Support Our Starving Artist, AGAIN.

Hey again, folks. A couple of weeks back, we asked you to check out a shirt our resident artist made, and many thanks to those who did.

For those who missed it, though, it turns out he got another shot at winning you folks over.

So, brief recap: this guy:

is resident staff artist J. Rose. Mostly. He managed to convince to print a shirt of his, which did reasonably… okay… and he felt like he’d accomplished something, even if it was a very small something. We advertised it, and pimped all of the staff pics, to boot. If you missed it, go take a look, yeah?

So, this guy:

who would be our boss, Alex Lucard, informed me that he felt pretty bad about not being able to make said shirt sale the top story for the site, and said that if such an option came up in the future, Mr. Rose could certainly have the Top Story slot.

Which brings us to Shirt.Woot.

Shirt.Woot is a site that, duh, sells t-shirts. They run contests every week allowing anyone and everyone to essentially contribute artwork that registered members vote on, and the top three winners get printed that week. Mr. Rose has been competing there for a while, and though he’s had a few close shots at winning and being printed, victory had always managed to elude him.

Until now.

He’s managed to get a shirt, “Dragon Slayer”, printed:

and as such, this guy:

that is, me, is pimping it out like crazy and saying, basically, “Hey, if you like it, go buy it!”

Check it out here.

Of course, as before, we’re very proud of his accomplishment here, as we would be for any of our contributors, and we hope you like it and want to buy your very own, but if not, no worries. We won’t love you any less.

This guy, however:

will probably cry a whole lot if you don’t buy it.

Okay, that’s a lie, but buy the shirt anyway, okay? It’s pretty cool. Thanks.

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