, you be playing as both Max and Larisa in typical point and click fashion. The game features no less than eight different endings which is a great way to counter what is usually considered the fatal flaw of Adventure Games – extreme linearity.

If you’re interested in learning more about Memento Mori you can always visit, the game’s official website which contains information about the game, the trailer and even an online mini-game to play featuring Max and Larisa. Memento Mori will be released in North America through Gamer’s Gate and it is currently available for pre order. If you’ve been looking for a good mystery game that focuses on honing your wits over your hand to eye coordination, you might want to keep tabs on Memento Mori and then check back here at Diehard GameFAN for an in-depth review once it is released. Until then, we’ve got a gallery of 12 high resolution screenshots to keep you busy.

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