Bragging Rights 4: The Quest for Peace

Sadly, no one was able to complete the previous Bragging Rights challenge. Our own Matt Yeager was the only one who managed to get 4 out of 5.

As promised, I will give you the answers. But first, this week’s CHALLENGE!

In this contest for Bragging Rights, there will be five video game characters whose names have been scrambled. (E.g. Arm Saunas = Samus Aran)

The first person to get 5/5 (if this thing happens) gets the next contest named after them.

1. Idol sneaks

2. Schnaps Recipe

3. Untwist Havoc Rod

4. Closed Fruit

5. Bred Gyrator

Answers from Bragging Rights 3
1. Garlic Mansions = Animal Crossing

2. Error: Biomass up! = Super Mario Bros

3. Ghost Heeding Echo = Sonic The Hedgehog

4. I have turf grit! = Virtua Fighter

5. Zen Dorkboy = Beyond Zork







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