Bragging Rights

You kids today got it easy, with these fancy internets and your Wikipedia and your touch screen phones that can identify (then sell you) whatever song is playing over at your fluffy coffee houses where you drink candy-covered milkshakes masquerading as coffee.

Anyone can pretend to be an expert on just about anything. Anybody can say that he is a hardcore gamer.
(Should I have said “he or she”? . . . “She”, that’s hilarious.)

How well do you really know your games though?


In this contest for Bragging Rights, I will offer you 5 musical tracks to identify. Each of them is from a Sega Genesis game. In order to be truly old school, I recorded these themes myself from an original extra wide Genesis (resting on the Sega CD base for the narrower Genesis such that everything left of the reset button hangs over the edge.) For authenticity’s sake, the machine is connected to a 14 inch Sharp Linytron TV from 1995.

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5


Answers will be provided at a later date. You will be graded on the ECW Champion Scale of Hardcore.

Five out of Five – ECW Champion Taz

Four out of Five – ECW Champion Sandman

Three out of Five – ECW Champion Matt Hardy

Two out of Five – ECW Champion Justin Credible

One out of Five – ECW Champion Bobby Lashley

Zero out of Five – ECW Champion Vince McMahon







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