Bragging Rights 2: Brag Harder

Sadly, no one was able to complete the previous Bragging Rights challenge. Our own Alex Lucard was the only one who managed to get 3 out of 5.

And I thought I was too easy on you guys.

As promised, I will give you the answers. But first, this week’s CHALLENGE!

In this contest for Bragging Rights, I will offer you 5 musical tracks to identify. Each of them is from a Nintendo 64 game. This way all you babies can stop whining about not being old enough to work a job and buy a Sega Genesis back in the early nineties. As a note, my Genesis is far more willing to play its games than my N64. Starting a game on the N64 is a royal pain in the ass.

But I digress.

You will note that the sound quality is slightly lower here than last week. This is to emulate the experience of playing N64 games on a broken TV in a college dorm at 3:30 in the morning whilst all your friends are screaming the word “Bitch!” at each other so loudly that the Resident Head has to knock on your door to politely tell you to chill the fuck out so that her kids can sleep because it is a goddamn school night for chrissakes.

The first person to get 5/5 (if this thing happens) gets the next contest named after them.

(Next contest won’t be musical; I make that promise to you.)

Track 6

Track 7

Track 8

Track 9

Track 10
This track is really quiet, but features the main character speaking to make it up to you.


Answers will be provided at a later date. You will be graded on the ECW Champion Scale of Hardcore.

Five out of Five – ECW Champion Taz

Four out of Five – ECW Champion Sandman

Three out of Five – ECW Champion Matt Hardy

Two out of Five – ECW Champion Justin Credible

One out of Five – ECW Champion Bobby Lashley

Zero out of Five – ECW Champion Vince McMahon

Precious Answers

Track 1

No one got this one, which surprised me. It is NHL ’94. Games from this series can be seen in Mallrats and Swingers. You all should be ashamed.

Track 2

This is, of course, Captain America and the Avengers. Perhaps I should have recorded some of the dialogue along with the music. “SEE MY POWAH!” “You came here to die!”

Track 3

This track is the main menu music of Super Monaco GP. The box labels it a Sega Classic. I’m terrible at it.

Track 4

You know that freakishly hard game called X-men? You know the one where you could be Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler or Gambit? Whenever you fell off the screen Jean Grey would mind-lift you to safety?

Yeah, that one.

Track 5

This one was WWE RAW, a game which would shred the thumbs of wrestling fans by making you tap buttons like crazy every three seconds in order to win a lockup, suplex your opponent too close to the ropes, and fall over.







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