Virtual Console Wrap-up – 12/15

It’s the holiday season, the time when Santa makes his list, checks it twice and brings gifts to all the good boys and girls. Will Nintendo release a good game on the Virtual Console for Santa to bring us? Well, this week, we’re getting Enduro Racer from the Master System. Yep, I’d say it looks like we’re all on the naughty list.

Enduro Racer
Developer: Sega AM-2
Publisher: Sega
System: Sega Master System
Original Release Date: 1987
Price: 500 Wii Points

Christopher Bowen: At this point, I’m convinced that Nintendo is intentionally dicking the VC market around during the holidays. I’m guessing things will pick up for the American bovine after Christmas. Until then, we get this shit.

I won’t even justify this garbage. Enduro Racer is a bad game; I’d rather play Enduro for the VCS.

Four weeks and counting on Phantasy Star IV.

Alex Lucard: Wow. A Video game I haven’t played. Who’d a thunk?

Charlie Marsh: Boo-urns! Worst…week…ever! Additional Simpsons quote!

Anyway, this is like Excitebike, if Excitebike sucked. Don’t gift this to anyone this Christmas, get something else. Like dirt. That would be better than this.

ML Kennedy: Why get this thing, when you could have gotten Mach Rider long ago?

Ashe Collins: It’s at this point I’d wonder why I’d even bother checking the VC on the Wii at all for the next decade or so. If I even had one.

Bryan Berg: You know, nothing says “hard sell just before the holidays” like Enduro Racer. That said, I do recall this game from my younger days. It was awesome when I was seven years old. Now? Probably not so much. The only way I’d recommend getting this one is if you owned a Master System as a kid (that eliminates just about everybody) and enjoy playing horribly outdated racing games with crappy graphics.

And that’s that. On Wii Ware, we’re getting Strong Bad Episode 5: 8-Bit Is Enough and Big Kahuna Party. Even if we can’t get something good next week, how about more than one game? Wouldn’t that be something?






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