Interview with Uwe Boll About the Movie Far Cry

Over the recent holiday weeks, Diehard GameFAN had the opportunity to exchange some emails with the infamous director Uwe Boll about his most recent movie-based-on-a-video-game, Far Cry.



DHGF – Recently there was a film festival in California about the films you have directed. How was the film festival?

Uwe Boll: Good. It was fun to have like 10 Boll movies on screen. Especially TUNNELRATS was received very good. (editors note: there is also a video game in the works for the movie 1968 Tunnel Rats, but currently there isn’t a scheduled release date)

DHGF- As part of that film festival your most recent movie, Far Cry, was shown for the first time, I believe, in an American theater. How was the reaction of the audience?

UB:They liked it ..or they acted that they liked it and later they wrote THEY HATED IT …its always like this —it’s so cool to bash BOLL

DHGF- After the fiasco with movie theaters deciding not to show Postal, is there a planned release date for Far Cry in America?

UB: It will go Direct To DVD. P&a is just too expensive.

DHGF- You are originally from Germany, and for this movie you were able to work with German actor Til Schweiger. What was it like working with Mr. Schweiger?

UB: He is used to working in American Movies (Lara Croft, King Arthur etc.) and he was super fit and professional. Better than Jason Statham.

DHGF- Would you describe your version of Far Cry to be all action, or is it more comedy-action?

UB: Schweiger has a good sense of humour and I used Udo Kier and Chris Coppola (from POSTAL) again —these are two funny guys. My idea was that Jack Carver is an ironic character with dry humor. It’s like a mini James Bond with more fun.

DHGF- What makes Far Cry different from other recent action movies?

UB: Nothing. But I think its my best adaption of a videogame in regards of a truthful translation FILM-GAME. The FAR CRY story is so good that I could follow the game story in the movie 1:1.

DHGF- Many of your movies are rated R, Far Cry was instead rated PG-13, did that cause you to take a different approach to the direction of the movie at all?

UB: I shot it harder and there will be an UNRATED DVD. But the plan was to reach more audience with the PG-13 in regards of theatrical and tv. In a lot of territories it’s theatrical this weekend in Austria.

DHGF- One of the things I personally like about some of your movies is that the commentary tracks are pretty entertaining. Do you have any good stories to share from the filming of the movie Far Cry?

UB: Wait for the audio commentary. But pretty funny was that moment where Til was training with a rope on set and stretched that rope around a stick and walked backwards till it broke and snapped in his rips and broke one.

DHGF- The movie has already been released in Germany (if my information is correct), what has the response for the film been like there?

UB: We were number 8 on opening weekend …

DHGF- What’s next for Uwe Boll?

UB: I will shoot JANJAWEED in South Africa ..a movie about the genocide.

DHGF- You’ve made quite a few movies based on video games now, are there any games that have been released recently that you would be interested in making a movie of?


DHGF- The House of the Dead Director’s Cut might be the first time in movie history where the Director’s Cut completely changed a movie from a horror movie to a comedy movie. What inspired you to make the changes?

UB: I was not 100% happy with HOD already where I shot it …so I had some fun on set making funny versions.

DHGF- Is there anything else that you would like to add regarding the movie Far Cry?

UB: The perfect SIX PACK movie. But POSTAL is my favorite of all my movies.


There you have it. Far Cry will hopefully have a release on DVD soon, so keep an eye out for that. Whether you like Uwe Boll or hate him, I think we can all agree that his next project, Janjaweed, should be interesting just to see Uwe Boll’s take on genocide.







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