Virtual Console Wrap-up – 1/5

Let’s see if I can out myself in Nintendo’s shoes for a moment. People have been complaining about them releasing only one game a week on the Virtual Console…what’s the best way to appease them? Of course, release one game on Wii Ware too, making all things equal! Let’s see how foolproof that is, as we give our thoughts on the week’s new classic game, Kirby’s Dream Land 3 from the SNES!

Kirby’s Dream Land 3
Developer: HAL
Publisher: Nintendo
System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Original Release Date: 1997
Price: 800 Wii Points

Christopher Bowen: Wow… I’ve played obscure Japanese stuff, but I don’t have much experience with the Kirby series. That’s kinda ironic, in a sense.

Alex Lucard: Same here. Kirby has never appealed to me. The first time I played a game with Kirby was Super Smash Bros.

Charlie Marsh: It’s good if you’re a Kirby fan, but outsiders will find the game too simplistic. If you’re new to the series, might I suggest Kirby’s Adventure or Kirby Superstar Ultra on the DS. You’ll probably have more fun with those.

Guy Desmarais: I love Kirby. I have always been a platformer fan, and Kirby’s games are some of the purest games in the genre. As for Kirby’s Dream Land 3 itself, it is one of the easiest games in the series, and can be completed very quickly. However, it is also gorgeous, fun, and should you be looking for a game that your kids can play, this is a pretty wise choice. It pretty much comes down to one thing: how big of a Kirby fan are you? If you like the series, then there is no reason not to pick this one up as it is the same gameplay you have come to love. If you enjoy the pink guy only in little doses, or if you would like something more challenging, Kirby Super Star Ultra for the DS is a better option.

Chuck Platt: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 is one of the hidden gems of the SNES library. From its spot on control to it’s simply beautiful design work, Kirby 3 exudes an aura of love and craft that was becoming rare in the late era of the SNES and is all but dead now. I find this piece of classic platforming to be more enjoyable than Kirby’s later exploits, primarily because of it’s slow pace and charm. If they could dig up a game of this caliber every week, the Virtual Console would not be so dead as it is at this time. Viva la Kirby!

And on the Wii Ware side of things this week, we’re looking at Sandy Beach, a game about defending sand castles from crabs. We’ll see you next week!






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